notes re TI84 Silver Edition

Sample problem: $500 is deposited in a bank at 6.5 annual interest ... if the interest is compounded monthly, how much will you have after 5 years? how many years and months until the $500 becomes $1,000

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Note 1M´Finance Mode 
The Finance TVM (Time Value of Money) solver will solve problems about 
simple loans, mortgages, and investments. Press and select 1:FINANCE. Choose 1:TVM Solver

Enter values into all but one of the following positions. The solver will then calculate the 
missing entry. In general, negative amounts indicate money you give to the 
bank and positive amounts indicate money you receive. 

Here are 7 variables (generally, you know 6 of the 7 and are using the calculator to find the 7th)
N = the total number of payments. 
I% = the annual interest rate as a percent
PV = the principal or starting value (this is negative for investments). 
PMT = the payment or regular deposit (this is negative for investments). 
FV = the final value. 
P/Y = payments per year This value represents the number of payments per year for annuities and loans
C/Y = interest calculations per year. This represents the number of compounding periods per year. These must both be positive integers greater than 1  
PMT:END BEGIN indicates whether payments are made at the end or beginning of each month. 

STRATEGY: After entering the six known values, highlight the value you want to find and 
press [SOLVE]. 

Be careful

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