Part One: Summary of some pink card questions from day one

Lynne Mayard
• how to get first class (DCD Email and NoblesNet for daughter) set on a G3 computer and an IBook, possilby so that both e-mail systems can co-exist
RESPONSE: contains the installer for first class; once installed, the specific IP number sits in a file within the SETTINGS FOLDER. With a little help, it is possible to make one settings file that will connect to NoblesNet (IP= or and another settings file that will connect to DCD Email

Marge Farquharson
• pdp (professional development points) for certain teachers who are interested (from Sonia)
RESPONSE: whether by phone or e-mail, let us figure out what works for you

Mary Ellen Maloney
• learn to alphabetize
great techno-quickie request; let us type some names into a spreadsheet, highlight them and choose SORT under CALCULATE. Even neater would be if I can show you how to do this in a WP document, using the SS features of word processing

• convert ClarisWorks documents to Word 2000
RESPONSE: using SAVE AS, you can save each CW document as a word file, ether word 4.0 or 5.0 or word PC. Then using Word 2000, you can open the files (front door or back door). Remember that Word wnats all files to be of the form pitino.doc!

• convert Mac files to a PC
RESPONSE: very important topic; we will reference pages in the green book and take everyone through this; the key is saving in a format such as RTF, then opening on other WP (front door or back door)

• make a database of all my books in my kindergarten
calendar program to send home monthly calendar to parents
RESPONSE: this is a perfectly appropriate project. Best approach is to start simple with your database, perhaps with just 4 fields, such as name of book, author, category and number of page; then after entering 20 books and getting a few printouts, you can decide if the time of data entry is balanced by the results and printouts

• preview software I have purchased for kindergarten
RESPONSE: sounds great ... bring with you (label) and let us look at it during hands-on

Nate Buffum
• how to change icons on first class
RESPONSE: click once on the icon, then choose GET INFO under the FILE MENU, which some of us remember as COMMAND-I. Now click on the icon at upper left and decide which one you prefer. Note that you can change the ICON of a CONFEERENCE if you are a controller of that conference

- how to use the laptop in conjunction with a projector
RESPONSE: we will show you how the G3 hooks up and teach you as part of the class about sleep mode and the importance of re-starting the Mac after plugging all cables in. Currently DCD does not yet own the hardware to allow an IBook to connect to a projector.

how to type quote symobls such as " and “ after turning off smart quotes
RESPONSE: holding down OPTION and pushing the square bracket [ always produces “ regardless of whether smart quotes is on or not; similarly OPTiON + SHIFT + [ yields ”

Pete Rapelye - tips on doing a bibiliography
RESPONSE: let us talk more about what you are looking for, e.g. possibly a database or footnotes

Part Two: Spreadsheet on HW assignment

Annie Wilson Annie Wilson 10 html 14 web
Charlie Huschle Charlie Huschle 2 first class
Colleen Melley Colleen Melley 10 html or 14 web
Elisa Sidoli Elisa Sidoli 5 wp
Ellen Tretter Ellen Tretter 14
George Silvestri George Silvestri 2 first class
Jenny Chamberlin Jenny Chamberlin 14 web
Joanna Bemis Joanna Bemis 14
Kevin Coakley Kevin Coakley html
Kristen Lofgren Kristen Lofgren 10 html or 2 first class
Lynn Barhydt Lynn Barhydt 5 wp or 14 web
Lynne Mayard Lynne Mayard 5 wp
Marge Farquharson Marge Farquharson 10 html
Mark Jackson Mark Jackson 14
Mary Ellen Maloney MaryEllen Maloney 5 wp or 2 first class
Mimi Harrington Mimi Harrington 14
Nancy Zoller Nancy Zoller 14
Nate Buffum Nate Buffum 14 web
Pete Rapelye Pete Rapelye 14 web
Ruth Gow Ruth Gow 2 first class
Sonia Valentine Sonia Valentine 2
Sue Shirley Sue Shirley 2
Susan Glaser Susan Glaser 14 web +
Tim Jackson Tim Jackson 2 first class

Part Three: IBook and Miscellaneous Tips

Tip#1: putting ibook to sleep
just close the cover ... wake up by opening cover and pressing spcae bar

Tip#2: if you need to re-start
command, control and reset (the small circle at upper right, above the F9/F10 keys)

Tip #3: testing the wireless ethernet
first test: go under apple menu and see if CHOOSER connects you to the school network
second test: try DCD Email, perhaps using Appletalk and server name of firstclass
third test: try the web
note that it is NORMAL if the computer passes test #1 and test #2 but fails test #3
(if web does not work from school, this might be normal, since DHCP server currently might not be adequate to handle all the ibooks at once (more explanation from George)

Tip #4: if at school and airport does not work

Tip #5: one time fix (personal preference)
Energy Saver under Apple menu
change settings for power adaptor ... change settings for power adaptor to below

change settings for battery

Tip#6: If AppleWorks does not let you SAVE AS in HTML format or TXT format or RTF format (this happened to several of us on day one), this means we need to re-install the software

Tip#7: Recommendation for an internet service provider
Earthllink, phone number: 800-395-8425 (sales) 800-890-6356 (customer service) 800-890-5128 (tech support)
why? under $20 per month and incredible phone support service for installling, sovling problems, etc

Tip#8: installing first class DCD Email at home
see handout sheet for installing .. also posted on the web on our DCD web site at www.teachingcompany/dcd

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