Summercore 99 at Marymount High School

June 14-18 1999

what an intense group ... to see the 22 participants working on Thursday afternoon on their carnival projects was incredibly rewarding ... I was afraid to interrupt them and needed the help of Dean of Faculty Maryann Mcqueen just to get the 22 of them to leave the computer lab and head outside to the senior lawn ... graduation picture and graduation movie ... Steve Bergen 6/18/99

One project for the carnival
from Chris Vivo, Marilyn Bennett, Chris Talone
(the links to the three learning exercises are not yet active)

WebQuest for Math and Science Teachers
Math and Science Teachers: 

The following links will give you step by step instructions on how to use TI-Graph Link.  Choose the skill you would like to learn to view an instructional Powerpoint Presentation:

    1. How to attach Graph Link to your computer.
    2. How to transfer a screen that is displayed on your calculator to your computer and how to save that screen and insert it into a document
    3. How to download a program from a website to your computer and then to your calculator
Some of the sites will provide you with additional information and programs you can load onto your hard drive. 


    1. You must create a worksheet or quiz that uses captured screen shots from your graphing calculator.
    2. You must transfer a program from a web link into your computer.
    3. You must transfer the downloaded program from your computer to your calculator.
More Info and Programs at These Links 

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