Why First Class?

I have been asked this question at least 33 times in my life and I have always responded with a detailed answer along with the line that "if I were ever to start over again at a new school, one of the first things I would do is get First Class going! Well, I started as CIO at Chapin School on Tuesday July 9th, 2002 and the first thing I did was to get GatorNet going. I sent the fax to piping.com by 1PM and Clint from piping.com -- the best First Class support company -- showed up on Wednesday July 10th, 2002 to install and configure GatorNet, Chapin's new e-mail system ... then in summer of 2007 at Storefront I contracted with piping.com to install and configure our First Class Server at The Children's Storefront in Harlem. Click here for an update on First Class Tips and Tricks from 2008, the year that the Boston Celtics won their 17th NBA championship.

--Steve Bergen CIO, The Children's Storefront School

Here is a collection of thoughts on First Class gathered from various listservs over the years



Batch commands

Click here for a PDF of batch commands made on 7/4/2007

Click here for a neat trick on how to password protect a Web page on First Class

Trick from Clint re "is mirror working or not?

Steve Bergen,Teaching Company on July 5, 2007 at 5:32 AM wrote:
thanks ... when I go to resume mirroring, it says "Sorry, you are not permitted to perform that function"
ANSWER from CLINT: That sounds like it was not paused or had already been resumed earlier. To check go to Core Services-->Server Monitor-->Volumes[Tab] and watch it change back and forth as you select the options to do so. Make sure it is really paused before you copy FCNS8001 to a thumb or other backup drive.
Click here to see mirror picture working and Click here to see mirror picture paused

First Class Server Setup Codes

bbs.cstorefront.org or or 

Tip from Clint on Friday 4/3/09 when Restarting First Class

Before you restarted the FCS box, did you do a polite or fast shutdown of FCS and wait and watch for the console windows for both FCS and FCIS and FCSync to close BEFORE selecting to restart the whole box?

If not, you always should do this, and that may be the cause for the loss of the mirror. You should also check to see if the mirror is in sync before shutting down FCS.

Tip posted 5/23/11 re Preferences:

sometimes you have a situation where First Class is going to Safari instead of Firefox when you click a link. Click here for the tip from Piping.

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