Summercore 98
August 24-26

Pictures from the NCDS Catalog:
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List of Participants

  1. Anne-Marie Yu-Phelps
  2. Bob Carolan (who generously brought in his box of crayons labelled with computer codes)
  3. Charles Berman
  4. Clement Ampadu
  5. Coretta Tam
  6. Corinne McKay
  7. Ellen Tyler
  8. Eugene Ward
  9. Jayne de Ortiz
  10. Judith McCaffrey
  11. Kara Nepereny
  12. Kathleen Macdonnell
  13. Lynn Bloom
  14. Mark Haddad
  15. Mary Lou Sallee
  16. Mary-Ann Fraser
  17. Mary-Louise Coates
  18. Nell Reynolds
  19. Patience Berkman
  20. Patricia Lyons
  21. Robert Murrell, Jr.
  22. Theresa Urist
  23. Valerie Sullivan

First Drafts of Web Pages

  1. Robert and Charles
  2. Anne-Marie and Mark
  3. Corrine and Theresa
  4. Bob and Judy

Summary of web links in our "coast to coast" activity

One of the topics that we tried to cover at this NCDS Summercore involves converting files from Mac to PC. On Tuesday, we emphasized the following key points.

  1. Can a disk fit be usable in the disk drive of the "other-type" computer? Yes, if the Mac has been boosted with PC Exchange or if the PC has been boosted with Mac Opener. Most Macs running System 7.5 or better came with PC Exchange bundled for free.
  2. How does the rule of four help with converting files? When saving a file for converting purposes, try saving it in multiple formats, e.g. text, RTF, etc. If possible use suffixes such as .doc for word or .rtf or .txt and keep the file name short, e.g. Marty1.doc or Marty2.rtf or Marty3.txt
  3. How does the back door metaphor help when converting files? ANSWER: Once you put your disk into the computer, it is sometimes best not to double-click directly on the file. Our metaphor for doing this is the "front door" approach. Although double-clicking on a file is great when it works, there are occasional times (especially when converting) that it is best to avoid the "front door" and use the "back door" by opening your software first. In other words, start a Word 97 file as if you are typing a new document and then choose OPEN from the FILE menu, navigating to the desired file.
  4. Is it better to purchase PC Exchange for your Mac or Mac Opener for PC? ANSWER: if your PC is your computer of the future, then it makes more sense to purchase MacOpener for the PC by DataViz. It is possible that the more expensive program called Conversions Plus is preferable to MacOpener, since it includes more software translation programs. See pages 7, 197, 397, 450 in The Summercore Primer

A few remaining "pink card questions" and topics to cover