Curriculum Links: MISC

Misc Links to post on a Sub Page

  1. Overstream.neto lets you add subtitles to a You Tube Video
  2. Doodlelets you schedule a meeting amongst X number of peopple
  3. Podcast Overview for Schools
  4. Get the Skinny on any Zip Code ... interesting Statistics Web site
  5. Tech Scouts of the Hudson Valley
  6. ... Bram Moreinis 845-750-6204 ... Principal, Game Face Web Design ... ... Director, Hudson Valley Tech Scouts
  7. Voice Threadsxxx
  8. Battery Chargers ...MadsonLine
  9. MagicJack... $20 per year for VOIP
  10. Recyle Computers
  11. Cloning Macbooks with Windows... from Adam Gerson on NYCIST
  12. PC Boot CD... claims to boot up any PC
  13. Convert text to an audio file... Did you know you can store notes to read on your iPod? They're very readable, but cumbersome to create. So we created this web page to make it super-simple
  14. Online program from Scholastic ... allows user to draw a picture or create a movie
  15. Timeliner Creator
  16. Timeliner Creator... this one is animated
  17. SoundJunction... creative online music program
  18. NYC History ... for kids from pbs
  19. xxxxxx
  20. xxxxxx
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