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Graduation Picture with Slide Rule

Tall Ships (with evaluations from Colleen and Janice)

Evaluations from Colleen Powers

sorry that we had to be so low-tech high-tech! Good morning! I am very sorry that I wasn't able to attend the videoconference yesterday, because my wheelchair wouldn't go anywhere. It was stuck in tilted up mode, which made the shut off switch activated. The automatic shut off works when the chair is tilted too high, so I couldn't go anywhere! BORING! Fortunately, Larry (a guy that works here) was able to repair it by soldering a wire that had broken, but I had to sit in one place for two hours to find it out!

Now I should go on to judging the paintings:

  1. Anonymous 1 I thought that the whole thing was supposed to be "Sail Boston" and the boat looks like a Viking war ship! Nice idea, though.
  2. Anonymous 2 looks like the sails are above the water, and the ship below. This is a submarine with sails.
  3. Would like to know what program was being used for this. Janice loves this -- whimsical.
  4. Looks like a beached row boat. Annie likes the treatment on the side of the boat.
  5. Well balanced -- nice sense of direction, and nice treatment of the waves.
  6. Is that a shark lurking around the sailboat? Or it is it a sword fish with a bandaged sword?
  7. Nice gradation on sail and sky, nice sense of motion depicted by waving flag.
  8. Spidery feeling with the sails only in outline, a good demonstration of the principal "less is more". The boat on the bottom seems to be heavy.
  9. Nice try at buttering up! Simplicity -- the perfect 10!
  10. Reminds Janice of something out of a Jules Verne movie.
  11. Colleen's favorite -- it's a party boat. Free flowing, could be a Barbie dolls boat.
  12. The boat seems to be nestled in the ocean around it. Nice treatment of the water. There appears to be a late sun -- good color.
  13. The No. 13 is apt for a late arrival.
First late arrival:first one: 2 ships looked like they're cloned, except for the color of the sails and one does not have the small flags on the top of the mast.

Second late arrival: the boats on the sail represent the Parade of ships. What is confusing to me is the opposition of the apparent way that the ships on the flag are going which is directly opposite the flag on the top of the mast.

AND THE WINNERS ARE: 1. John 2. Kathryn and Jan tying with Tay 3. Anonymous 1 Honorable mention: Anonymous 2

Photos of the 25 Participants
(during our round-table discussion)
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Some of the 25 Participants gave me projects Wednesday at 9PM on disk or sent them via e-mail to post on the web; others stored their projects on local hard drives and backed them on a file server. But everyone backed up their files, since they had heard too many times that backups were more important condoms!