On Sunday November 4th, I will once again, use my 2 legs to walk the NYC marathon route and try to raise money for these 2 caring institutions to help acquire technology which in an empowering way is an important part of the visions of both institutions. Joining me will be Monica Winslow, preK teacher at The Children's Storefront and Summercore graduate from July 2007. The 2 of us leave from the Verrazano Bridge at 5:22AM. If you click on Miss Monica's name or picture -- as she is known at The Children's Storefront -- you will see what happened to me on Halloween on 129th Street!
--Steve Bergen

The Children's Storefront was on the Food Network channel Sat, Nov 3 @ 8:00 pm and Tues, Nov 6 @ 7:00 PM.
Emeril Lagasse's Special with our students and faculty!

Click here to see pictures from our 8 hour race and to see details on the money we raised! Yes, you can still donate if desired.

Please make checks payable to "The Children's Storefront" and mail to:
Steve Bergen, CIO re Marathon
The Children's Storefront
70 East 129th Street
New York, NY 10035

Click here for a special audio/video thank you from the first graders at The Children's Storefront
Click here for more graphics, audio and video from The Children's Storefront

Over the past 2 decades I have been supporting the Boston Home, a caring institution that provides for people with multiple scleroisis. On numerous occasions, I have walked the Boston or NYC marathon routes to raise money for them. Click here for the history of how I started working with the Boston Home after suffering a back injury in 1992.

Over the past 2 months, I have been working at The Children's Storefront, a caring institution that provides a quality education for preK-8 students in Harlem. The Children's Storefront is an independent, tuition-free school in Harlem serving pre-school through 8th grade. It began in 1966.

  • The Boston Home residents need more work stations with voice recognition software since that is really the only way for a resident with MS to surf the Web or send e-mail when your fingers are no longer reliable.

  • The Children's Storefront students need to acquire more laptops and practice keyboards since if you do not have hardware in your home, it is hard to improve skills even when your 2 hands function well.

  • Will you sponsor me? Any amount is fine, but in the spirit of 2's, here are suggested donation amounts. Thanks in advance! Steve

    Bronze: $2 | Silver: $22 | Gold: $222 | Platinum: $2,222

  • All money that I raise will be split amongst these 2 institutions. There is no overhead that goes to me. In fact, I plan to send a matching donation of 2% of whatever I raise from The Summercore Teaching Company which is why I will NOT accept a 2 million dollar donation since then I would need to match it with $40,000 ;-)
  • Please send your pledge amount to my e-mail or to and I will update you after Sunday November 4th. I walked my first marathon in 1998 and it is getting harder each year to do so. I do not want any money until I complete the route.
  • If you are in NYC and want to walk with me, we will meet at 5:22 AM at the Verranzano Bridge. I would be glad to have you join me!

Picture of me with a fifth grader (one of the few Red Sox fans at The Children's Storefront) on 129th street!
To Boston Home Residents and Friends: Click here for the PDF sponsor sheet or here for the JPG format

podcast#1 on how many bytes | podcast #2 on math facts

Grade 1 Students Create Cards and Pictures (10/4/07) for Colleen and Dianne at The Boston Home

The Boston Home is a residency for people with MS; click here for more info

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Some Old Laptops and Keyboards go home to Students and Parents for Typing Practice

We realize that a keyboard without a computer can be a "good enough" environment for getting familiar with the letters A to Z

Two Parents take home a Broken Laptop | One grade 2 Student is very happy take one home

Videos: Two Grade 2 Girls | Grade 5 Get Broken Laptops to Practice Typing | Grade 5 Student After Practicing
Mr. S Brings Us Computers from Boston