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CGS PreK-6 Web site designed by Pat Hough from CGS ... Grammar School Technology Coordinator ... Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School ... 5 West 93rd St. ... New York, NY 10025

Awesome Library is a search engine designed specifically for students and teachers; there are links to 14000 reviewed and categorized sites indexed and categorized by subject area and grade level plus a search feature specifically geared to eliminate frustration.

Ask Jeeves allows searching by typing in an actual question

Ask Jeeves for Kids has terrific links to websites designed for lower school students.

Yahooligans is Yahoo for kids; the subject directory is very useful and the sites are usually quite good.

About.Com has guides that create annotated links to web resources.

Links for Lower School Projects and Lesson Plans

Blue Web provides great links to many lesson plans and online activities for all subject areas-a great site. This should be the first stop for each discipline, with its links to resources, webquests and online projects.

Teachers First is another terrific site for lesson plans, links, projects and more. The site has a weekly updates newsletters and the annotations are helpful. This is another must stop site for all grade levels and all curriculum areas.

Exploratorium Cool Sites provides a monthly list of ten cool science, art, history, literature, and music sites for the month. There is then an archived list of past cool sites. The selected sites are all unique, interesting and innovative. This is another terrific first stop site.

Teacher's Online Edition is a collection of constantly changing lesson plans in more than ten subject areas.

Learning with webquests is a collection of webquests designed by University of Richmond graduate students; there are excellent webquests in all curriculum areas.

A Webquest Links Page created by Lynne Schalman provides links to great webquests designed by educators for all subject areas.

Reading and Writing

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site is a collection of reviews of books for kids and ideas for classroom projects and activities. There are reviews of children's books in all curriculum areas and for all grade levels. There are also articles about reading skills, whole language issues, ideas for specific themes (including Colonial America, Middle Ages, Mythology, US History) with recommended links

Internet Public Library: Reading Zone is a little like the fiction section at a public library. There are links to on-line stories and also links about popular books and authors, including picture books, short stories, poems and rhymes, myths and fables, popular authors, and resources for teachers.

Yahooligans Authors Index provides links to the websites of many, many children's authors and illustrators. The sites have biographies, places to write reviews or correspond with the author, interviews with the authors, and online stories and excerpts.

Yahooligans Index to Interactive Stories provides links to many different kinds of online stories and activities; the quality is varied so be careful.

Harry Potter by Scholastic provides a pronunciation guide, resources, activities, quizzes, and teacher resources.

Kennedy Center Children's Books Online requires Real Player. There are only three stories currently available but the site plans to add more. Listen as Judith Viorst reads Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day or Harlem: A Poem or Brothers of The Knight written by Debby Allen.

Big Dog Grammar provides an online grammar text on parts of speech and an introduction to phrases and clauses. Each section ends with a selt-test.

English and American Literature links is a Teaching Company page with links to grammar and writing sites, lesson plans and webquests and links to many individual authors including Wiesel, Shakespeare, Harper Lee, Bronte, Salinger, and many more.

University of Virgina webquest site has a number of terrific webquests in all areas, but here are links to some of the Language Arts Sites: Egypt asks students to work in groups to create an ABC book or HyperStudio stack on ancient Egypt. Little House on the Prairie is an independent unit of study on the Laura Ingall's Wilder books. Chris Van Allsburg gives students the opportunity to do an author study on Chris Van Allsburg

The P.O.W.E.R.S. of Writing: A Student's Guide to the Writing Process is designed to introduce students to one possible way to approach the process of writing.

Writing Poetry with Jack Prelutsky, Karla Kuskin and Jean Marzollo presents online activities for composing poetry for grades 1-8.

A Pet in the Net is a webquest for creative writing using Dr. Seuss' writings.

Word Hunt is a multi-source activity using poetry to teach vowel sounds and patterns.

Author study on James Marshall uses the web, as much as possible, to walk students through discovering his craft and illustrations.

My Side of the Mountain Cyberguide presents a series of activities and links for the study of this novel, including a poetry writing activity, a newsletter about the peregrine falcon, and a visit to the author's website.

Bridge to Terabithia Webquest proposes the study of rulers throughout history as a companion project to this novel.

To Have a Friend, You Must Be a Friend Webquest is designed for second graders to explore the meaning of friendship.

Fairy Tales Webquest designed for fourth and fifth graders asks students to work in groups to examine the themes in several different fairy tales, to outline a story map for their own tales, and then write a fairy tale.

Webtime Stories is a collection of children's literature, myths, fairytales and links to many terrific resources on the web.

CyberKids provides a collection of articles, fiction, games, art; students can submit their own work or find keypals. According to the site, "The mission of Cyberkids is to provide a voice for young people on the Internet. We publish original creative work by kids ages 7 to 12. Second, in the "Kids Connect" area of Cyberkids, we provide chat rooms and message boards where kids can communicate with their peers."

Mythweb provides cartoonish drawings of Gods and heroes of Greek mythology, an encyclopedia of mythology, tales and myths, and teaching suggestions.

Virtual Tour of Shakespeare's Life is a site on the Virtual Blackboard that provides a guided series of links and questions about different aspects of Shakespeare's life and times.

Moonstruck Drama Bookstore provides links to a wide variety of musicals and dramas plus links to many resources for theatre.

Radio Days: A Webquest assigns the task of writing and producing a new radio drama. Students research the history of radio drama and use this knowledge to create a script for a new radio mystery/suspense series.

The Drama Teacher's Resource Room bills itself as a place where you can kick back and find some ideas for your classroom or production.There are links to other great sites, lesson plans, activities and backstage scheduling information. This is a terrific resource for drama teachers.


Early Reading and Alphabet Skills

Learning Planet provides online games and activities with animation, sound and interactive responses. This link is for Pre-K to Kindergarten but this site also has activities for all levels of lower school.

Between the Lion is a PBS site that provides many interactive reading activities including reading a poem, fill in the blank letter games with initial consonants, blends, listen and learn games, and many more activities for grades Pre-K to 3. Here are links to all 30 Between the Lions adventures, each corresponding to an episode of the show. Each adventure has a story to read, followed by games and activities that carry through the story's theme and curriculum.

ABC Mommy and Me allows young learners to click on each upper and lowercase letter  to hear it pronounced.

ABC Online Activities is an index page with links to many ABC interactive sites

FunSchool provides a host of interactive math, spelling, abc games and more for K-6.

Geography and Economics Lesson Plans for Make Way for Ducklings suggests a variety of activities for Make Way For Ducklings, including story discussions and mapping activities.

Links for Math Web Sites

Math Forum Arithmetic Lessons contains math lessons plans, activities, resources, daily games and puzzles

SCORE Math has links to math lesson plans and web activities for grades K-12, including Real World Math, links to sites chock full of data to be used for math analysis, and links to math sites throughout the web. This site is terrific!

Literacy Center provides a few early learning math activities in counting, number and shape recognition.

Math in Daily Life includes probability in games, population growth, cooking, savings and credit

The Mighty Math M & M page teaches fractions and percentages with data collection from throughout the world

What Good is Math provides word problems bases on everday life, including sports, calculating grades, cooking a meal, planning a trip, and managing money.

Basketball Math provides online drill and practice on all basic math operations, word problems, bar graphs, perimenter, etc.

Cool Math for Kids provides online interactive games and activities in real world math, problem solving. geometry, fractals, etc.

The Math Mission webquest is designed to acquaint students with the lives of famous mathematicians.

Links for Social Studies Web Sites

General Resources

Map Skills

American History

Ancient World Cultures

Medieval Times

World Cultures

General Resources and Lesson Plans

SCORE Social Studies and History contains links to a wealth of online acitivities for grades K-12 on all aspects of history. This is a terrific site and a great first stop for all Social Studies classes.

Social Studies Bookmarks provides links to over 1000 sites for Kindergarten through high school social studies. Click on Grades K-5 to find grade level specific social studies links.

Social Studies Middleweb links is an annotated index page of resources in American History, Ancient and Medieval History, World History and Current Events.The annotations are very helfpul.


World Cultures and History

The Hall of Multiculturalism contains links to online multicultural resources including Africa

Round the World Trip contains links to countries, places to visit, and all the information one would need to plan a trip around the world

Mexico for Kids presents information on the history, geography, music, holidays, government and indigenous peopls of Mexico.

Wonders of the African World is the PBS show of Henry Gates' visit to Africa including video clips, many activities and lesson plans, information about the slave trade. In Gates' words, "Join me on the journey from Zanzibar to Timbuktu, the Nile River Valley to Great Zimbabwe, the slave coast of Guinea to the medieval monasteries of Ethiopia in search of the lost wonders of the African world."

Magical Mali is designed for children to explore Mali with information on landscapes, sounds of Mali, a virtual visit of Timbuktu and online activities and quizzes about all aspects of life in Mali. To find similar links and activities on Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, go to the main index page.

OxFam's Cool Planet site has lesson plans and activities, a cool planet site for kids and one for teachers, information about children from around the world. Because this is an Oxfam site, the emphasis is on getting involved. Be aware , however, that this site seems to be slow loading.

Yahooligans Guide to Holidays is a thorough index of holidays around the world.

Holocaust Studies is a Teaching Company page with links to both webquests and general resources on the Holocaust.

Ancient World Cultures

Ancient History Project Pages are an impressive set of projects, articles and links created by fifth and sixth graders on Ancient Greece, Egypt, China, Rome, The Vikings, The Celts and many more. An excellent starting point for exploration of the Ancient World.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures contains links to information about the ancient Near East, China, Greece, Rome, Islam and medieval Europe

The Greeks is a PBS site with a Parthenon webcam, interactive maps, timelines, guided activities, biographies, views of the Parthenon, and more.

Religions of The Ancient World Museum is a webquest designed to introduce students to eight different faiths. The stated task is that everyone in the class will be taking on the role of a social historian. The goal is for small groups to prepare a storyboard with information about the two religions which they are assigned to study. In conclusion, as a class group, all will work together to organize the projects into a museum.

Ancient Civilizations webquests is a Teaching Company page with links to many webquests on Ancient Greece and Rome.

The Anasazi Emergence in Cyberworld presents 3D views of architecture, timelines, prehistory information, and a database to research.

The Anasazi and Kokopeli presents links to many useful websites on art, architecture, legends, and history.

Crow Canyon Website is the official site of the Crow Canyon Archaeology Center.

Ancient Civilizations webquests is a Teaching Company page with links to many webquests on Ancient Greece and Rome.

Ancient Egypt is a Teaching Company page with links to webquests, activities and resources for the study of Ancient Egypt.

Medieval Times

The Labyrith Resources for Medieval Studies has links to everything Medieval on the web including original documents, pictures, and history. The site is also beginning to collect lesson plans for k-12 teachers to aid in the teaching of the middle ages. Click on Medieval Studies for Kids and Young Adults for K-12 resources.

The Castle Builder Webquest is designed to introduce students to the daily life in a Welsh castle. The premise is that the students are Medieval Castle Builders living in Wales in the year 1076. They are hired by the Norman Baron William de Clare to build him a fantastic castle in Aberystwyth.

The Medieval Fair webquest presents this task: you are the living in a kingdom that has needed a new King/Queen for a long time. You have decided to step forward and rule. You wish to make your kingdom the most respected, most victorious, and most celebrated in the land.

Sworn to Serve Webquest is designed for grade 7 but could easily be used for both older and younger students. The Task proposed is for Lord Whinesalot to choose your family as vassals you must first provide him with your family's portfolio which will include the following: a story about a heroic event from your family's history, family coat of arms, a design for your proposed castle, a map of your fief, a code of chivalry an oath of fealty

Map Skills

Atlapedia Online contains information on every country in the world, including data on geography, people, religion, culture, history and economy

The Lonely Planet has country maps, info and slideshows with tourism information and comments from tourists.

Map Machine is part of the National Geographics website and contains political maps, physical maps and many other resources.

American History

First Nations Histories contains info on a wide variety of Native American Nations including their habitats, population, practices, etc.Jamestown webquest is actually a series of five webquests based on life in Jamestown. The five sections are The World of Powhatans, Slaves and Servants, The Royal News, and Three Religions of Jamestown. All of the webquests use material on the Internet dealing with Jamestown, European exploration, native Americans, colonial Virginia, and Elizabethan and Stuart England

American Indians and the Native World from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History explores the culture of four tribes from different regions in America. The emphasis is on their relationships with their environment with graphics, stories, and informative text.

Visiting the Native Americans webquest's task is to convince time travelers to visit one of three tribes.

The American Thanksgiving Tradition from Plimoth Plantation has the menu with recipes, a list of who attended the dinner, and the history of the tradition. For a tour of Plimoth and much more information about the Pilgrims, visit the main site of Plimoth Plantation.

Life on Plymouth Plantation is a webquest with the task of learning about the early Americans by looking at a recreation of Plymouth Plantation in 1627. Also, students will look at a variety of maps, both modern and maps from the 17th century. Using these sources, they will answer questions, learn about life in early America and write a series of letters. Another site is Thanksgiving Resources for Teachers and Children.

Paul Revere Virtual Museum presents five exhibit halls focusing on Longfellow's poem, The Real Story, Colonial Boston, The Ride, and Music of the Revolution. Activities and resources are available in each exhibit hall.

Civil War Webquest is designed for middle school students with each student taking on specific task to research one aspect of the war and then work together to create newspapers from the perspectives of the North or the South.

Aboard the Underground Railroad introduces travelers, researchers, historians, preservationists, and anyone interested in African American history to the fascinating people and places associated with the Underground Railroad

The American West provides links to the Pioneers and Westward Expansion, including maps, pictures of pioneer towns, and much, much more

World War I Webquest: A Personal View provides the following scenario: You have been asked by your local historical society to keep an accurate record of your experiences over the next few years. You need to include not only a factual account of your experiences but also an account of your emotions and reflections relating to your service during World War I.

The Immigration Today Webquest has students take on a number of roles to explore Immigration and create a newpaper. The premise is that Today, as always in American history, there is a great national debate on the subject of immigration, with equally passionate voices arguing on either side of the issue. In this project students will explore statistics, the political and economic implications as presented by both sides, as well as present some real stories of immigrants today.

Immigration to America Webquest provides the following scenario: You will be experiencing how your ancestors felt when they decided to emigrate to this country and face its challenges and opportunities. You will be assigned a role of an immigrant or an immigrant processor in a simulation on immigration issues.

Civics and Government Resources is a Teaching Company page with links to both webquests and general resources on the US government, the creation of the United States, the Constitution, Supreme Court, Immigration, and more.


Links for Art & Music Web Site

Education at the Met offers information designed to help further music and arts education

ArtsEdNet designed for K-12 art education provides links to lesson plans and curriculum ideas, exhibits from the Getty Museum, and links to other art museums.

Eyes on Art is billed as a Learning to Look curriculum by offerings three activities to encourage students to feel a sense of ownership to a particular painting.

Hot Pop Town has online activities about music and sound including music sequences and improvising

Essentials of Music has audio clips of many famous musical compositions, biographies of composters, overviews of the six main periods of music history, and a glossary of musical terms with audio accompaniments.

I hear America Singing helps students "...learn about the composers, poets, writers, artists, ideas, and events that have shaped the American song saga." Visit the songbook that has RealAudio clips of selected songs.

Haring Kids makes wonderful use of shockwave animation to provide a delightful introduction to Keith Haring with activities, artwork, and lesson plans.

Monet Gallery presents a list of links to Monet's work as it is found throughout the Web.

Museum of Fine Arts Monet Exhibit presents an audio introduction, samples from the collection and an online tour of Monet's world.

Monet Webquest asks students to study Monet and create a brochure for a Monet Exhibit.

The Impressionists asks students to take a virtual tour of five Impressionist paintings, learning about themes, color and brushwork. After reading about the artists, students can test their knowledge with a quiz, access links to other Impressionist websites, or make a Masterpiece using online paint tools

Collage Webquest asks students to study Picasso and create a collage based on their research.

Impressionist Art and Music Webquest asks students compare and contrast the similarities and differences in the Impressionistic style and how it affected art and music.

Art and Music Webquests is a list of webquests for all different grade levels.

Color Matters focuses on the impact of color on different cultures and on individuals.

The Art Room has art teaching resources, artrageous thinking activities, art sparklers, art treasure hunts, and many more activities.

MoMA Art Safari presents different works of art and asks questions to aid in the writing of an accompanying story.

Learning about Authors and Illustrators compiles links to the websites of many Children's Books Illustrators.

The Music Room provides an introduction to the history of music with recordings of a wide variety of instruments

Moving The Soul is a webquest that invites students to research the history of different dance forms and identify major dance companies.

Gateway to Art History has a vast collection of links to art images from throughout the world and throughout history.

Colonial American Art webquest is a multidisciplinary project combining Art, Social Studies and Language Arts. The task is to study the 3 paintings and compile the research in a brochure that the museum can pass out to guests that visit the museum.

African Art webquest is designed for grades 3-5 but could probably be used for older students too. The Task proposed is you are a museum curator and you have found a large unlabeled crate of artifacts from Africa. You need to have information so you can set up an exhibit.


Links for Science Web Sites

General links and lesson plans

Insects and Animals

Rain Forests


Human Body and Life Science

Ecology and Earth Science




General links and lesson plans

SCOREScience has a Kids' corner with interactive activities, a Teachers' Corner with lesson plans and links to terrific science projects for all ages, and an ask the scientist area. This should be the first stop for science lesson plans and projects for all grade levels.

Exploratorium Cool Sites provides a monthly list of ten cool science, art, and education sites for the month. There is then an archived list of past cool sites. There are sites in every area of science and for every grade level. This is another terrific first stop site.

Frank Potter's Science Gems is designed by a UC Irvine professor; this site provides annotated links to science resources for the K-12 teacher. The sites are divided by appropriate grade levels for each subject area, so that an Introduction to Chemistry resources, for instance, are provided for Kindergarten, grade 3, grade 6, grade 9 and college levels.

A Science Odyssey has online animated activities, information about famous scientists, technology, resources for educators.

How Stuff Works explains how just about everything works from technology to telephones, everything inside and outside the house, the body, and provides answers to many questions, like How does a lava lamp work. A great page

Human Body and Life Science

Inner body provides animation, detailed drawing and text about all the body systems. While the text is fairly complicated, the drawings and animations are terrific.

Gene School was created by students and provides genetics tutorials, graphics, interactive activities, experiments, links for more sites, information about gene therapy, cloning, the Human Genome project and more.

KidsHealth is a place for kids to get info about their bodies, nutrition, behavior, surgery and an host of recipes, activities and other health-related information

The PPAC Visible Human shows 2D interior slices on the human body.

Visit Cell City is a webquest designed for middle school, the task being, "Your government is looking for a fearless adventurer for an exciting mission. The technology to shrink and inject a full size rocket ship and science student into the blood stream of a living human is now available. Your mission is to navigate your way from the blood stream to a human liver cell, enter that cell, and study the internal organs of that cell."

Inside the Human Brain is a webquest for grades 5-6. The student researchers' quest is to explore the topic of the human brain, note important points from their reading, conduct at least four practice experiments related to the human brain, and present their research findings to the class.

Insects and Animals

American Museum of National History offers a number of online science explorations

National Wildlife Federation contains environmental lesson plans

ZoomDinosaur can be used for many age levels and contains a wealth of material about all dinosaurs, classroom activities, and Dinosaur Fun

The Field Museum's Online Exhibits are state of the art tours of dinosaurs, butterflies, man eating lions, an anthropology collection, Javanese masks, Life before dinosaurs, explore Africa, Women in Science and much more

The Sperm Whale Site describes itself: Learn the facts behind the mystique of the sperm whale. In a special Q & A interview, meet whale researcher Jonathan Gordon, who sails around the world in search of these great beasts. Investigate one of the fascinating ways sperm whale families interact and communicate with each other. There is a multimedia feature, "Swimming With Whales," an underwater journey to learn more about the habits, biology, and social structure of sperm whales. There is also a similar site on Humpback Whales.

Underground Adventure is a state of the art tour of life as seen through the eyes of insects

Alien Empire is a rich graphic and multimedia environment that explores insects. According to the site, this special multimedia Web companion to the three-week NATURE miniseries takes you into the bizarre, fascinating world of insects, with amazing graphics, sound and animation, enhanced video, and activities for kids. Read the articles to learn how insects reproduce, live together in society, migrate, and battle for survival. Check out animated musical multimedia presentations on monarch butterflies, mayflies, and bee anatomy and behavior.

Butterflies All A Flutter is webquest for grades 1-3 designed to help explore the world of butterflies. The Task states in the lessons you will become entomologists, scientists who study insects. You will find out how butterflies change, where you can find insects, what butterflies look like, what they eat and what are enemies of the butterflies.

Creepy Crawly Insects is webquest for grades 1-3 designed to help explore the world of insects. According to the task: How are insects alike? How are they different? What do they like to eat? Where do they live? You are about to find the answers to all of these questions!

Bees and Wasps provides questions and answers about bees' lives and habits.

Spiders Webquest asks students to discover if spiders are friend or foe.

Another Spiders Webquest asks first grade students to explore the world of spiders .


Rain Forests

Rainforest Network is an action page inspiring students and others both to learn about the Rainforest and to raise funds and get involved

Rainforest Action Network Kids Corner has croaking frogs, info about animals, people and climate

Rainforest Vacation webquest poses the following problem: The native chief and community elders of a village deep in the heart of the Ecuadorian rainforest really need your expert opinions on a very important decision they face. They are trying to decide whether or not to allow ecotourism in their native village and area of the rainforest.

Tropical Travelers: A Webquest on Rainforests poses the following task: You will be working with a group of three students and discovering exciting information about tropical rainforests. Ech student will learn general information about the rainforests through the sites listed for background information. Then, each will take on a separate role and search the links given for that role. After you have explored the individual sites and answered the questions listed for each role, you will each become professionals on your individual topics!


Ecology and Earth Science and Geology

Earth Science Explorer has info and activities on plate tectonics, biomes, water cycle and dinosaurs

Annenberg Exhibit Collection has text and activities about a variety of science topics including the physics of roller coasters, weather, garbage and volcanoes

Starchild for Astronomers has level one and level two reading pages loaded with solar system info, movies, photos, glossary, etc

Arty the Part time Astronaut makes remarkable use of cutting edge technology with animation, music, and activities to provide a nearly CD quality to this exploration of space.

Topozone is the Web's center for topographic map.The site has worked with the USGS to create the Web's first interactive topo map of the entire United States.

Exploratorium Observatory with Solar Eclipses, Solar Max, Mercury Transit, Build a Solar System activities, and search for life in the cosmos with SETI.

Let's Keep Our Earth Clean is an ecology webquest on oil spills. An oil spill has hit Oysterville and the task is to attend a town meeting. There are four different roles. The first role is that of the Civilian, whose life and money depends on the fishing industry. The second role is the Environmentalist. The third role is the Business Person. he fourth role belongs to a Government Representative who is responsible for making sure all of the laws governing this type of situation are followed.

Will That Volcano Spoil Our Party? is a webquest with the following scenario: The small Caribbean island of Mont Isle is planning to hold a major celebration in three months. At one end of the island is a composite volcano. The mayor is concerned that tourists may not come to the celebration because of other volcanic eruptions on nearby islands. He has asked your class to give him a briefing on volcanoes so he can give an explanation to any worried tourists.


Mathematics and Molecules is designed to serve as an introductory starting point for K-12 students and teachers interested in the field of molecular modeling and its application to mathematics. There is a hypermedia textbook, a water module, an interactive tutorial on mass, density and volume.

Tutorial on Balancing Equations is a shockwave application that provides interactive step by step directions and explanations.

Chem4Kids covers matter, the elements, atoms, reactions and formulas. This is not an interactive site more like an online chemistry textbook written for kids. The site also has links to its biology, ecology and physics units.

The Great Atomic Adventure is a webquest that allows students to research information about the evolution of the atomic model and the scientists responsible for the principles behind each.

Organics Hit The Market: a Webquest on Organic Chemistry poses the following task: you and a team of learners are presented with the task of creating an advertisement about an organic group in order to inform your classmates of the pertinent information pertaining to your organic compound group.


Brain Pop has an MTV approach to Science with bright graphics and movies. but it does present a series of helpful movies on different topics, including light, sound, electricity and more.

Make a Splash With Color is part of the Tech Museum of Innovation exhibits.This interactive site contains lessons on how we see, how animals see, understanding color, and color mixing.

Links to Light Topics on the Web provides links to webquests, thinkquests, online and offline experiments and many other web resources.

Particle Adventure is an award-winning site that introduces the theory of fundamental particles and forces, called the Standard Model. It also explores the experimental evidence and the reasons physicists want to go beyond this theory

Explore Science provides a variety of interactive multimedia activities in mechanics, wave motion, optics, astronomy and life sciences. There is a cool mouse breeding program, fifteen different experiments in mechanics and much more.

Sports Science is from the Exploratorium in San Francisco; there are sections on Skateboard Science that involves physics, why do curveballs curve and other sports stuff.

Physics of Rollercoasters webquests is designed with the following task: After becoming acquainted with the physics related to rollercoasters, you and your group will use this information available to design your own rollercoaster.

Simple Machines and the Oreo Cookie has a simple premise for its webquest: Students will design a device to strip the interior of an Oreo cookie using all 6 simple machines.

Simple Machines Resource page has links to many sites on simple machines, including webquests and activities pages.

Latin and Spanish Websites

Ancient Civilizations webquests is a Teaching Company page with links to many webquests on Ancient Greece and Rome.

Latin resources is a Teaching Company page with links to Latin software, drill and practice sites, verb conjugator and many other interactive Latin websites.

Spanish Links is a Teaching Company page with links to Spanish drill and practicet sites, Spanish culture, lesson plans and webquests.