A personal "33" update: in September 2009, I moved into an apartment on the 33rd floor of a NYC building.
See below for more pictures.
... 3 Limes from the better Donald ... July 2011 ... Steve Bergen

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click here for a tour of this 33th floor apartment created in flash by the owner or click here for a 33 second tour by me (Steve)

floorplan | floorplan with furniture

300 East 85th Street, New York NY 10028

The building is 36 stories, has 199 apartments and was built in 1987. It is called The America and was designed by Helmut Jahn from Chicago. There are well over 100 buldings in Manhattan that are taller. This calculatorsuggests that a 33 floor apartment would be 366 feet above ground while this Web page shows the building called 40 Bank Street in London England has exactly 33 floors.

Steve Bergen
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Possible Monitor
Click here for $129 19" ACER which "for the guest bathroom is a perfect size with the right inputs. It appears to be wall mountable with the right input VESA (4x100mm). This is the same as the 19" Gateway here."

Click here for 22" for $179 that is VESA compatible.

Click here for $89 monitor that is 19"

Receiver? Yamaha RX-V363BL 500 Watt ... click here ... 8.8 inches tall ... about $200

click here for overview article

... or click here for Sony STR-DG720 7.1 Channel Audio/Video Receiver (Black) about $208

Dimensions of couch ... 67w 41d 35h (38h with cushion) ... click

Video needed .. 3 RCA ... 2 COAC ... 1 DMI
Audio need ... 9 found, should be 10 ... LR=6 ... Kitchen=2 ... SB room=1 ... LS bathroom=1
receiver chart ... click

click here for a picture of the AV cables
Ringo from crutchfield suggests 190SV6 Niles Video and 190zr6 Niles Audio
Bought from Amazon: 
2 VGA Adapter to TV S-Video RCA Out Cable for PC Video + 
2 HDMI Female to DVI Male Adapter +
2 VGA to S-Video/RCA Adapter 

HDMI female and DVI male
DVI female and male
4 Port VGA Splitter
S Video to VGA ... $59
SPECIAL CABLE needed in SB bathroom ... click
Web site of 300 E85th Web site
my login is sbergen ... password = LB

BOSE speakers are called Virtually Invisible 191 and "From 10 to 100 Watts per Channel/" ... click

Anthony suggested we spend $600
from Anthony ... You can check them out at BHphotovideo.com
Ocean Matrix OMX-7026 1x8 Balanced Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier, Dual 1x4 ? 350.00
Onkyo TX-8555 2-Channel Stereo Receiver (Black) ? 250.00

BHPhoto rec was to spend $535
   1 INTELIX 1x8 A/V DISTRIBUTION AMP/REG                      150.95     150.95 
   5 PYLE-PRO PTA3 2x-75 PEAK WATTS MINI STEREO AMP/REG         77.00     385.00 
Anthony Figueroa on December 7, 2009 at 7:54 PM wrote:
Onkyo TX-SR507 Home Theater Receiver (Black) ... click
Before as we discussed I thought you wanted to seperate the audio, having two different zones.� Good catch on the device, but what you will need is just a solid receiver with enough power and input capacity for your devices.� I have suggeated the Onkyo TX-SR507 from Bhphotovideo.com. Look it up and check out the specs you will not be disappointed and for the price you can't go wrong.� Please let me know what you think and we will take it from here. This unit also has 4 HDMI inputs so you can add both the cable box and dvd player and still 2 available inputs for future devices.� This unit actually come out cheaper than what we originally decided.� Well take care and hope to hear from you soon.

Update 12/12/09

We bought the SR507 from Sixth Avenue Electronics 877-684-2831 http://www.6ave.com Onkyo USA Corporation?18 Park Way?Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458??For Dealer, Service, Order and all other Business Inquiries:?Tel: 201-785-2600?Fax: 201-785-2650?Hours:?M-F 9am-5pm ET???For Product Support Team Only:?1-800-229-1687?Hours:?M-F 9am-8pm | Sat-Sun 10am-4pm ET?

click for audio device