Reactions to Summercore 99
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Around the Country

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Dates for Summercore 2000?
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From Betsy Coleman Indian Hills CO Colorado Academy English Department Head:
I would put it in top workshops i have attended I.E. Northfield Counseling, outward bound...

From Betsy Crofts Southampton PA George School History Teacher:
This certainly met my expectations of an intensive (thanks for making it less so than feared!) exposure to lots of possibilities. The discussion of ethics and philosophy was important. The group gathered was a wonderful mix of teachers. I will certainly recommend Summercore to my colleagues.

From Carol Brasfield Los Angeles CA Center for Early Education Sixth Grade Teacher:
Outstanding! Thanks for your patients, support and the obvious attempts and successes at meeting everyone's individual needs.Steve you are by far the best teacher I have had since the beginning of my academic career, which began at age six.

From Debbie Dostert Roma Italia St. Stephen’s School Director of Studies:
I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from it and enjoy themselves.

From Dorothy Garfield Westport MA Wheeler School Middle School Science and Technology:
I was very impressed. It is obvious that we are getting a big bang for our buck. Time was used very efficiently and the flow of activities was perfect. Most of the heavy stuff was earlier in the conference when we were "fresh" and the application, which allowed a little down time, came later. You have provided us with the primer and the web site..... I came for exposure to lots of stuff and I now have it!! Super over all effort. I also felt there was much effort put into all aspects of the program snacks, rests, scheduling etc.

From Jacqui Cronin Dedham MA Noble and Greenough School Spanish Teacher:
I loved the curriculum, the people working and the people participating. I feel more confident, and I am motivated to spend some more time improving my skills. I am excited to bring some more technology into my classroom come September.

From Jannette Torres Bayamon PR Saint John’s School Computers grade PreK-5:
This has been the most wonderful experience (related to trainings)I've had in the past years. Your system is very efficient and organized. I am very satisfied.

From Jean Behnke Marblehead MA Tower School Spanish and Reading Teacher/Lower School Head:
This was a terrific class. I liked the intensity of instruction as well as the variety. I found learning the vocab. to be especially helpful. I expected that I would "drown" in such a course as I am completely self taught in PC use, but I felt comfortable. I also liked the variety of formats- small group, pairs, whole group, individual etc.

From John Zahner Washington DC St Albans School Grade Six Teacher:
Extremely well organized and presented. This was a very tiring yet useful learning experience

From Karen Ginsberg Dallas TX Episcopal School of Dallas Third Grade Teacher:
Unbelievable in content, structure and organization - a great teaching model from Steve and Lynne

From Leslie Tomasini Culver City CA Center for Early Education Sixth Grade Teacher:
Excellent program, it moved along there was a wealth of information the real test of the program to me is how well any of these massive amounts of information that have hopefully been stored in my brain can be retrieved. It would be wonderful if there was a retrieve button to my brain like there is on the computer.

From Linda Case Houston TX The Kinkaid School Second Grade Teacher:
Outstanding. First class all the way from the hotel to the food to the course itself. It is the best workshop I have ever attended

From Linda Miller Harrisonburg VA Eastern Mennonite School Middle School Science/Social Studies:
What a fantastic experience. I want to get home to try all this out. I will spend the rest of the summer in front of a computer

From Louise Sayuk Katy TX The Kinkaid School Lower School Science:
FIRST CLASS workshop!!!!! This was really one of the best workshops I have been to in my life. You kept it moving, brought humor into our day, took care of us, and taught us so many new and useful skills.

From Pat Colton Wellesley MA St. Sebastian’s Middle School Director/Science Teacher:
Just about the best summer program I've done. I think I would like to do it every 3 or 4 years as a refresher on what's new out there. It addressed all the needs I had been able to articulate before coming and introduced me to so much more. I know I could have found out about all this stuff on my own BUT who has the time? You had one-stop shopping

From Patricia Patyk Houston TX The Kinkaid School First Grade Teacher:
I loved the fast pace of this marathon. Every workshop I attend from now on will really seem slow.

From Patrick Gately St. James MD St. James School English Teacher:
I felt that it was an excellent introduction to all of the programs. I had enough time to receive instruction, work through trials and errors, and finish with a working knowledge of each program. I thought that the student helpers were awesome

From Stefanie Bakken Denver CO Colorado Academy Spanish Teacher:
Entirely enthusiastic. Best professional development I have ever undertaken (except for maybe brushing up on Spanish in the tropics). I am impressed to be able to leave with so many new skills and more confidence about computers...and to have done all of this in just a few days

From Dick Venable Windsor CT Loomis Chaffee School Biology Teacher:
A great program..a great new beginning for everyone

From Erika Rogers Dublin NH Dublin School Biology and Marine Science Teacher:
I thought it was excellent! I learned A LOT and you did well to include all out experience levels.

From James Hornor Dublin NH Dublin School Academic Dean/English Teacher:
A terrific experience. Much more valuable information than I ever expected!

From Brenda Parker (alum) Rolling Hills Estates CA Westchester Neighborhood School Principal:
I came back to Summercore because I learned a lot from you in 1993. My mom told me that you cannot "go home again" or something like that. Not only did I return, but it seemed like I was continuing a journey I hadn't completed the first time. I learned a lot and enjoyed the entire experience. I still haven't finished the journey and hope to return in a few more year. What will be new then? Thank you for welcoming me back so warmly.

From Ernest Billingy Baltimore MD Forbush School Technology Coordinator:
One of the most meaningful experiences I can recall. Not only was was there a lot o knowledge gained, but because it was in a "marathon" format it gave you a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Thanks Steve and Lynne.

From Bill Wade Sewanee TN St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School Headmaster/Religion:
I have a very positive reaction...I am amazed at how well you dealt with the vast difference in skills,experience,etc. levels of the participants...I also appreciated your way of making me feel comfortable with my lack of skill/experience and, as a result, I accomplished what I wanted:some improvement in skills, a better understanding of technology, and technology ideas for my class, the school's curriculum,faculty training,etc.

From Alexis Martel Phoenix AZ Phoenix Country Day School Middle School Science Teacher:
This was such a fabulous opportunity for me. I finally could spend some quality time with computers and tech. and really get immediate answers to questions that I have frequently wondered about and also had enough time to work on solving glitches, learning new things, etc.

From Frances Stillman New York NY The Chapin School Math and Computer Dept. Head:
The best workshop I have ever been to. I am amazed at how you can work with people at such diverse levels and have each one feel like they are learning from the program. Your patience and sense of humor carries us through.

From Karen Coats Apex NC St. Timothy’s School Third Grade Teacher:
I would recommend this to every teacher!

From Lynda Burchfield Wellesley MA Tenacre Country Day School Fifth Grade Teacher:
This was a great experience, I really learned lots. Many commendations on your efforts and organization.

From Sabrina Avnor Herzilya Israel American International School Israel K-5 Tech Coordinator:
Fantastic resources.....fantastic teachers....I give you two a lot of credit...still want to know where you guys get your energy from.....really feel like I learned a lot about what was out there on the web, training faculty, got some advice on video conferencing....made some good contacts..increased my skills in html and learned some photoshop........Your website is golden..thanks for all of those was good to speak with other coordinators and get their ideas......
Sometimes I wondered if in the future you would offer summercore just for coordinators/administrators...or offer different sessions for jv and v

From Sandra Cann Palos Verdes CA Westchester Neighborhood School Assistant Principal:
I have had a wonderful experience. I feel like I know so much more than when I came, but I hope I can remember without all the helpers when I go home.

From Scott Merrick Nashville TN University School of Nashville K-4 Technology Coordinator:
Awesome, spectacular, rare. You two are all those things, and your program reflects that

From Shelly Martell Baltimore MD Forbush School Media Specialist:
It was an absolutely wonderful experience. I learned much more than I had originally anticipated. What a wonderful blend of great teaching and hands-on experience.

From Stephen Ritchie Lakeville CT Indian Mountain School Middle School Technology Coordinator:
Summercore is hands down the most useful conference I have attended. You know your stuff, and you know how to share it with others. I appreciated the split groups that allowed people to move at their own pace, including a faster one, without frustrating anyone. The variety of programs and skills that were presented was great. I feel that I learned everything that I came to learn and then some.

From Andrea Sipes Dallas TX Episcopal School of Dallas Pre-K Teacher:
Well thought out and organized. Especially needed the flexibility of the program to help me at my "entry' level.

From Frances Bloom New York NY Chapin School Academic Dean/History Teacher:
As good as it gets. You are sensational professionals

From Ginny Allen Tokyo Japan American School in Japan Middle School Math Teacher:
It was exactly what I needed. I have a long way to go, but now I can sit down at the computer (IF I CAN FIND THE TIME!) and go through a number of things. Also, I believe that the book will be of great help to me in doing this.

From Heather Jackson Kansas City MO Barstow School Middle School English:
One of the best things I could have done for my teaching career! Very informative and fun! Summercore reinforced what I know about technology in the classroom, while giving me the confidence and courage to delve into the unknown. It has taken the fear out of technology, and replaced it with excitement.

From Jane Rinden Brooklyn NY The Chapin School Head of English Department:
I felt so fortunate to be part of it.

From Jonathan Hall Greenfield NH Dublin School Upper School Tutor:
Definitely the best workshop of this kind I have ever been to. Both the staff and the attendees were smart, enthusiastic and warm

From Kate Horsley New Haven CT Hopkins School Latin Teacher:
Just the right length of time. You are great teachers. Thank you

From KC Dickman Marshall VA The Hill School K-3 Computers and 3rd Grade T.A.:
Excellent.....and I thought I was ONLY coming to learn how to use a MAC!!! ????? I saw the light of the purpose of Summercore. .....I saw the light (la la la...add your own music)....I saw the light.....that is [I have begun to learn how to REALLY teach.....ask the students questions that will help them find the answer themselves. Don't "TEACH"...(fill them with knowledge) but help them learn how to teach themselves....] You two are the most incredible, dynamic educators I have ever met. I have come away with far more than just "new computer skills" to take back to my school and classroom.
ALSO!!! There are NO mistakes, but "opportunities to learn."

From Kitty Fair Northwood NH Phillips Exeter Academy French Teacher:
I will recommend this program to TONS of people. You are a remarkable team. I've rarely seen such energy and dedication, and your computer and teaching skills just floor me. I am very grateful to have been able to do this course!

From Kelli McSweeny Marion MA Tabor Academy Director Activities/English Teacher:
So much to learn, so little time! Yet, Steve and Lynne, you did an excellent job of keeping the different levels of expertise content and always moving forward. I really appreciated your dynamic style, your seemingly endless patience, your wonderful senses of humor, and, above all, your knowledge of your subject.

From Lara Walker Atlanta GA The Lovett School Educational Technologist:
Very good experience. The class time was great, but I really got a lot out of the discussions at lunch/dinner and other interactions with Steve, Lynne, and Peers.

From Lee Hammons Dallas TX Episcopal School of Dallas First Grade Teacher:
Steve and Lynne, thank you for being so patient with the new beginners. We were very overwhelmed at first but the review time Wednesday afternoon allowed us to get back to our level and proceed from where our knowledge was. We were petrified with the idea of presenting something for the carnival when we did not even know how to save a document. Thanks for making the week very profitable for all levels of computer expertise.

From Marion Baker Dallas TX Episcopal School of Dallas First Grade Teacher:
this is the best present I've ever received. you are both wonderful, articulate teachers. I would give summercore a 5* rating!

From Mary Bickley Dallas TX Episcopal School of Dallas Second Grade Teacher:
I am so glad that I came.

From Michelle Knapp Dublin NH Dublin School Computer and English Teacher:
Great! I will really push for other teachers to go next summer. You will leave Summercore much heavier than when you came, both intellectually and physically! Good learn'n and good eat'n!

From Paige Schulz Coppell TX Episcopal School of Dallas Second Grade Teacher:
It has been the most valuable workshop I have ever attended. I want to come back after I've had a year or two to apply what I've learned.

From Sister Susan Cain Elmira NY Notre Dame High School Math Teacher:

From Susan Eldert Needham MA Fessenden School Biology and Middle School Science:
This was a terrific experience for me ( exhausting, too!) It helped clarify a number of computer concepts that I "sort of" knew. In addition, it gave me more of an idea about all the possibilities that are available that I had no clue about or just a little clue. It certainly made me think about how teachers and kids might use certain aspects of computer technology.

From Suzie Wheeler Dallas TX Episcopal School of Dallas First Grade Teacher:
I learned so much. It was very well presented with a lot of super backup.

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