Welcome to the Lake Forest Country Day School Summercore, July 15-19

23 participants in LFCDS Summercore?
Michael Jordan #23 wins #6?
We don't think so!

I am always too busy dreaming of the past to think about the realities of the present. I have decided to go with "the present" and root for the Bulls to 3-peat!
  1. Marathoner#1505 Barbara Steffe Senior Kindergarten
  2. Marathoner#1506 Barbara Schmid Upper School English
  3. Marathoner#1507 Bill Scroggins Physical Education - no quest-
  4. Marathoner#1508 Bob Bullard Admissions, History 8th, Asst to Head
  5. Marathoner#1509 Dave Kulieke Upper School English - no quest-
  6. Marathoner#1521 Deatrice Rotimi Computer Systems Administrator
  7. Marathoner#1510 Glenn Kalin Lower School Science
  8. Marathoner#1511 Jean Shutler Senior Kindergarten
  9. Marathoner#797 Karen Jenkins Second Grade TC91
  10. Marathoner#1512 Karen Kelley Fourth Grade
  11. Marathoner#1513 Kirstin Mitchell Senior Kindergarten
  12. Marathoner#1514 Marcia Mann Upper School English/Newspaper
  13. Marathoner#1515 Margaret Bator Lower School Math
  14. Marathoner#1520 Mark Arthur Technology Coordinator
  15. Marathoner#1516 Maureen Ferg Senior Kindergarten
  16. Marathoner#1517 Mimi Aiston Junior Kindergarten
  17. Marathoner#1518 Patsy Ritter Art Teacher, grades 12389
  18. Marathoner#794 Patty Crofts Upper School Eng, Sci, Math TC91
  19. Marathoner#802 Peg Sassorossi Lower School Math Coordinator TC91
  20. Marathoner#793 Sally Bullard Third Grade TC91
  21. Marathoner#1519 Sam Richards Math, Upper School Head
  22. Marathoner#799 Tom Kracht Head of Lower School TC91
  23. Marathoner#800 Tom Crofts Upper School History TC91

Questionaire for Summercore 98 Questions for LFCDS

Any Questions: Call Lynne Schalman or Steve Bergen
The Teaching Company 781-862-8810 or email summercore@nobles.edu
Please return to Mark Arthur ASAP or e-mail to summercore@nobles.edu

PART ONE: Check which ONE phrase best describes your computer usage?
a) computer novice
b) computer teacher
c) occasional user
d) fairly regular word processing user but not much else
e) regular user with several computer areas q fairly skilled in many areas

PART TWO: Rate yourself 1 through 10 on each item below:
(10 = extremely skilled and 1 = complete novice)

E-mail address (if you have one)?
Subject(s) and grade(s) you teach? # of years employed in schools?
# of years at Lake Forest?


If you have used any educational software in your class, please list a few of the titles here:

If you have used any educational software in your class or designed a computer project for your curriculum, please describe the computer usage and the success and/or frustrations:

Please include a paragraph explaining your goals and specific expectations for Summercore.

Please include a paragraph explaining your computer background and level of expertise.