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Carnival Booths for 2011 July: click here

Carnival Tips for Thursday Work Day

Carnival Tips for the Actual Carnival on Friday

Homework for Friday: work on your project, create a poster, plan the short skit you and your partners will do ... PLUS find the ONE page in the Summercore Primer that "speaks to you" and you think is the best page

Skit Samples for Carnival Barking

Carnival Samples

We want you to concentrate on one area and have ample time to build skills in this one area. We want you to "be selfish" a bit and choose something that might be useful for you as you head towards the coming school year. We would like at least two people in each booth so there are no singletons. We don't want you to choose an area that you already are very skilled at. Be practical. Be realistic. Be selfish.
Not Yet Below* will choose by phone tonight: Lisa, Eva, Lindsay, Laura B
Not Yet Below* Carolyn Christina De Shan Deborah Drew Elaine Frances Jamel Joan Joyce Kathy Laura L Lionel Marian Mariana Meaghan Melissa Morgan Naomi Stacy Vivian William
Blogs and Wikis*
Delicious and Diigo *
Digital Storytelling
Flipped Classroom and Screencasting *
Garage Band and Podcasting*
Google Docs*
Google Sites*
Google Earth*
Google Maps*
Google Sketchup *
iMovie *
Moodle* *
RSS Feeds*
Smartboard *
Social Media *
Tumblr *
Voicethread and Glogster *
Web 2.0 In Your Curriculum*

Summercore YouTube Videos

On Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 8:37 AM, Lynne Schalman  wrote:
never mind- i just uploaded them directly to weebly- do you have any other cute ones?

Here is what is already on YouTube, Lynne 

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