1981 Larry Bird helped the Celtics come back from a 3-1 deficit to the 76ers, but he pushes the space bar 7 times before his name here and 18 times every line. On the right, he pushes RETURN every line. "Them words looked good on the screen" he mutters.

1984 Kevin McHale got nasty with Kurt Rambis in game 4 at LA but he pushes RETURN at the end of each line here and uses TAB on the left side of each line to bump over. His style seems fine until he tries to edit. When he adds or deletes words in line 1, he's in trouble.

1986 Robert Parish helped the Celtics win what might be their last 20th century championship. He types this entry perfectly, using TAB once before his name with no extra spaces or return pushes. Some days he adjusts the TAB ICONS before he types and other days he adjusts them afterwards, depending on Federal Express deliveries.