ESL Curriculum Links

by Lynne Schalman and Steve Bergen
(you can e-mail us both at )
Last revised 12/23/07


Dave’s ESL Cafe provides student and teacher forums on a wide variety of topics, listservs and discussion groups, a phrasal verb page and much more.

Self Study Quizzes for ESL students includes grammar quizzes, idioms, phrasal verbs, slang, vocabulary, and culture. There are also links to many interactive quiz sites and puzzles online. The site also provides templates for teachers to create their own quizzes.

ESL/EFL Resources provides links for both teaching and learning resources with links to grammar, videos and many, many other sites

ESL Net Resources provides an index of links helpful to the ESL student including a Quote of the Day page, Fluency Through Fables, an Activity Page, magazines and journals, quizzes, and resources for educators.

ESL Online Resources for Games, Songs, Chat and Books provides links to commercial sites for purchases of these resources plus online sites for more resources.

The ESL Center was created by a teacher to act as a resource page for ESL teachers. There are links to lesson plans, teaching activities, tons of grammar and vocabulary exercises, newspapers and magazines and much more.

ESL Cyberlistening Labs provides an amazing variety of audio files to download and listen to. The files are rated as easy, medium, difficult, and very difficult. There are multimedia tutorials and with the correct plug-ins, hardware and software, students can both listen to and record sound files.