Summercore 98
Session #2: July 19-23
(graphic by Louise in Photoshop)

GROUPS #1-#6 (25 people)

(crossing the finish line on Thursday at 12:33PM)


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    Round Table Discussion

    Tips for a school in French Lick by teachers and computer coordinators at Summercore #2

    1. Marianne: I would like to see the schedule become more flexible so that students can use the computer lab during French classes.
    2. Lauren: I would like to see more schools use HyperStudio to create multimedia projects.
    3. Anne: I would like to see more students use web sites for weekly math problems and challenges.
    4. Susan L: I would like to see my CC spend more time with the administrators at a school.
    5. Renée: I would like to see the CC more involved in developing projects.
    6. Nora: I would like to see a school do projects combining skills to produce posters around a central theme, e.g. Black History month.
    7. Bryan: I would like to see teachers at a school be more proactive in acquiring software info and curriculum ideas, using listservs and connections with teachers at other schools.
    8. Donna: I would like to see a better balance of money betweeen computer hardware, software and technology coordination and training at a school.
    9. Randy: I would like to see more schools and more teachers use Network Assistant by Apple Corp. I would like to see Norton’s Utilities Disk Doctor on a regular basis.
    10. Jim: I would like to see my CC have more free time so that he could help faculty more.
    11. Louise: I would like to see schools bring in experts in various topics, e.g. computer animation.
    12. Carol: I would like to see my CC find more first grade software and web sites useful for first-graders.
    13. Teresa: I would like to see more schools develop more of our own in-house teacher experts with most frequently used programs.
    14. Meggen: I would like to see a school publish computer tips (e.g. tip of the day).
    15. Sarinda: I would like to see our schools provide more time for computer training
    16. Pam: I would like to see the CCs demonstrate a variety of the software that we actually own at the school and other teaches are doing. I would like to see an opening faculty orientation of computer skills for new teachers.
    17. Kristin: I would like to see more follow-up workshops on professional days for ongoing training and support.
    18. Dorothy: I would like to see a computer club where teachers and students can meet and get mutual help.
    19. Joan: I would like to see the computer coordinator work with teachers to get more stuff up on the web more easily and efficiently.
    20. John: I would like to see a way for teachers to get students evaluating the info on the web seeing the limits of the info from the web and recognizing the biases of the web.
    21. Karen: I would like to see the CC sit down with a teacher, select a topic and develop a technology element and curriculum unit - one topic to integrate technology and computers.
    22. Tooey: I would like to see a “book report of the week” on software applications or technology related projects by teachers at our ongoing weekly faculty meetings.
    23. Bob: I would like to see us in our schools designate key people in various departments who meet once per week who become the resources for their colleagues. I would like to see in service days for our faculty at large.
    24. Susan C: I would like to see more teachers check out and use web quests which use cooperative learning and the internet to combine curriculum projects and products end products, e.g. papers, journals, HyperStudio stacks e.g.
    25. Lisa: I would like to see our schools use a wide variety of training approaches for different faculty members.