The Second Summercore of 1997 will be at Doherty School (part of Seven Hills School), not far from where Larry Bird grew up in French Lick, Indiana ... Steve Bergen and Lynne Schalman. We visited French Lick on Saturday, June 28th, after the week was over!

Two of the participants -- Gay Long and Jacquie Hasley -- produced a wonderful set of web pages for the Summercore Carnival, using graphics from the scanner group and the quicktake camera group!
Pictures of Participants: One View or Another

Curriculum Links For Lower School

Links for Lower School Projects and Lesson Plans

  1. Teacher's Online Edition is a collection of constantly changing lesson plans in more than ten subject areas
  2. K.I.D.S. is a bimonthly journal of websites selected by students
  3. Bonus is designed to provide kid-friendly web sites, filled with games and educational information
  4. The Lessons Plan Page contains more than 100 lesson plans on math and science, as well as music, social studies and language arts
  5. The Kindergarten Internet Travel Via Email is designed to provide keypals for kindergarten students throughout the world
  6. Early Childhood Educators and Family Web Corner provides many links to the best lower school sites
  7. Early Childhood Education Online also provides many links to the best lower school sites
  8. Newsweek's Parents's Guide to Children's Software offers reviews on over 600 educational software programs