At least two of the participants had their own web sites

Scott Merrick and Sue Olsen -- prior to Summercore. A few others registered with geocities during Summercore.

Here are a few of the projects done in preparation for the carnival. After the carnival everyone crossed the finish line and we took a digital graduation picture. at 12:33 PM.

click on above picture to see the ClarisWorks Publication -- sample of the actual printed document -- by MerryMurray Meade, Sue Olsen and Fran Stillman; note that bugs sometimes arise in the HTML code when you save a complicated document as HTML and therefore publication and web page are not exactly the same

Below are the pictures that Diane and Colleen will judge. The assignment was to draw a picture with HyperStudio that dealt with the theme of "Summer Vacation." No clip-art was allowed. Here is a note that we got from Colleen Powers who is clearly ready and waiting to see the pictures!

Colleen Powers-vis writes: Tuesday, July 20th, 9:52 AM
We began a new video conference yesterday, and it was great meeting people from all over the country! I even started up the large computer, and accessed MEETING POINT, and dialed Nobles on my own. Although I had seen it done while watching Diane the few times, I had never tried it alone, and was amazed when it actually worked out all right. (I wonder if the Wright Brothers felt that way when their plane took off, and didn't crash?) Probably not. Although I realize that a lot of work went into the whole thing, before I could tentatively try to use the the video conferencing equipment, sometimes taking "baby steps" is the way that mostly everyone begins. No... I did know somebody that probably "hit the ground running immediately" but he kept on running, and I don't know what had become of him. Anyway, I hope that everyone enjoys their "learning vacation" (if that's what I should call it). see y'all later today Colleen

  1. Adria and Karen
  2. Alexis
  3. Bill and Diane
  4. Brenda and Sandy
  5. Derrel and Steve
  6. Fran and Dick
  7. Heather and MerryMurray
  8. James and Sue
  9. Kelly and Sue
  10. Lynda and Ginger
  11. Patricia and Dan
  12. Sabrina and Li-Lin
  13. Scott and Erika
  14. Shelly and Ernest
  15. Wendy and Lorraine