The Millennium Project
December 1999
Nate Buffum

With the arrival of the new millennium, we are going to explore what life was like 1000 years ago, around the previous millennium. How much has changed over the course of 1000 years? Who was in power? What did people do for fun or work? What was invented? What wasn't invented? So many questions, so little time.

We will spend the next week or so researching the time around 1000 C.E. (common era). The research will culminate in a newspaper that each group will create. Eventually these newspapers will be displayed for the entire school.

In creating a newspaper, there needs to be a collaboration between journalists, editors, cartoonists, advertisement people, and artists. Yes, you are to be these people! We will use some current newspapers for guidance, but the bulk of what will be created is up to your group. The requirements:

  1. Everyone in the group must contribute two different types of pieces.
  2. The group must work together, everyone included
  3. The format must be that of a newspaper
  4. A poster board is to be used for the front page (this will be a one page paper)
  5. Aside from articles, your paper will include advertisements, political cartoons, a map of your area, and possibly other creative alternatives
  6. Areas to be researched and included:
  7. Four groups
    1. North and South America
    2. Africa
    3. Asia (all Asia)
    4. Europe

Possible sources:

Good luck and please ask questions --
journalists always ask many questions!