Lower and Upper School Math Curriculum Links

by Lynne Schalman and Steve Bergen
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Last revised 4/1/11
All numbers are interesting!
2 stood for females ... 3 stood for males and is the beginning of PI
4 stood for justice ... 5 stood for marraige
6 is perfect. Do you know the other perfect number under 33?
7 is a factor of 91 and 1001
8 is the first cube
9 is part of Hardy's Taxicab number. Do you know the number? Hint: 9^3 + 10^3 or 1^3 + 12^3
10 is Monk's favorite number. Do you know why?
11 is fun to multiply and one of my favorite math tricks
17 is loved by David Kelly
33 represents arsenic on the periodic table and is the age that Jesus died. Prohibition ended in 1933.

General Resources and Lesson Plans

Lower School Math

and Middle School

IXL is amazing!




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General Resources

The Math Forum at Drexel University is a treasure trove of math activities for all grade levels with a problem of the day, FAQ Math archives, Ask Dr. Math, Web units and lesson plans, problems and puzzles and many more links.

Blue Web Math activities provides links to the best interactive math sites on the Web sites for all grade levels.

MathNerds answer math questions, provides hints, explanations, and suggestions for solving a problem from Kindergarten to Calculus. Students email their questions and then await a response. There is also an archive of previously asked problems.

Math Archives contains links to downloadable software, interactive Calculus sites, links to many K-12 math lesson plans, graphic calculators software and lesson plans, links to many high school and college level math and statistics site.

Frank Potter's Math Gems is an extremely useful site for all grade levels and areas. The topics are broken down by grade level and the links are annotated and useful.

PBS Teacher Source for Math allows you to select both grade level and math area and then provides a list of annotated links to Web activities

The History of Mathematics provides essays on all areas of Mathematical History plus articles on many math topics, biographies, a famous curves index, and timelines.

Mathtools.net is a technical computing portal for all scientific and engineering needs


Lower School Math

Math Forum Arithmetic Lessons contains math lessons plans, activities, resources, daily games and puzzles

SCORE Math has links to math lesson plans and Web activities for grades K-12, including Real World Math, links to sites chock full of data to be used for math analysis, and links to math sites throughout the Web. This site is terrific!

The Mathematics of Cartography combines map skills with math

Math in Daily Life includes probability in games, population growth, cooking, savings and credit

Aplus math provides online flash cards, a flash card creator and other online games for drill and practice in basic math skills.


Pre-Algebra and Middle School

Math Website for Middle School provides annotated links to a variety of math activities including brain teasers, math tricks, currency converter, mathmagic, story problems, Algebra problem of the week, and trip quest.

Math.com provides tutorials, interactive quizzes, teacher resources, online calculators and help in prealgebra, Algebra and Geometry. It also provides study tips, problems of the day, games and puzzles, graphers and equation solvers.


Interactive Algebra presents a series on online practice problems on equations and inequalities, factoring and graphing. This could be useful for student drill, group work or teaching techniques.

Zonaland provides Javascript and VRML graphs of Algebraic functions, a Geometry Center and Trigonometric functions.

Algebra Archives contains a long list of links with annotations and codes to save time. Sites are marked as High School or middle school, java applets are noted,and there is a brief annotation for each one .


My Resource page on Sketchpad... Steve Bergen

JAVA Gallery of Interactive Geometry presents several interactive Geometry activities including Hyperbolic triangles, Lorenz Simulation, 1-D Iteration, Tetris, Fractals, and more.

The Geometry Center provides interactive geometry resources, some Java applications, software to download and links, of course.

Geometry Lesson Plans provides links for incorporating Geometer's Sketchpad, Geometry Timelines, and Euclidian Geometry.


AP Statistics on the Web is a collaborative effort of three independent schools to pool resources, data, student projects, links, problem sets and a wealth of lesson plans.

The American Statistical Association provides a list of Web sites useful to K-12 teachers of statistics.

Fedstats is a clearinghouse of statistical information for over 70 government agencies.


Visual Calculus: the precalculus module provides an interactive textbook on functions and a drill and practice section.


Visual Calculus is a collection of modules which can be used in the study or teaching of calculus; topics covered include precalc, limits, derivatives, differentiation, integration, sequences and series.

Calculus on the Web is a Temple University site with an interactive Calculus text book. Dubbed Cowculus, The COW system is a collection of interactive calculus modules. Each module provides the opportunity to learn and practice an individual technique or idea, or to experiment and study the variation of a particular structure. Algebra, graphics and numerical calculation are all part of the COW's repertoire.

Graphics for the Calculus Classroom is a collection of graphical illustrations of first year Calculus; there is both a java and non-java version. There are animations of differentials and differences, computing the volume of water in a tipped glass, secants and tangents, how the ball bounces and more

Mr.Calculus includes AB and BC answers, links to other Calculus sites, and links to AP questions.

Manipulate Math with Java has many applets for demonstrations of calculus problems. Scroll down the page to see the offerings; plus there is an additional link for more calculus applets