(our second Summercore on-site in Europe)

Monday-Friday, June 25-29, 2001
contact person in Brussels: Dorothy Blake (e-mail:
web site of The International School of Brussels (ISB) at
contact people in America: Steve Bergen and Lynne Schalman (e-mail:
Quotes from Summercore 2000 Participants
Intensive One-Week Computer Course for Teachers, Administrators, and IT Coordinators - June 25 - June 29, 2001

The International School of Brussels, Belgium, will be hosting Summercore, an intensive one-week computer course for teachers administrators, on the ISB campus this summer during June 25th-29th. It is an outstanding course for teachers of all grade levels, all subject areas--whether you are a teacher or administrator. The course emphasizes how software can be used on the grade/subject level, with the week culminating in participants creating a personal project on a personal classroom need or interest.

If you are interested in finding out more, please go to their website and find the link at the top of their webpage for Summercore at ISB (in small print). This will give you a good deal of information about the course and some highlights of the week, including photographs.

Important: Places are limited to 20-25 people. Deadline to decide on participation is March 1, 2001. (Sorry this is so early, but it will enable Steve and Lynne to book flights and ship materials in advance.)

Essential information:

SUMMERCORE AT ISB (second Summercore on-site in Europe) Monday-Friday, June 25-29, 2000 (8am to 5pm) $995 (including lunch, 500-page text, held in PC lab with many hardware and software options)

Contact person in Brussels: Dorothy Blake (e-mail: Contact people in America: Steve Bergen and Lynne Schalman (e-mail:

Special thanks to our three student helpers Bryan, Phil and Kelly!

Photoshop Graphic of faces created at the 30/6/00 Summercore Carnival on Friday afternoon 1-4PM at the Digital Art Booth by Outi and Jean

Digital Picture at 5PM at the close of the marathon

Twenty-two participants from five schools attended our first Summercore in Europe in June 2000; here were some pink card questions

ISB ... BSB ... ISL ... St. John's International School ... European School of Brussels

Summercore 2000 at ISB Application Form

visit the main web site of summercore at

Background for Summercore at ISB

Dorothy Blake came to Summercore 98, Session 2 along with her colleague Marianne Hubert Truyens. In fact she is marathoner #1545! She helped create a
web page along with her partner Bryan Lumpkin. the technology coordinator at the Barrie School in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Over the past two years, Dorothy and I have exchanged numerous e-mails about the possibility of ISB hosting the first Summercore to be conducted in Europe.

Lynne Schalman and I are very excited about the possibility of taking our program to a school in Europe. Over the past fifteen years, we have had about 10-20 teachers from schools in Europe and Asia. We have put a lot of time into increasing the "humanware" of schools in America. We are excited about the opportunity to help contribute to the computer well being of schools and teachers in Europe. We thank both Dorothy Blake and Dick Hall for their efforts in making this idea reach fruition. Steve Bergen (e-mail:, Sunday 1/30/00

Who Should Attend Summercore@ISB?

Now in its 16th year, Summercore has introduced 1700 teachers and administrators from over 550 Independent schools to an agenda that will empower novices, enrich the expertise of computer coordinators and build skills for all computer using teachers. Computer marathon aptly describes the five days of Summercore 2000: the course is a nonstop immersion into computer usage, educational software, philosophical issues, money saving tips, and curriculum applications. JV Breakout Sessions help novices with computer literacy, the web, word processing, graphics, databases, spreadsheets and educational software. Varsity Breakout Sessions help intermediate and skilled users gain proficiency in numerous areas: desktop publishing, educational software, graphics, video, HTML, multimedia, networking, curriculum issues and strategies.

What is the Program?

Unlike some conferences, we pride ourselves on individual attention! We keep each session under 25 and strive to answer all questions. Our team of instructors and student helpers all contribute to our national reputation!

About The Original Teaching Company

Founded in '82, The Original Teaching Company is the creation of Steve Bergen and Lynne Schalman. In training teachers, we pride ourselves first on being teachers! From 75-80, Lynne and Steve were heads of the English and Math departments at Wooster School. From 87-94, Steve was Computer Coordinator at Concord Academy. In 1994, Steve joined Noble and Greenough, where according to Headmaster Richard Baker, "the computer has now effected a revolution in the way in which we teach and communicate." Lynne conducts computer workshops and training.

What is the Five Day Agenda

This "original" 5 day marathon through hardware, software and humanware provides an in-depth Course in Computer Usage, culminating in our Summercore Carnival!

What are the Costs and Details

The cost of Summercore@ISB? the equivalent of $975 American dollars. Fees include lunch. Sessions begin Monday at 8 AM and end Friday at 5 PM. The marathon runs 8 AM -5 PM daily, although we might modify the weekly calendar once Dorothy Blake gets the list narrowed down to 25 specific people.

What are the Registration Details for Summercore at ISB?

Our snail mail address: Summercore, The Original Teaching Company
Post Office Box E, Lexington, MA 02420 Phone: 781-862-8810

Web Site:
E-mail any questions to:

I understand that sessions fill quickly.

Please include: name, home Address, city, state, zip code, home phone, school, position, and e-mail address if possible

Summercore Travels to Europe

Summercore is available as on-site program. Summercore at ISB is our first Summercore in Europe, but hopefully not our last! Here is a list of the American schools where we have conducted Summercore!
Contact names and addresses for most of the schools where we have conducted Summercore on site