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SummerAdminCore participants.
"SummerAdminCore helped us re-ignite our technology planning and it was a great experience mixing admins and tech directors!"
---Daniel McDonough, Associate Headmaster, Portsmouth Abbey School, Portsmouth, RI (SummerAdminCore 2011)
See signup procedure below in red. It all begins with a phone call or SKYPE at mutual convenience. Do not fill out the Summercore application. Steve


The Format: 21 Hours

Posted on ListServs: SummercoreAdminCore is an intensive two day 21 hour leadership workshop run by Steve Bergen for the two people who will help move your school forward ("evolution not revolution") with technology. The signup for the two day Summercore must be the combination of a key administrator, (hopefully the Head of School, but in some schools the Asst Head) plus a key tech person (hopefully the Director of Technology, but in some schools the Academic Tech Director). We are currently seeking several host schools for this two day workshop to be held in August 2013 or September 2013.

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The Content & The Goal

The Cost & The Sign Up Procedures

Three of Dozens of References: The Governor's Academy | Gilman School | University School of Milwaukee

A Blend of Mythbusters, Jim Collins, Freakonomics and Steven Sample

Technology is here in our world -- like marriage -- for better and for worse. Back in 1984, I gave a speech about educational software vs soft education and in the 25 plus years since, we have seen those fears come true. We have math teachers throughout our country who believe that the times tables is no longer important because of technology. We have many accepted notions regarding technology in our schools that need to be challenge and changed! No one does that better with examples than the TV series Mythbusters and the authors of Freakonomics. In order to move our schools forward, we need to challenge many assumptions that have become accepted in the last 25 plus years and take a Steven Sample contrarian view of everything from internet safety to using cell phones in schools. And so there will be lots of disagreement and shouting -- "eyeballs to eyeballs" as Jim Collins says -- during our 21 hours together. There will be many "contrarian points of view" put on the table during our 21 hours together and will challenge many educational assumptions. We are seeking "intelligent not consensus" decisions to once again quote Collins. If you are not prepared for this type of workshop, this is the wrong session to signup for!