Links to Web 2.0 Sites

by Lynne Schalman and Steve Bergen
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Last revised 1/1/08

If you are a beginner, see below for A Chart of Basic Vocabulary Words

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Several Important Web 2.0 Sites

Other Links from A to Z

A Chart of Basic Vocabulary Words (most of which we did not know 5-10 years ago)

aggregator software that gathers your subscriptions thousands of Web pages are now tagged as RSS inviting you to subscribe to them so that your personal blog page contains all your subscriptions automatically link
blog Web journal web log (or weblog) that functions as a personal diary on a certain topic or reflective of a specific person link
podcast audio/video files you subscribe to MP3 files and other audio files have been posted on the Web for years; what is unique about podcasts is that you SUBSCRIBE to a topic so that as new files are created on the topic, the audio files are automatically sent to your MP3 player link
RSS real simple syndocation (others interpretations exist) when a Web page is RSS enable, you have the ability to subscribe to it so that your blog or your iPod is autoomatically and automagically updated when new content is added link
wiki a shared writing Web page you might say that a wiki is a blog that is altered and written by a number of people link