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by Lynne Schalman and Steve Bergen
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Summary of Powerpoint Presentations for

  1. Computer Literacy: a Powerpoint slideshow (Lynne Schalman, originally for Wooster School)
  2. Internet Basics: a Powerpoint slideshow (Lynne Schalman, originally for Wooster School)
  3. Safety on the Internet: a Powerpoint slideshow (Lynne Schalman, originally for Ten Acre Day School)
  4. A few humanware principles (Steve Bergen, originally for NAIS Presentation, Dallas Feb 99)
  5. Powerpoint Exercise ... Five Starter Skills ... by Steve Bergen
  6. Powerpoint Presentation on how to use Powerpoint by Steve Richey and Scott Merrick from Summercore 99, Session 2.

From The Boston Globe 7/6/03

Clive Thompson writes on the theme of whether or not PowerPoint is harming our ability to think. He references a booklet called "The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint" by Clive Thompson who says "the PowerPoint slide format has probably the worst signal/noise ratio of any known method of communication on paper or computer screen." Thompson says that bulleted lists are "faux-analytical" and cannot communicate complex relationships between points. Bulleted lists, says Thompson, are about selling ideas rather than explaining them. Tufte concludes that "Powerpoint allows speakers to pretend they are giving a real talk, and audiences to pretend they are listening."
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