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As computer coordinator for several schools from the 1980s to now and as co-director of Summercore, I am frequently asked for him about purchasing sources and places we buy from and what we own ... Steve Bergen

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Some of the Places We Buy From

Typing Pal Update (July 2004)

As CIO of The Chapin School, I discovered Typing Pal in the Summer of 2003 and am in love with this software which provides individual students with accounts that are based on-line. The advantages of their being able to do their typing practice from any web based machine are huge. I am not a fan of wasting or consuming much time in our computer classes with having the students practice typing. Most of our classes meet just once a week. We get quality tech help from the Typing Pal people and they sell us cross platform CDs that we can distribute and use with our students who have limited, buggy or no web access from home. Yes, I would like to see more depth to the exercises and more exercises, since some of our students finish all of them. But that is a minor area for improvement compared to the outstanding (and I believe unique) marketing niche that Typing Pal has in terms of being a web based typing program. Our students in grades 4-7 can work on their own as part of their weekly computer homework (30 minutes per week) using any school based computer or any home computer. This is a huge advantage and I know of no other typing software company that offers anything like this! Parents by the way, rave about their children's usage of this program! And from a consumer point of view, the sales people at the typing pal company ( have been first rate in responding to our needs and are a pleasure to do business with!

Stéphanie Dionne, Sales representative (
here for their web site at

De Marque |  Tel.: 418.658.1910 #287 |  Toll free 1.888.458.9143  |  Fax.: 418.658.9171

Steve Bergen
co-director, The "Summercore" Teaching Company (
formerly at Chapin School (where we used typing pal) and now at The Children's Storefront where we use it and love it ...

p.s. click here to see our typing page at Chapin which we are very proud of ... we emphasize typing in all four grades (4-7) and incorporate Typing Pal into overall strategy which also includes our own home-made but VERY EFFECTIVE typing test ...


An excellent resource for DONATING computers! An Article in Boston Globe 12/5/99 includes mention of these places for donating computers: Alan Field (, South Africa Development Fund, 555 Amory St Boston MA 02130 (Judie Blair 617-522-5511), Enabling Support Foundation (Robert Ambrose at 978-369-5593), National Coalition for Education and Cultural Programs in Stoneham (781-279-4658; and the East-West Educational Foundation Inc, 504 Dudley St, Roxbury MA 02119 (617-442-7448).

Article in Boston Globe 12/22/99 by Alex Beam ( mentioned the Share the Technology web site run by Barry Cranmar and the MacQuarium instructions with MacQuariums everywhere!

A Few Tech Tips and "Tech Links"

  • Pop-Up Blockers and Spyware
    For maximum FREE protection, use all of these together. (NM)
    Adaware -╩ [ ]
    deletes spyware (SSB)
    blocks pop-ups (SSB)
    Spy Sweeper -╩ [ ]
    Spy Bot S&D -╩
    Spyware Blaster -╩ (this doesn't scan your comp for
    spyware, instead it alters the windows registry to stop it getting back on your system)

    Multimedia, Audio, MIDI Web Sites to Explore

    In Fall 98, we began an experimental program with several techie females (TFs) and techie males (TMs) as adjunct members of the computer department. The main idea of this program is to treat a few of the pioneers with special TLC (dedicated laptop, color printer, Earthlink account, etc) in return for an involvement within the daily and weekly functions of the computer department. The jury is still out on the success of this plan!


    My own version of Alice's Restaurant:
    "You can get any bug you fear
    When Y2K hits next year
    Walk right into the computer lab
    You may find that it's very sad."


    Computer Department has purchased 10 copies of Winamp, an MP3 (digital audio), player installed on the pc in the student staff room. This program lets you play MP3s that can be downloaded from the internet. In addition to a registered copy in the student staff room we have purchased 9 additional liscences available for distribution to pioneer faculty. MP3 stands for MPeg layer 3. This shrinks the standard digital format found on CDs to about 1/10 the size (about 1 meg per minute of music) but with very little distortion of the music. A three minute song will be about 3 megs, and on the nobles high speed connection this should take less than a minute to download. Winamp is a decoder (player) for these files and has a window similar to a the face of a regular cd player, but instead of popping in a cd and pressing play, you navigate to the mp3 file and press play. Playlists can be set up (and saved/loaded) to queue the music. From Gil Gunn, Student Staff, 3/99 Here are a few MP3 sites:


    This the ISP we chose to begin web access from off campus. TF Ellie Newman and TM Alden Mauck volunteered to be the first two guinea pigs. Eventually, we hope to have dial in web access including file server access working.

    Notes for connecting a compaq presario windows 95 machine to earth link .. tech suport is 800-890-5128
    1. Open up my computer and then double click on Dial Up Networking
    2. Now choose Make a new connection .. it asks you for a name for the computer you are dialing, e.g. Earthlink Daccord
    3. It says select a modem .. leave it as is, which is Compaq Presario 336-DF
    4. Type in phone number, e.g. 617-992-0579 for Brookline or 781-402-0700 for Lexington
    5. Choose FINISH. Right Mouse click on the earthlink daccord you just created
    6. UN-X "Use Country Code" if applicable (based on your location)
    7. Now open up Earthlink Daccord settings
    8. At top un-check everything except Enable Software Compression which should be checked
    9. At bottom, the only thing to be checked is TCP
    10. Under TCP settings, the top and bottom should say SERVER ASSIGNED and bottom two SHOULD be checked
    11. Do not forget to create a shortcut for the desktop
    12. User name should be ELN/tfstms


    ----- CT ------ Hartford, CT, USA 860372-4200
    UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34,ISDN1 Hartford, CT, USA 860947-7656

    --- MASS --- All US Cities, USA 800853-7921 800 K56,V.34 extra cost? All
    US Cities, USA 800350-6885 800 X2,V.34 extra cost? Billerica, MA, USA
    or964-0651 UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34 Boston, MA, USA 617531-5304
    UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34 Braintree, MA, USA 781794-0300
    UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34,ISDN2,ISDN1 Brookline, MA, USA 617992-0579
    UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34 Concord Westford, 978371-5300 UnlimitedV.34 Danvers,
    MA, USA 978739-9800 UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34,ISDN2,ISDN1 E. Boston, MA, USA
    617997-4774 UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34 Fall River, MA, USA 508235-2700
    UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34,ISDN1 Framingham, MA, USA 508861-0645
    UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34 Holden, MA, USA 508210-4774 UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34
    Lexington, MA, USA 781402-0700 UnlimitedV.90,X2,V.34 Lowell, MA, USA
    978319-4774 UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34 Malden, MA, USA or781480-0571
    UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34 Maynard, MA, USA 978938-4774 UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34
    Medford, MA, USA or781658-0770 UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34 Newton, MA, USA
    617831-0579 UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34 Quincy, MA, USA 617249-0571
    UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34 Springfield, MA, USA 413846-0300
    UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34,ISDN1 Waltham, MA, USA 781996-4774
    UnlimitedV.90,K56,V.34 Worcester, MA, USA 508929-3200

    NCM ... the company is called New City Media ... Web address is
    they launched with us and for us in Dec 2004 ... the principal person there in charge of the company is David Poteet
    click on TEAM and you will see his picture
    his contact info is below
    the combination of David's vision and the technical skills of the company have made us feel privileged and fortunate to have chosen NCM as the company to use back in 2003-2004 when we had an intense survey of 5-10 companies (including all the big names) ... in addition to creating a practical and aesthetically pleasing Web site for us at Chapin, David's intelligence and clarity of language has help create a level of branding and marketing for Chapin that we never expected 
     glad to talk to you more on the phone if you like ... my contact info is at the very bottom ... Steve
    David Poteet  writes:
    New City Media Inc.
    1872 Pratt Drive
    Suite 1250
    Blacksburg, VA 24060
    (800) 955-4918

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