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20 Questions About Computers 20 Years Later

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Heads of School Conference, Friday 1/27/06
ISACS, Chicago
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In the early 1980s, I worked with an NAIS committee to develop 20 questions about computers intended to get key leaders thinking about the issues of the times. In this talk, I will present 20 questions to help push and provoke us in our Independent Schools to think about balancing the priorities of hardware and software in the world of 2006 with the issues of humanware, Internet safety, gender equity, empowerment, globalization and honesty. Reference material for pre-reading and post-reading will be posted on the Web site of for participants.

Steve Bergen ( CIO, The Chapin School (100 East End Avenue, New York, NY 10028)
co-director of The Summercore Teaching Company (PO Box E, Lexington MA 02420)
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An Attempt at 20 Critical Questions (CQ) 20 Years Later
20 Issues From A to T

Access Equity Internet Safety Media Literacy Quality Classrooms
Budget Faculty Training JIT vs JIC vs JBC Network Infrastructure Rights
Curriculum Good to Great KIS Outsourcing Synchronization
Distributing Info to Parents Honesty Leadership Paradigm Plateau Thomas Friedman

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