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Bill Simmons, Sports Guy
Image Maps Made Easy
Math Tricks
Mobile Summercore.com for
Cell Phone
vixy.net or mediaconverter.org

One on One Web Sites for PTI

anfypaint ... archive.org re wayback machine ... arttbabble.com (NB art teacher) box.com ... bsmny.org ... brainpop.com ... code.org codeacademy ... comic creator ... corrupted-files.com ... dar.fm (password is LB once) ... dancemat typing (tinyurl.com/dancemat33) ... dropbox ... edgenuity.com ... e.ggtimer.com ... geekslp.com is connected to smartyearsapps.com/ (from steve z) ... http://labs.google.com/sets ... google (33*11, weather 10128, italian food 10128, movies 10128, what time is it french lick, delta flight 123, 33 us dollars in pounds,"better than Dylan",cache: facebook.com, define meticulous,) googlefight.com ... google.com/squared ... Google Eggtimer! "set timer for 33 seconds" ... handbrake ... IXL ... iwl.me or iwritelike.com ... kerpoof ... knowmia makes TEACH app for iPad but has videos and video philosophy for teachers ... LS delicious ... mathmunch.org mathplayground.com (models re Singapore) ... mathpickle.com ... mobile17.com ... momswithapps.com (from steve z) ... noodle tools . . . quizrevolution.com ... quizlet.com ... podlinez.com ... quietube.com (one T) ... retailmenot.com ... sheppardsoftware.com (Dianne & NB teacher) ... smarthistory.org (NB art teacher) ... skype ... teamviewer.com ... www.theoryinabox.org ... tinyurl.com ... tvmobili.com ... tumblebooks.com (NB teacher) ... typewith.me ... typing pal ... typeit.org ... youtube time machine (http://yttm.tv) ... zamzar

alternative: amiright.com ... bitsofbinary.blogspot.com ... whatismyip.com ... youtube.com/mooojvm (museum of obsolete objects)

ADDED July 2013: code.org, edgenuity.com (from Sari Factor) for blended learning edgenuity.com, mathmunch, noodle tools (rec by Dorcas from AOS Houston)

ADD 2015: typeit.org

About Delicious (del.icio.us)

Intro videos? Click here for a 7.5 minute video called Getting Started with Del.icio.us. Or click here for a 3.25 minute video called Social Bookmarking in Plain English. Or click here for 8 1/2 minute video called A guide to using del.icio.us in the classroom. Click here for Lynne Schalman's public Delicious Web page at http://delicious.com/schalman or click here for a Delicious tutorial.

Other Web sites in Alphabetical order

Misc Sites not yet in Alphabetical Order

  • Click here for 5Cs or 10Cs
  • Click here for the article mentioned by Pat Bassett to John Neiers and John Neiers to me about Jack Welsh from GE and his 4 quadrants of "good attitude and good skills" ... according to this source, the questions were "do they produce" and "do they share GE values"
  • Click here for Web English Teacher by person who is now partering with Tom Daccord from Nobles
  • Click here for International Museum of Women
  • Click here for www.nycchartercenter.org/
  • ... Charter School Career Fair at Teachers College on March 3. Details can be found at www.charterschooljobs.com. ... Jessica Nauiokas NYC Center For Charter School Excellence ... (212) 437-8307 ... Charter School fair on Sat March 3rd is at Teacher's College ... Columbia ... 3/3/2007, 10:30:00 AM - 2:30:00 PM ... 177 Grace Dodge Hall
  • Click here for http://www.newyorkcharters.org/ run by SUNY
  • Click here for info about NYC teaching fellowship program
  • Click here for info about NYC teaching in the public school or go to this site
  • Click here for the Web site that transfers You Tube videos to your computer
  • Click here for putting youtube on video iPod
  • Click here for putting youtube on video iPod
  • Click here for http://www.zoho.com ... online WP, SS, etc
  • Click here for ... http://www.clicktricks.com/ which was recommended by Stephen Lewis now at Trinity, putting a layer on top of your PC screen which simulates the effect of a smartboard!
  • Click here for http://www.fog-ware.com/irr.htm ... internet radio recorder
  • Click here for INFO on Computrace by www.absolute.com ... who writes on Wizards Listserve that Steve Eisenberg Episcopal High School "We've had great success with Computrace. We started out with Windows laptops for quite a few years and have done well recovering lost and/or stolen machines. We are now in the second year using Macs, we are half Mac and half Windows. All have Computrace. We have done just as well recovering our Macs. Just last week, the local police, armed with a search warrant, recovered a Mac from a house where the parents swore their son could not have stolen anything. So we are quite pleased with the results. Also, knowing that Computrace is on our laptops prevents friends or relatives from "acquiring" a laptop by simply paying the deductible."
  • Click here for ... www.citebite.com ... www.citebite.com Open TWO windows in Internet Explorer or any web browser. One should be open to citebite; the other to the web page you wish to reference. On that web page, locate and "highlight" the exact passage of text you want to "send" people to see ... sample is at http://pages.citebite.com/c1t4j7e2s1fmp ... sb
  • Click here for MLB with login of sa?.schal???ber??? AT gmail.com and password of lxxxx##
  • Click here for another view of greenpeace and the Apple/Dell controversy
  • Click here for www.zamzar.com ... cool Web site that lets you convert PDFs to DOC files
  • Click here for Bob Dylan and his son-in-law doing Hava Negilah in 1989
  • Click here for ...
  • Click here for what teachers make by Taylor Mali
  • Click here for Johny Damon song by Howie Newman
  • Click here for SimpleLists.com is pretty cheap, if all you need is a bulk e-mailer
  • Click here for security software for laptops
  • Click here for videos of Microsoft Office 2007 training
  • Click here for video downloader for YouTube instead of zamzar approach
  • Click here for virus, spyware
  • Click here for mult tricks
  • Click here for mult table
  • Click here for Learn English with Pictures ...
  • Click here for KINDER - EARLY READING
  • Click here for VIDEOSURF Web site
  • Click here for http://www.parkingticket.com/
  • Click here for doing QUICK MATH in YOUR HEAD
  • Click here for FREE SOUNDS ... http://soundbible.com/
  • Click here for http://www.wordnik.com ... looks great!