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a Web page for schools hosting Summercore
from Steve Bergen (781-953-9699) and Lynne Schalman

  1. Topic 1 ... the Summercore application

    it is posted on line at the top of the Summercore Web page, but I can easily reduce its length and make it into a 2 page or 3 page Microsoft Word document for you if that is desirable (Steve) ... it is important that we set a date such as April 15 or May 1 or May 15 and we need to make sure it is completed by all participating teachers by then

  2. Topic 2 ... hotels and flights

    We prefer to make our own reservations at whatever hotel you recommend that is close to your school

  3. Topic 3 ... room setup

    It is probably best to discuss on the phone. Ideally, there is one room with a projector and soft chairs where we can twice a day present to the full group. Hopefully this room has a whiteboard, blackboard or smartboard

    Since we split into JV and Varsity, there needs to be a second room with a projector. Some teachers like using laptops during the presentations which is fine for us. If each of the two rooms has hands-on, that is ideal.

    Of course, we want to avoid stress and not cause the school a hassle, which is why talking on the phone makes most sense.

  4. Topic 4 ... software and Internet considerations (we don't want any of these requests to cause you a hassle, but here they are)

  5. Topic 5 ... picking the 35 hours

  6. Topic 6 ... food and snacks

    Because it is a marathon, we want Summercore people to be well nourished with liquid (hot and cold) and the opportunity to take a break. We try to take a 5-10 minute break every hour. Specifics? coffee, water, snacks, lunches, fruit, healthy alternatives and not just junk

  7. Topic 7 ... interns

    If you can identify two students and give me (Steve) their names, e-mails and phone numbers, I will take it from there. We will pay them and make specific arrangements, keeping you in the loop of course. Over the years, we have found it be a very powerful part of Summercore for the participating school.

    Quotes About Interns from Summercore Participants Over the Years
    "they are/were fantastic and patient w/their former teachers" 
    "working with the students was great for me....we used the regularly in our programs" 
    "They were wonderful" 
    "absolutely fabulous and great fun!" 
    "Brilliant! The interns made everything go that much more smoothly" 
    "They were efficient, had charm, and illustrated a real sense of COMMUNICATION, which is what our purpose is all about." 
    "Great, Unusual kids (aren't they all?) Having a sixth grader who is so literate and delightful kept us focused and honest." 
    "Thought that they were great...Depended on them constantly...their spirit was welcomed" 
    "They were fabulous and helped reduce my fear of technology." 
    "they were GREAT...i wish i had an opportunity like them to learn about technology at such a young age." 
    "they were great" 
    "They were so knowledgable, helpful, and friendly." 
    "again an excellent way to provide support" 
    "the best!!They never complained and always met us with a smile" 
    "They were great"

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