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Table of Contents 3:25 | Prevent Duplicate Values being entered in a List in Excel 5:27 | Database Remove Duplicates with a Click 1:46 | Mail Merge using Word 2007 and Excel 2007 7:25

These are word processing challenges to stretch you a bit (perhaps) with your skills with tabs and other skills. You can ignore the graphics of Larry Bird unless you find these exercises easy. In that case, click here or here whenever you need one of these graphics!

Steve Bergen,

Exercises Highighting Many Beginning & Intermediate Skills

One more challenge: Writing a paper and Using quotes, headers, and so on ... click here for what it will look like when done!

This is an actual assignment that I have used for 7th and 8th graders at The Children's Storefront (Steve Bergen)

Spreadsheet Challenges with the $ Sign

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Microsoft Word General Concepts

    Turning off checkboxes under AutoCorrect
    Go to Tools Menu
    Choose Autocorrect
    Click on Autoformat as you type tab
  1. Customizing toolbars
    Go to View Menu
    Choose Toolbars and scroll down to customize
    Drag desired shortcut to toolbar
    To delete the shortcut, the customize toolbar must be open, and then drag the icon off the toolbar.
  2. Graphics: Changing from inline to free floating
    Double-click on the inserted graphic
    Click on the Layout Tab, and then choose Square
    The graphic will now be free floating and will allow text wrap
  3. Headers and Footers
    Go to View Menu
    Choose Headers and Footers
    Insert Page Numbers from the Header and Footer menu
  4. Page breaks
    Place cursor in desired location
    Go to Insert Menu
    Choose Break, then Page Break
  5. Working with Columns
    Select the desired text
    Go to Format Menu, choose Columns
    Select the desired number of columns Click on Line Between box if you desire
  6. Format Painter to copy and paste desired format
    Select the text with the desired formatting--style, color, font, tabs, etc.
    On the Toolbar, you will see an icon of a paintbrush; double-click on it.
    Then double-click on the words or triple-click on a line to copy the desired formatting
    Click on the Format Painter again to return to normal mode.
  7. Track changes for group editing
    Go to View Menu, choose Toolbars, then Reviewing
    Click on the Track Changes icon to activate
    Then edit the text (edits will appear in red
  8. Using the control key
    Control-click on a misspelled word to choose the correct spelling