The theme for the drawing contest is Y2K and not "save the best for last"
  1. Allen and Laurent ... with web page by Laurent ... sent to us in Fall 2000 ... I've been working for over a year now on my own page and you might want to send the address to interested Summer Core Students. It's full of links for courses especially AP French lit (found under menu for "Liens pour les cours" and "Auteurs au programme" ... Have a great day and thanks again for introducing me to this new technology...Laurent Patenotte ... Phillips Exeter Academy ... Summer of 1999 (3rd session)
  2. Barry and Frances
  3. Chris and Kate
  4. Cindy
  5. Ginny and Lynn
  6. Jane and Sue
  7. Jonathan and KC
  8. Kelli and Heather
  9. Kitty and Jane
  10. Lee and Andrea
  11. Marion and Susie
  12. Mary Lou and Carolyn
  13. Mary and Paige
  14. Michelle and Lara
  15. Robyn and Carol
  16. Winnie and Susan

Colleen Powers-vis writes:
We (Diane Lemay & I) have carefully perused the art work done with HYPERSTUDIO, and were struck by the same fact: THERE ARE NO LOSERS!!! I was a little nervous that there seemed to be an almost universal "bummed-out" attitude of expectation for Y2K! Colors that were used were a lot less pastel and vibrant (a psychiatrist would have a field day with these)- I don't think we're really looking forward to the turn of the century! Colleen
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A few projects created on Wednesday during Carnival Preparation

Now that you have seen the above drawings that make you think about Y2K, click here for more info about Y2K

One of the participants has inspired me to start writing a new song "3DM"... Steve Bergen 7/27/99

Three D M
Three D M
See how they run the school
They tell you installing other software is way too much work
And if you ask questions you feel like a jerk
They make the whole place feel like a bank network
Three D M