Curriculum Links to Typing Info

by Lynne Schalman and Steve Bergen
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Last revised 8/20/08

A Few Thoughts Sent to NYCIST 1/13/08

  • since typing programs vary in their algorithms for what 20WPM or 30WPM or 40WPM means, I have found it to be a "best practice" both at Chapin and now at Children's Storefront to challenge students to type a fixed sentence as part of a "one minute proficiency test"
  • the sentence we used at Chapin from 2002-2006 was from our AUP A is for Applications: I understand that no one is to install any applications (computer programs such as AppleWorks, Kazaa, Limewire, StuffIt) onto a Chapin owned computer without permission and supervision from the technology Department. I will follow the rule of A. Click here for details.
  • the sentence we now use at The Children's Storefront is On September 10, 1966, Mr. O'Gorman begins The Children's Storefront School as a small program for neighborhood children on Madison Avenue between 128th and 129th Street.
  • In each case, it is easy to challenge students in grades 4-5-6-7 to try to type the required passage and to use it as a definitive gauge regardless of what typing program they use. And of course, you can pick the passage to encapsulate some important aspect of your school. In less than a year, this approach has benefits and helps institutionalize typing. And to avoid the pass or fail quality of a one minute test, students can be timed on how long the passage takes, allowing them to improve over months from 3 minutes to 2.5 minutes to 2 minutes etc.
  • p.s. I would love to know if anyone can type the Storefront sentence on ANY mobile device (e.g. iPhone or blackberry) in under 2 minutes, even ignoring the punctuation. I cannot!