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Video-Conferencing, The Next Generation
NAIS 2000@Baltimore Workshop, 3/3/2000
presenter: Steve Bergen
The "Summercore" Teaching Company

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(0)A Gentle Non-Techie Overview (6)Tech Details and Tips
(1)Tips before the VC (7)Two Recommended Purchasing Sources
(2)Summary of VC Resources (8)Results of a survey on ISED & Wizards listservs
(3)Our First VC Setup (9)Tech Tips re CU See Me
(4)Our Second "Lower Cost" VC Setup (10)Video-Conferencing Electronic Field Trips
(5)Other VC Projects:educational and entertaining experience. It has, for me, brought the future to the present enabling me to see the people I communicate with other than where I live. It provides the opportunity to learn/meet people from other cultures.
From Colleen Powers at the Boston Home: The videoconferencing has been a lot of fun, and it gives people a reason to "bone up" on some stuff that we probably forgot all about, but is still important to know. It's also nice to be able to see the person that we were talking to on-screen, and see their reactions to what we say. It's not so important to have the computer relate what we want them to know in "real-time", because we can just talk to them and have them respond to it immediately. Because of that, the computer seems so much more vibrant, and NOW, I can hardly wait to get online again!
From Mark Sheeran, head of Modern Language Dept at Nobles: We have had some great success with videoconferencing. What surprised me the most is that kids who normally do not speak up really took to it. Those who tend to be more verbal in class were a little more nervous in front of the screen than in class. They were especially attentive and Véronique from Tufts was wonderful at getting them to speak about themselves and to ask her questions. I think videoconferencing is a wonderful tool. It allows us to interact on different levels and for foreign language