Summercore at Greenhill School
August 9-13

Pictures for the Contest

Posted wednesday night 8/11/99 ... for Diane and Colleen to judge ... we drew these pictures on Wed afternoon with the theme of "people and places" .. we are hoping that Colleen and Diane will get back to us by e-mail by the time of the carnival, Friday 8:33AM-11:33AM Dallas time which is 9:33AM to 12:33PM Boston Time ...

  1. Becky and Gwen
  2. Dorothy and Synthia
  3. John and Dot
  4. Kim and Pat
  5. Linda and Mark
  6. Mary and JoAnn
  7. Mike and Dave
  8. Pam and Barb
  9. Pam and Perry
  10. Susie and Rhonda

  1. Barb Currier Chair, Math Dept
  2. Becky Choate First Grade Teacher
  3. David Ostroff Upper School History Teacher ... first draft of history web page
  4. Dorothy Sherrod Lower School Music Teacher
  5. Dorothy Williams Kindergarten Teacher
  6. Gwen Baird First Grade Teacher
  7. JoAnn Andrew Second Grade Humanities
  8. John Hornbach Fifth Grade Science Teacher
  9. Kim Barnes Kindergarten Teacher
  10. Linda White Lower School Math Coordinator
  11. Mark Crotty Upper School English Teacher
  12. Mary Tapia Chair of Modern and Classical Languages ... translation page for carnival
  13. Michael Jenkins Seventh Grade History Teacher
  14. Pam Bockbrader Upper School Mathmatics Teacher
  15. Pam Giraudon Seventh Grade French/Spanish Teacher
  16. Pat Inman Upper School Science Teacher
  17. Perry Degener Eighth Grade Literature Teacher
  18. Rhonda Brette Lower School Computer Teacher
  19. Susie Hickman First Grade Teacher
  20. Synthia Rogers Theater Director

Dallas has a soft machine
Houston's too close to New Orleans
New York's got the ways and means
Just keep trucking on

Click here for the significance of "soft machine" which apparently is known in Dallas. Clearly Jerry Garcia knew about this when he included the reference in the song TRUCKIN in 1971.

A few sample audio formats:

  1. On the web AU format works (but AU does not work with powerpoint)
  2. On the web AIF format works (but AIF does not work with powerpoint)
  3. On the web WAV format does not universally work, although it appears to be the only audio format that Powerpoint uses. On the web, the issue, is as always a question of which browser and which version e.g. Netscape 3.0 on the Mac does not play WAV files but Netscape 4.0 on the PC does play WAV files,

Answer: The restaurant called Mariano's in Dallas Texas is the home of the first frozen marguerita machine in America. In February 99, I went there with Becky Daniels and the waiter kindly autographed the CD we brought! This puzzle about the "soft machine" was solved for us by one of the teachers in the Summercore 93 session at Hockaday School. She told us about Mariano's Restaurant and we went there for dinner that night. The waiter gave me the menu and signed it with the story of Mariano Martinez (born 8/5/44): "one day, I was in a 7-11 store and I saw a bunch of kids drinking slurpies. I realized that that's what I wanted to do with a marguerita!"

Pink Card Questions

  1. Can I see a demo of replacing two spaces with one in WP?(Synthia) .. yes, but beware the templeton effect if you are using spaces instead of tabs for lining up text
  2. Pros and cons of saving on file server vs hard drive vs floppy?(Synthia)...floppy has advantage of portability but is prone to dirt, dust and mis-placing .. hard drive has advantage of speed over floppy disk .. file server has advantage of access from anywhere on campus ... best approach is to save everything important in TWO locations and use a number scheme such as memov3 for version 3 or memov4 for version 4 or perhaps memo81199 for the updated version of memo on 8/11/99
  3. Quick tricks for French/Spanish accents not just in Word, but Powerpoint? (Mary) ... shortcuts .. macros .. the ALT 0233 trick ... see chapter 15 of Primer as well
  4. Demo of how Word saves into HTML format? (JoAnn)
  5. Using graphics in Word -- in-line vs floating? (Pat) ... when in floating mode, you need to FORMAT THE PICTURE so that text wraps around the graphic either top/bottom or tightly in all 4 directions ... inserting text on left or right of graphic is yet another way to have text and graphic side by side
  6. Can we talk about DLC at lunch on Thursday? (Mary)
  7. Can we scan a picture into our Hyperstudio presentation for the carnival? (Susie and Rhonda) ... yes, but even better is to hire the scanning group to do the job for you
  8. Can we scan a page, put it into Photoshop, change color and then bring into Powerpoint? (JoAnn and Linda)... yes, but even better is to hire the scanning group to do the job for you
  9. What are some tips to improve performance of hard drive? (Perry) ... keep hard drive with 20% free space ... de-frag hard drive ... isolate occurrences of problems .. take inventory of RAM size and hard drive size ... make sure the problem is not one of multiple applications open in RAM very important tip is to have a few students whom you can use as tech resources!

Potential Techno-Quickies

big screen hookups and IR keyboards format a disk printer frustrations
bookmarks graphics in word smart board
de-frag and optimize intranet temp internet cache
dialogue writing in a play listservs toolbars
e-fax office 97 help windows help
file server usage powerpoint tips re classroom word templates
And of course the new "smart board" at Greenhill!
Thursday, August 12, 1999 9:26:28 AM
From: Colleen Powers-vis
Subject: Re: WED DRAWING is ON
To: Steve Bergen-fac

I want to say yes, but I have not yet spoken to Diane--but it shouldn't be a problem. How's things in Texas? Nothing much is happening around here, but I'm going to see the Red Sox play on Saturday. I hope they win! Colleen

Thursday, August 12, 1999 4:19:54 PM
From: Colleen Powers-vis
Subject: Summercore in Texas
To: Steve Bergen-fac
Dear Steve,
Both Diane and I got together and "graded" these paintings, and they were almost uniformly great. So there are no losers!
DL and CP
e-mail: and

Hello Texas!

As Steve told you, Colleen and I, Diane Lemay, would be judging your artwork, and we have come up with five contenders below:











third runner-up (cartoon caricature) goes to Susie and Rhonda for their scary first grade classroom!











second runner-up goes to Linda and Mark for their drawing that might one day be part of a Monet clip-art CD











first runner-up goes to John and Dot for their authentic fishing scene from one of those Dallas lakes we have heard about











Our last prize (except for the congeniality prize) -- the grand prize -- goes to Kim and Pat for their clever use of spray paint in creating a realistic New England fall!











And of course our last prize for congeniality goes to Mike and Dave for their attempt to draw Fenway "pahk" where Colleen is going this Saturday!