Summercore 98
Session #3: July 26-30

22 participants crossed the finish line on Thursday
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A Few of the many Projects

Animated gif by Marilyn
Animated gif by Peg ... unfortunately, the one by Patrick did not seem to work.
Carnival Project ... from Wednesday afternoon, including web pages (Deb, Marc, Mary Ann) and Photoshop graphics (Ellie, Priscilla)

List of 22 Participants

  1. Jill Atkinson MA-Educational Technology Assistant-Shore Country Day School
  2. Betsy Berg MI-Math and Computer Teacher-St. Paulšs Catholic School
  3. Luette Bourne MA-Computer Teacher-Brimmer & May
  4. Elizabeth Burns MI-Principal-St. Paulšs Catholic School
  5. Jeff Clark PA-Middle School Science-Chestnut Hill Academy
  6. Peggy Cling CA-Second Grade Teacher-Convent of the Sacred Heart
  7. Mary Ann Danovich PA-Technology Coordinator-Merion Mercy Academy
  8. David Driscoll MA-Grade 5-6 Math/Science-Belmont Day School
  9. Linda Friedman CA-Librarian-Crossroads Elementary
  10. Deborah Goudy TX--Episcopal School of Dallas
  11. Rob Houghton MA-Upper School Head/Grade 6 Teacher-Belmont Day School
  12. Patrick Lynch CA-Director of Educational Technology-Marymount High School
  13. Sarah McFarland MA--Miss Hallšs School-Upper School teacher
  14. Ellie Newman CT-Computer Teacher Intern-Noble and Greenough School
  15. Lee Osterling MA-K-4 Science Teacher-Tenacre Country Day School
  16. Marc Rando MA-Foreign Language Department Head-Thayer Academy
  17. Marilyn Schaumburg CA-Lower School Technology Resource Teacher-Katherine Delmar Burke School
  18. Pam Simpson CT--New Canaan Country-Middle School Eng/Social Studies
  19. Roger Smith CA-College Counselor-Menlo School
  20. Bobbie Swain NY-Biology Teacher/Director College Guidance-Poly Prep Country Day School
  21. Sheila White CT-History Teacher-Miss Porteršs School
  22. Priscilla Worrall MA-Pre-Kindergarten Teacher-Tenacre Country Day School

Curriculum Focus Groups #1-6)

Roundtable Discussion

Summercore Roundtable Session 3

Bobbie: I think it is very important to get faculty on board with computers in a non-threatening way. I would suggest classes and planning groups to help achieve this integration.

Jeff: I would like to suggest that each department could decide what they will teach. Each department will work with the computer teacher in grades 6-8. The goal might be to eliminate “computer class” as part of the schedule. The content would be taught as part of the subject areas.

Pam: I would like to see this school develop a more systematic curriculum with an eye to what each department is doing so that kids see the connections.

Deb: We need to find creative ways to get people in the lab and using computers. We need to find ways to get these crossovers.

Linda: I would suggest that this anonymous school see the computer lab as different from other specialities. We need to also re-evaluate as teachers what is important in the curriculum and what needs to be let go.

Rob: We need to differentiate between the raw skills of how to use the hardware/software and the integration of these skills into curriculum area. If we don’t teach the skills, the gender gap widens. But we need a curriculum so that various topics get covered in specific grades.

Ellie: We need to think about the role model issue for students in terms of appropriate behavior. We need to get kids to understand the difference between privilege and right.

Sheila: We need to be thinking about what the computer does in terms of productivity. Faculty need to step back from being progressive and re-evaluate.

Mary Ann: I would suggest that the way to get computers more actively involved in the curriculum is through the students not the teachers. This year, we had all ninth graders take a mini-course (one out of six days) and then do powerpoint presentations in their classrooms. Another suggestion might be to have longer periods (e.g. one hour) to accomodate technology.

Sarah: I am interested in organizations to preview software or loan software, e.g. Sunburst or Tom Snyder Productions. From curriculum links on, you can also find reviews of software.

Marilyn: My suggestion is that we engage in more collaborative planning. Once every week, specialists can meet with grade level teachers to integrate the planning of the curriculum. One idea is to videotape student projects that can then go home with students.

Betsy: I would like this anonymous school to form a webmaster club to help develop and discuss the school’s web page.

Patrick: I would like to encourage this school to have several different committees to help develop ownership of the school’s computer program, e.g. laptop purchasing, grading program. There is a web site called diving that offers tech support.

Peggy: I feel that the technology curriculum needs to be embedded in the content and activities that the students are actually doing. It is essential that teachers go to the labs with the students. This is an important top-down decison.

David: I think teachers must truly model the use of technology for the students, not only with real-world situations but with professional teacher uses. Teaching cannot be allowed to be the one profession that is technologically phobic.

Marc: I would to see the administration of this school make the commitment in terms of computer and human resources. It is important to backup an ethical code with a system of trangressions and penalties.

Priscilla: I would to see creative classroom scheduling time to allow students and teachers work together in the computer lab. It is important to avoid the subtle message that classroom time and computer time are not separate.

Lee: I would love more sharing of what more teachers and students have done so that we can see each others’ projects. We need something built-in so that everyone knows what is going on.

Luette: I think it is important for the computer teacher get access to the students twice, not once per week. It is important that teachers be required to come with the students to do a project. Faculty need to be comfortable with the software and how it can be used in conjuction with their class.

Jill: It might be a good idea to start a conference on First Class where a tech support group can have a conference on the school’s bulletin board for sharing information.

Beth: the head of the fish needs to come up with more creative ways to find time. It is critical that a tech group or tech person be clearer about how the software can be put specifically for classroom use. We need to understand that this is all new to the age-enhanced teacher.

Roger: Schools need to commit the resources to develop computer literacy. We need the physical space and enough work-stations.