To Summercore Alums, Sunday February 2, 2003

Summercore Newsletter from Steve Bergen ()

Item 1: NAIS/NYC Tech Workshop@Chapin Thursday Feb 27, 2003 ("pass on to an administrator")
Item 2: Computer TF Job Opening Fall 2003@Chapin School ("know any college graduates?")
Item 3: Summercore Schedule 2003 (two in NYC; one in FL)
Item 4: Boston Home Marathon April 21, 2003
Item 5: Two great web sites from Lynne Schalman
Item 6: MP3/Honesty Project re Ninth Graders

==> Item 1: NAIS/NYC Tech Workshop@Chapin Thursday Feb 27, 2003 ("pass on to an administrator")
For those of you coming to NYC for NAIS or perhaps for an administrator at your school, The Chapin School and Dalton School are co-hosting a 60 minute NYC workshop titled "A Tale of Four Schools: Humanware Themes on Helping Your School Move Forward with Technology"

Location: The Chapin School, East End and 84th Street
Date: Thursday Feb 27th, 5-6pm
John Neiers, Director of Technology, The Dalton School
MJ Quigley, Assistant Head, The Chapin School
Steve Bergen, CIO, The Chapin School

==> Item 2: Computer TF Job Opening Fall 2003@Chapin School ("know any college graduates?")
The Chapin School is seeking to hire 1 or 2 computer TFs to work in the Computer Department. Interested candidates need to have a B.A. and enthusiasm for computers with desire to work with students and teachers. The Chapin School is moving ahead with technology in many exciting ways. We believe this opportunity will set a very special career direction for the right candidate seeking to learn more about technology and get started in the teaching profession. Chapin's participation in the dynamic, active New York Interschool Association ( makes this TF position even more attractive and exciting. Please forward this to any college senior whom you know, perhaps a son or daughter, nephew or niece; thanks!

==> Item 3: Summercore Schedule 2003 (two in NYC; one in FL)
Summercore is definitely on for Summer 2003 at The Chapin School in NYC and at Shorecrest Preparatory School in St. Petersburg FL. All 3 weeks of Summercore are posted on with sign-up procedures. We are also doing an on site Summercore workshop for Powhatan School in Virginia in June for their faculty only.

Last year, Lynne and I were nervous about how "Summercore in the City" would work, but we now realize that the environment works incredibly well. The park across the street, the proximity of the East River and the abundance of restaurants, shows and things to see has made us realize that "Summercore in the City is a wonderful setting. We end at 6pm each day which will seem noteworthy for those of you who remember those many sessions that went to 9pm or beyond!

==> Item 4: Boston Home Marathon April 21, 2003
I am beginning to plan for the next Boston Home marathon push on Monday April 21st, 2003, pushing my friends with MS. As complicated as the last 5 have been, this one will be a total challenge, since several of us from NYC will drive up for the day to orchestrate the event. You can see our flyer at; if you are in the Boston area and want to get involved in wonderful, very special day, please let me know!

==> Item 5: Two great web sites from LS (
Hi everyone! Here are two of of my favorite sites that I have been teaching to my PTs (personal trainees) at Thayer, Park and Nobles over the last few months. Hope all is well! Lynne

Google News
Google News is a terrific new feature from Google. You can access it from the News tab on the main Google page or use the URL above. Google News, updated every fifteen minutes or so, presents the top news story, including sports, entertainment, health, business, and technology. The cool part, however, is that each news item contains links to other websites about that same story. So you can read a Boston Globe article
about the New England Patriots (former Super Bowl champions) and then read articles from newspapers across the country, You can also type in a search query to find newspaper and magazine articles about a specific topic. This site is useful for Science teachers seeking up-to-date information, history teachers seeking current events topics, and English teachers seeking to discuss the nature of bias in the media. Sam--our son--had to write an essay on the Divest from Israel movement, and finally following my advice, he used Google News and found an essay by Alan Dershowitz published in the Harvard Crimson and an op-ed piece from the Jerusalem Post, two of many hits that he could not have found quite so easily.

Find Article
Similar to Google News, this site bills itself as the web's first free article search. Enter a word or phrase and findarticle returns links to magazines and journals dating from 1998. Over 300 different magazines have been archived, including Harpers, History Today, Literary Review, Sporting News, Macweek, Discover, Science World, and many more. The advantage of this site is the possibility of finding in-depth information about a particular topic. By the way, I made Sam use this one too!

==> Item 6: MP3/Honesty Project re Ninth Graders
I will be teaching the 40 ninth graders here at Chapin in April and May and will be constructing a unit on MP3's and honesty. I would love to make this an inter-scholastic project, using the web and e-mail to facilitate communication. If you teach ninth graders or similar aged students in April/May and want to participate, take a look at and send me a note!