Summercore at CA: June 18-22, 2001
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have a great summer and fall
Steve and Lynne 7/9/01

Pictures from our HyperStudio Drawing Contest to be judged by our friends from the Boston Home (the winners and the e-mail addresses of Colleen, Janice and Marcia are below)
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Twenty Four Participants in Summercore 2001
(alphabetical order by first name)

1 Amy Myles grade9/12 French
2 Angela Hertz K
3 Carol Rosberg preschool
4 Carol Mechem preschool
5 Carole Buschmann grade1-5 art
6 Claudia Brand grade9/12 math
7 Connie Adcock grade1
8 Dania Pettus grade7/12 photography
9 Diana Giarusso grade1
10 Don Merry grade7/8 math
11 Judy Zinn grade9/12 math
12 Lisa Ruddy grade6 math/geo/lang arts
13 Lisa O'Donnell librarian 6/12
14 Lynda Welborn director of libraries
15 Mary Griffin asst librarian
16 Milly Nadler grade9/11 math
17 Nancy Landolfi grade8 civics/english
18 Paula Osborne grade1/2
19 Peggy Butler grade6/7 eng/social studies
20 Peggy Salisbury grade9/12 spanish
21 Ruth Larson grade5
22 Suzanne Kolsun Jackson grade4 read/writing/math/soc studies
23 Theresa Ducayet Clowes grade4/8 art
24 Warren Saslow grade6/8 english

Monday PM, we took 14 pictures and one movie

to download, remember to click and hold on a Mac or "right-mouse click on a PC and please remember to obey the rule of three as you save into a folder for subsequent INSERTION into powerpoint
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Tuesday PM

Several groups left at 4:33 and posted their first "fischer-price" web pages

Thursday AM: pink cards remaining

How come they do that stupid thing with RAM? (Dania)

I need some more help with HTML commands, please. Also, how can I use Front Page or Powerpoint to make a web page? (Nancy)

How do you change the ICON on a PC for a file or folder and how come it does not consistently work for every file or folder, e.g. some times the PROPERTIES feature to change ICON is not available? (Milly)

How do you put the URL for a reference on a the side of a graphic? (Milly)

Rory mentioned converting AW to DOC via RTF. Can you go over this? (anonymous)

Can you download analog? Can you upload to analog - regular videotape? What about adding a firewire hard drive so we can edit multiple movies over time? (Lynda)

How do I get the WP exercises onto my laptop without a network connection? (Paula)

How do I remove an item from the tray on the right side of my PC desktop if there is no feature for "remove" when I load up that item? (Milly)

Can we look at the equation editor and how I can use it for math equations as a teaching tool or presentation tool in the class? (Lisa R)

I have heard it said that within a few years, we will be expected to use the laptop and computers for 25% of our class time. Do you have a list of ideas and activities that teachers have used used with some success in the classroom? (anonymous)

First Draft of a response

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Projector: yes, that's right. In French Lick Indiana (where Larry Bird grew up), they had a saying amongst those who raced cars: "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." This is applicable to our roles as teachers in schools. We have seen too many schools where administrators have laptops and teachers have no computers. The same issues of equity in our society sometimes exists in microcosm within our schools. We at Nobles have a saying within our "pioneer program" called "use it or lose it"; classroom teachers with school-owned laptops and projectors in the classroom are required to send weekly "pioneer notes" to a mailing list and conference on NoblesNet. We do not differentiate between teachers who are fans of the Celtics and fans of the Lakers. But we DO say "use it or lose it."

Suggestions on using one computer and projector in the classroom (some of these are enhanced by the purple book, pioneer section, pp 323-340) many are on our web site

Ultimately, you as a teacher need to PUSH YOURSELF. The laptop plus projector is a wonderful combination. Once you have it, you need to PUSH YOURSELF into creative (and boring) ways of using it. Not everything in the classroom can be sexy and wow-ing and innovative. Lots of things in the classroom involve repetition and drill and practice and just displaying information in a clear fashion. In fact, these days, it is VERY HARD to wow kids of any age. They are all so jaded and have seen so much technology. Ultimately, the laptop and projector becomes "just another tool" like the whiteboard. We all have experiences as students and teachers of how diverse the use of the whiteboard is amongst different teachers.


p.s. Charles Coleman visited Cincinati Country Day School last year and shared his notes with me (with permission to post on the web) that include many specific teacher ideas and suggestions for using a computer and projector in the classroom

Friday Update Web Sites

for the Database Group of Carol R, Angela and Carol M

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www. A N G E L A .com

The Judges Write:

From Judge Janice ( 
From Judge Colleen (
From Judge Marcia (

Janice and Colleen write:
Carole and Paula are rated as first prize because the tools they used and
their imagination and the very intelligent use of color and line.  It
reminds Janice of the Phantom of the Opera in color.  

Second place is two people:  David and Amy, have a wonderful sense of 3
dimensions where you can see some fish behind others or seaweed. Theresa
and Lynda have a whimsical circus picture.

Third place  goes the picture of an octopus and fish with party hats next
to a submarine with joyful use of colors. 

We both enjoyed the pictures.  Please tell your class congratulations and
hope everybody enjoys their summer. 
Janice and Colleen write:
Honorable mention – Diana & Lisa

We were talking about this drawing & feel it shows a lot of talent &
attention to detail, but we were spooked-out by the drawing which had a
Steven King kind of a feeling.  Creepy!!  However, that should not have
affected the way that we judged it.

Colleen writes:
Dear Steve,
The pictures that I saw yesterday were much more advanced in their
treatment of the 
tools and artistic interpretation than I had seen in previous
 summercores-I would have 
said so, but I had to have someone type in the messages for
 Janice and myself since the 
voice recognizing computers were already taken up by the
 therapist for people that had
 their computer lesson.

I felt that responding to you for summercore reasons took priority,
 but this 
therapist saw otherwise.
I foresee that this will always be a battle, but
 we’ll eventually be able to win.

Marcia writes:
 Hi Steve, In looking at the pictures of your students I find each uniquie.
 My personal favorites are the first because of the rich variety of 
characters who may have a nice story line.  Another is
 number 5 for the lyrically swimming fishes.  And you should know, 
speaking as someone who worked in the design industry for ten years, 
that each work is unique and delightful to see.
High regards,   
looking forward to more  
Marcia Jason