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To all readers: The most organized laptop site used to be LearningWithLaptops.Org by Fred and Laurie Bartels from Rye Country Day School . The topics on this web page below represent my attempt to keep track of many interesting links and laptop talks
--Steve Bergen

p.s. however, my Wanna go Wireless song is heading to the top of the charts soon ;-)

song#1 ("daisy, daisy, tell me your answer true"): Mommy, Daddy ... Tell me the answer true ... Did computers used to have wires ... When the century was new
song#2 ("times are a changin by Bob Dylan"): Come gather round teachers whereever you roam ... And admit that the waters around you have grown ... Your ethernet cords are about to be thrown ... For the technology truly is changin'
Some Wireless Organizations: | WWW.NYCwireless.Net | SeattleWireless.Net