Resources for Desktop Video

by Lynne Schalman and Steve Bergen
(you can e-mail us both at )
Last revised 6/20/09

iMovie for the Mac has many helpful pages including a forum on desktop video that covers a wide variety of software, hardware and issues. This is for registered members only but registration is free. About also provided a resource page of sites that cover iMovie with many links to tutorials and tips sites. There is also a good overview of using iMovie here too in a page titled iMovie: Desktop Video Simplified.

Powerpoint Slideshow provides an online tutorial for iMovie and desktop video. A side benefit is seeing a powerful use of a powerpoint presentation.

Snazzing up your iMovie titles adds AppleWorks to the mix as a way of going beyond the limitations of iMovie itself.

Using iMovie without a Digital Camcorder suggests purchasing QuickTime Pro ($29.95) and, if you want to use video from your standard camcorder or video archive, a cheap video input solution such as XLR8's InterView 2.0 ($80).

There are a number of sites that offer educational applications for iMovie and examples of student-created projects. Check out Apple's iLife lessons and Educational Uses Gallery, iMovie in Teacher Education.

Windows Movie Maker for the PC

Windows Movie Maker for the PC is a free download for your XP (version 2.1) or Vista (version 2.6) computer. Info on Wikipedia gives the best overview about its history and future.