Pictures from our FIRST
R ... O ... U ... N ... D
T ... A ... B ... L ... E
and our graduation picture after we had our second round table discussion at noon on Thursday.

Wednesday Schedule

Pictures created on Tuesday 7/26 on the theme of FOOD

Evaluations from Colleen Powers (e-mail: and friends Annie, Janice and Diane at the Boston Home

About my being adept at using DragonDictate, I learn something every day, like the extent that my voice can be misinterpreted by the machine--just think of the ramifications! The machine has nowhere near the challenges that the average person is presented with, and it can't even get everything right!

So good morning (although it is a funky nasty day)--make it a good one, anyway. Here are our thoughts about Summercore:

  1. Anne + Barb a nice cafe scene with wine and cheese (probably Brie) but only one glass, so there must be only one person, or two with one tee-totaler -- but there are no chairs to sit in.
  2. Cindy+ Beth a sundae delight, a dieter's delight! This activates the salivary glands! Nice different flavors of ice-cream. Two regular charities (oops, meant to print cherries) his plus one errant tumbling down the side.
  3. Jo + Connie Vegetables -- a bit ratty looking at that! If I saw some beat-up vegetables like that, I doubt if I'd ever go to that supermarket! But what really was kind of nice was the juxtaposition of the eggplant's color (dark purple) against an orange background -- quite textbook!
  4. Kate+ Rachel This is really great. Wonderful canopy with a half opened watermelon, it looks so juicy! It's really nice the way the grapes drape over the end of of the table. I would make it a point to stop at this roadside stand!
  5. Liz+ Torsie Has a nice feel to it. Nice use of tools for the tablecloth and napkins.
  6. Nancy+ Dave WHAT IS THIS? -- a mystery slice? (It is embarrassing to us to have missed the fact that this is actually a pizza! -- we were so into fruit and ice cream, that we totally forgot the existence of other types of food! (NO CHOCOLATE!!!) Just think of that!
  7. Nancy+ Ellen A banana boat that has one banana too many! In fact, it's losing one banana off its side. Incidentally, what is that blue thing that the boat is sitting on? Nice use of tools in the background -- reminds me of sailboats -- very long bananas.
  8. Noel+ Dottie Very nice use of tools, combination of colors. Very relaxing scene, lunch for two. Weeds seem to grow everywhere, don't they? Even on a computer generated picture!
  9. Ruth+ Kelly Lunch in paradise? I was thinking that the drink must be something like a mai-tai, because it seems a bit like a Chinese restaurant of the ' '60s with a knife and fork wrapped up in the napkin, and a pair of chop sticks beside the plate. Chop sticks, fish, noodles -- it looks like a very light and enjoyable lunch. We like the different choices , because they set each other off nicely. A fork in a spoon with the napkin would give you a choice over the chop sticks.
  10. Teri+ Don Mexican food lovers! My kind of people! I'm the only person I know that absolutely loves refried beans! Most of the food is instantly recognizable: there are tacos and salsa, but what is that in a lower corner of the page? What it was looks kind of like refried rodents, or the like. I think that there's some legs in there.

1. Kate and Rachel

2. Noel and Dottie

3. Cindy and Beth

I don't know how the rest of you feel, but for me Summercore is a hoot! I hope that the rest of you enjoyed it as much as I do. CP
--Colleen Powers (e-mail:

Animated Gif by Alexandra Briggs (click on it)

Can You "Run the Table" and Answer All Thirty-Three Questions without Notes? Each summer, we give $33 to the first person who is able to do so. This year's winner was Gail Corder from Summercore Session #2, Trinity Valley School in Ft. Worth Texas!

  1. One K =
  2. One byte =
  3. One meg =
  4. One gigabyte =
  5. One terabyte=
  6. A "one-hole disk" holds _______
  7. A "two-hole disk" holds ______
  8. A ZIP disk holds ________
  9. A CD rom holds _________
  10. A DVD disk hold _________
  11. RAM refers to __________
  12. ROM refers to __________
  13. There are ___ bits in a byte
  14. The Celtics once won __ championships in a row from 59-66
  15. Baud Rate refers to ______
  16. A File Server is __________
  17. An MP3 file is ___________
  18. PC Exchange allows ______
  19. Mac Opener allows _______
  20. The Rule of 3 refers to _____
  21. The Rule of 4 refers to _____
  22. The point size of ___ equals 1 inch
  23. Use __ space(s) between sentences
  24. Pushing the ____ repeatedly is a sign that you have not reached computer puberty
  25. The PC suffix for ClarisWorks is ___
  26. The PC suffix for Powerpoint is ___
  27. The PC suffix for MS Word is ___
  28. If a music player is digital, then a record player or tape cassette is _____
  29. A typical MODEM speed is ____ baud
  30. A computer virus is ____
  31. Two popular graphic file types are ___
  32. One type of audio file is ____
  33. Larry Bird's uniform # in binary is ____

  1. Anna Romano -- Sheffield, MA -- Berkshire School: Director International Student Program, ESL
  2. Barb Jansen -- Austin, TX -- St Andrew's Episcopal Academy: Librarian/Technology Coordinator
  3. Beth Renalds -- Fairfax, VA -- St Patrick's Episcopal Day School: Fourth Grade Teacher
  4. Cindy Wilcoxon -- Houston, TX -- Kinkaid School: Fourth Grade Teacher
  5. Connie Chubb -- Washington, DC -- Paul JHS: Technology Coordinator
  6. Dave Martin -- Phoenix, AZ -- Phoenix Country Day School: History Department Chair
  7. Dottie Lanier -- Houston, TX -- Kinkaid School: Algebra II Teacher
  8. Ellen Elcock -- Providence, RI -- Lincoln School: Grade 6 History/Dir Athletics&Student Life
  9. Jo Gwin Shelby -- New Orleans, LA -- Metairie Park Country Day School: Middle School Geography Teacher
  10. Kelly Wilson -- Chagrin Falls, OH -- Hathaway Brown School: Middle School Science Chair
  11. Kate Boyle -- Dedham, MA -- Noble & Greenough School: English Teacher
  12. Liz Clifford -- Raleigh, NC -- Ravenscroft Upper School: English Teacher/Writing Center Director (ALUM)
  13. Nancy McCarthy -- Topsfield, MA -- Tower School: Third Grade Teacher
  14. Nancy Vasilakis -- Bedford, MA -- Tower School: Librarian
  15. Noel Cowan -- Memphis, TN -- St Mary's School: K-4 Computer Teacher ... three inspiration samples: HK ... JUMANJI ... SKELETAL
  16. Rachel Nance-- Dedham, MA -- Noble & Greenough School: Computer TF in DLC (Fr, Sp, Japanese)
  17. Ron Gutowsky -- Houston, TX -- Kinkaid School: Third Grade Teacher
  18. Ruth Guild -- Houston, TX -- Duchesne Academy of Sacred Heart: Fourth Grade Teacher ... three inspiration samples: HK ... JUMANJI ... SKELETAL
  19. Teri Gallegos -- Austin, TX -- St Andrew's Episcopal Academy: Computer Coordinator
  20. Torsie Judkins -- Chapel Hill, NC -- Durham Academy: Middle School Technology Coordinator

Drawings (to be judged by Janice, Annie, Diane and Colleen) writes:

Good morning!
I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to be up early. After I send this message, I will attempt to send a shorter one for your cell-phone. That is, of course, after I send this longer message that I composed via NaturallySpeaking.

Dear Steve,

This is just a note to introduce myself to your Summercore participants. You can keep it, or throw in your nearest round file. It's great to be able to participate in another Summercore! I like to be involved with Nobles' artistic journeys with teachers from our area, and out of our area. It's always important to me to see creative ways to see things, usage of color, and skillful use of tools -- by tools I mean those that are offered on the "Tool Bar" of the painting program that you are using. I haven't got much training in the use of the various painting programs. In fact, I have just started using Hyperstudio and Photoshop in the last 18 months. It seems like I'm learning things every time I use it!

Don't be afraid to put something down that isn't "artistically perfect" or capable of winning a first prize at an art show. The most important thing is to have fun and learn something at the same time!

some parting thoughts ...thanks so much .. there are some whom will say that this Summercore was one of the best of all time (like the 1986 Celtics) ...first group in a long time to make an original webquest .. first group ever to walk in the rain on wed pm .. more participants from Texas than Massachusetts .. first group to create a "meditation video tape" based on the theme of "teaching Photoshop" ... first group to embrace the TEAMwork concept so well (TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More) with the carnival projects ... first group to finish both bottles of wine at Wednesday dinner and of course so many drinks consumed and left on shelves that emptying the big container of liquids became a ritual not just once a day at 10PM, but twice a day ... steve