Summercore 2001
Session Two
July 22-26
27 Participants

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Pictures created in HyperStudio for the Contest
(the Garden theme) announced by Colleen much lower on this web page

Colleen Powers-vis writes:
It seems like quite a deal! Since we have a bit more time ]] on our hands (like we are so-o-o busy!") if my note looks rather odd, it's because this microphone picks up all background noise and interprets it anyway it can . I'm looking forward to this summercore, and if I were a bit more skilled with Photoshop, I would be able to make a different graphic CP p.s. your note regarding last week really explains the houses on the cliffs and all, "living on the edge" explains the preponderance of falling off the edge of the "old tried and true" and launching into oblivion!

Round Table Discussion (Tuesday PM)

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Some of the Carnival Projects (prep on Wednesday PM and actual carnival Thursday 9-11 am)

if and when you discover some mistakes in my postings, please, please remember:
(1) "process not product"
(2) GE for "good enough"
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Streaming Videos from Summercore 2001

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Jeopardy Game by Sam

(with your homework questions)
-- click on graphic above to download (requires hyperstudio) or send me e-mail via and I will forward the hyperstudio stack to you ... steve

List of Participants (first name order)

  1. Blinn Dorsey - RI - Gordon School - Grade 8 Science and Math Teacher
  2. Caroline Cinti - CA - Hamlin School -
  3. Catherine Roques - TX - St. Andrew’s Episcopal School - Librarian
  4. Cindy Mowry - MA - Dedham Country Day School - Grade 7 Science and Math Teacher
  5. Claire Cowen - PA - West Chester Friends School - Lower School Computer Teacher
  6. Donna Svinis - WA - Noble and Greenough School - Computer Intern
  7. Dulce Martinez-Hermida - TX - Duchesne Academy - Upper School Spanish Teacher
  8. Elaine DesRoches - MA - Dedham Country Day School - Physical Education Teacher
  9. Elaine Murphy - MA - Dedham Country Day School - Lower School Reading
  10. Frank Adsit - FL - The Bolles School -
  11. Ivan Gattis - NC - St. Timothy’s School - Physical Education Teacher
  12. Jill Drischler - VA - Potomac School - Language Arts Enrichment
  13. Jill Koch - CA - Crystal Springs Upland School - Technology Coordinator
  14. Jim Ebert - NC - Durham Academy - Upper School Math Teacher
  15. Joann Coates-Hunter - MD - Barnesville School - Grade 6 Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher
  16. Joe Doggett - MA - Tabor Academy - Director of Studies/Biology Teacher/Asst. Head
  17. John Maier - MA - Phillips Academy-Andover - Chair Spanish Department
  18. Judy Bland - MA - Dedham Country Day School - Reading Teacher
  19. Kirstin Yost - MA - Noble and Greenough School - Computer Intern
  20. Krista Holter - TX - Duchesne Academy - Chemistry Teacher
  21. Mary Kay Sexton - TX - St. Andrew’s Episcopal School - Grade 5 & 6 Science Teacher
  22. Michael Vischak - TX - Kinkaid School - Pre-Calc and Calculus Teacher
  23. Penny Jansen - MD - Barnesville School - Eighth Grade English & Algebra Teacher
  24. Santana Sluss - RI - Gordon School - Kindergarten and Lower School Math Teacher (changed from session 1)
  25. Sharon Colson - TX - St. Andrew’s Episcopal School - Middle School English/Social Studies Teacher
  26. Tom Macdonald - MA - Cambridge Friends School - Technology Coordinator
  27. Veronica Putney - TX - St. Andrew’s Episcopal School - Spanish Teacher
  1. I'm hoping you'll cover video streaming, real player, etc. When I watch the videos it's often very disjointed, the picture is unclear, the sound skips around (although I can usually understand it), but the picture is usually pretty useless. (DS)
    answer: it might be speed of connection (modem or cable or the version of real player you have installed .. latest ones are on can also be related to the programmer who uploaded them .. see me at carnival for more info, if you want ... steve
  2. 1 (for pink card?) - how do you add a hyperlink to a PowerPoint? and how do you work with sound and movie files within PowerPoint? (JK)
    answer: hopefully you know by now ..if not see Lynne or me at carnival or the people at the powerpoint booth
  3. I would like to see (or know about) burning a CD on a PC (joann)
    answer: did you catch alexandra yesterday? if not, see me at the carnival ...we have set up a demo for you in ellie's office at the end of computer street ... steve
  4. on inspiration, is it possible to click on each category independently to show points one at a time rather than the entire web at once? (penny)
    answer: see inspiration group at carnival or see Lynne at carnival
  5. how to create/open PDF files (caroline)
    answer: as explained, you can get the latest acrobat READER for free via; in order to make PDF files, you need to BUY the PROGRAM version of Acrobat... we own 2 copies for the Mac and 2 copies for the PC at Nobles .. I have brought in the software to Ellie's office to show you ... steve
  6. can someone, perhaps Alexandra help find the spanish keyboards flip switch on a PC in office 2001?
    Alexandra Briggs-staff writes: from *** best option i think *** Keyboard Languages and Keyboard Layouts Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT 4 allow you to switch between different
    keyboard layouts. When using Word 97 and PowerPoint 97, changing keyboards also
    changes the language format of the text you type. This provides another method of applying language formatting to your text. For
    example, you might use a Spanish keyboard layout for typing Spanish text, then
    switch to a French keyboard for typing French text. Switching keyboards can be more convenient than using the Language command,
    because you don't have to deal with a dialog box each time you want to begin
    typing in a new language. Once you have installed a particular keyboard, you can switch to it simply by choosing it from a pop-up list on your Windows taskbar. The drawback to this method is that it works most effectively when typing new text.
    To add a keyboard layout in Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4: 1. From the Windows Start button menu, run Control Panel (typically from the Settings menu). 2. Double click on the keyboard icon to open the Control Panel’s Keyboard
    Properties dialog box, and choose the tab titled Language (or Input Locale). 3. Click Add, then select the desired language from the scrollable list that is displayed. Your choice determines the language formatting that will be applied if you switch
    to this keyboard while working in Word or PowerPoint. 4. Windows proposes a related keyboard layout. You can accept the proposed layout, or change it by clicking Properties and selecting a different one. Keyboard layouts change the letters assigned to keys. For example, the English keys QWERTY become AZERTY with the French keyboard layout, QWERTZ with the Czech keyboard layout, and ÛGJRMV with the Latvian keyboard layout.
    It is best to use a keyboard layout that you are comfortable with. 5. Make sure the Enable indicator on taskbar check box is turned on, then click OK. Insert your original Windows setup disc, if you are asked to. Assuming the Enable indicator on taskbar checkbox is checked, a box showing two letters appears in your Windows taskbar (near the clock, if the clock is turned on). The two letters represent the language currently in use. When you left-click on the letters, a pop-up list of all currently loaded languages appears. Choose the language you wish to use, and the keyboard layout changes instantly. --------- similarly: from Windows allows you to switch your keyboard language from English to several other languages, including Spanish (Start/ Control Panels/ Keyboard: "Languages" tab -> Add... You will probably need your original Windows software, or know where the installation files are located on your computer). You could get away with just switching the software *if* the person could touch-type on a Spanish-language keyboard (and would not get thrown off by looking at an English keyboard). ------------------- if we cant find it - a handy tool -- from For "¿" use alt+0191 (right side #'s on keyboard*) For "¡" use alt+0161 (right side #s on keyboard*) For "á" use alt+0225 (right side #'s on keyboard*) For "é" use alt+0233 (right side #'s on keyboard*) For "í" use alt+0237 (right side #'s on keyboard*) For "ó" use alt+0243 (right side #'s on keyboard*) For "ú" use alt+0250 (right side #'s on keyboard*) For "ü" use alt+0252 (right side #'s on keyboard*) For "ñ" use alt+0241 (right side #'s on keyboard*)   ----- another option keyboard for spanish $69 at ---- im not so sure about the usefulness of this, but we'll see --- -- all sorts of info on language related font software ----another option of software 3-D Keyboard 2.52
  7. can you have explain virtual memory, memory management, when to use, when not to, how to decide on cutting back on RAM or deleting files on hard drive? (jim)
    answer: virtual memory is FAKE memory in which a portion of the hard drive is used to trick the computer into thinking it has more RAM; this is a bit like using your notebook to write down stuff that you cannot remember in your own personal RAM chip ...virtual memory should NOT be used unless you are desparate and broke ... see me at carnival for more info ..steve
  8. how can I check the history of sites where students (and/or daughter) has/have been visited? (veronica)
    answer: see Lynne at carnival
  9. how can you connect 2 sets of headphones to one computer? (clare)
    answer: see me at carnival ... I will show you an audio splitter in the wittenberg closet that you can buy at radio shack .. it is male at one end and double female at the other end so you can split the audio signal from any device (e.g. computer) and then two headphones can be plugged in
  10. is there any way to re-arrange the desktop icons on the PC to not be on the left? (frank)
    answer: there is a toggle switch called AUTO-ARRANGE; you access it via RIGHT-MOUSE CLICK on any unused portion of the desktop and choosing PROPERTIES
  11. what schools have good web sites (model school web sites) that you would recommend for me to see? (caroline)
    answer: we will post links here, caroline, and then e-mail you
  12. having trouble opening all types of attached files/damaged files? (catherine r)
    answer: two different categories ...for damaged files, you can try various utilities to repair a file ...we lost Disk Warrior by Alsoft for the Mac and Norton Utilties for both Mac and PC ... for attached files, it is very different ..see me at carnival and I will share the overview (or read the session 1 pink card questions where I have explained thoroughly ...steve
  13. any tricks besides "template" for frozen text on appleworks/clarisworks so my students can fill in the blank and not alter the original text (jill d)
    answer: nothing beyond what I showed you via template feature ...but if you want to get more techie, I can show you how to do this in a database and then you WILL have what you are looking for .... steve
  14. anyone find a pearl ear-ring at dinner monday? (elaine m)
    answer: not yet found ... I also lost my French Lick towel... steve
  15. what basic software should be on every networked computer? should a school have both appleworks and office? (tom)
    answer: see me at carnival, tom, and I will try to answer for you .. overview is that software budget should be at least 33% budget of hardware budget ..most schools have spent $50,000 to $200,000 on hardware over the last 5 years and under $5,000 on software .. this would be like buying a record player in 1956 (when Bird was born on Dec 7th) or a CD boom box in the year 2001 and then buying just 1 or 2 records (or CDs) ...see me at carnival and I will explain more and make recommendations ...steve
  16. is it fair to students in the writing process to require text-only formatting up to the final draft? (tom)
    answer: perfectly fair (and a great idea) .. tip#17 from the book don't sweat the small stuff which I keep on my watch: "surrend to the fact that life is not fair" ... I see students obsess (OCD) over the font type of their title before they even write the paper .. I love this idea .. steve
  17. I would love to hear how other people have used different applications and technology in their classrooms (especially Powerpoint, Inspiration, Spreadsheets, IMovie, videoconferencing) ... examples:
    hyperstudio: 4th grade stacks on CA missions
    4th grade dichotomous keys
    identifying leaves of different trees
    3rd grade planet "postcards" (with writing on one side, picture on other)
    1st grade stack on silent e
  18. can I see how to create Pascal's triangle on a spreadsheet (jim)
    answer: see me at carnival ...steve
  19. what's an extension (blinn)
    answer: the extensions BOOST the features of a computer; they sit in an extensions folder within the System Folder of a Mac .. each piece of software you install on a computer comes with its own extension (at times) times, extensions can cause conflicts .. holding down SHIFT when you boot up a Mac keeps extensions off (useful for trouble-shooting) ... see me at carnival for more info ...steve
  20. I want to see if I can create a sketchpad project that loads and works off the web (jim)
    answer: we did it! congratulations!
  21. how to shut down a Mac with command keys? (caroline)
    answer from caroline: command+option+shift+ (|) button

Thirty Three Questions
  1. One K =
  2. One byte =
  3. One meg =
  4. One gigabyte =
  5. One terabyte=
  6. A "one-hole disk" holds _______
  7. A "two-hole disk" holds ______
  8. A ZIP disk holds ________
  9. A CD rom holds _________
  10. A DVD disk hold _________
  11. RAM refers to __________
  12. ROM refers to __________
  13. There are ___ bits in a byte
  14. The Celtics once won __ championships in a row from 59-66
  15. Baud Rate refers to ______
  16. A File Server is __________
  17. An MP3 file is ___________
  18. PC Exchange allows ______
  19. Mac Opener allows _______
  20. The Rule of 3 refers to _____
  21. The Rule of 4 refers to _____
  22. The point size of ___ equals 1 inch
  23. You should use __ space(s) between sentences
  24. Pushing the ____ button repeatedly is a sign that you have not reached computer puberty
  25. The PC suffix for ClarisWorks is ___
  26. The PC suffix for Powerpoint is ___
  27. The PC suffix for MS Word is ___
  28. If a music player is digital, then a record player or tape cassette is _____
  29. A typical MODEM speed is ____ baud
  30. A computer virus is ____
  31. Two popular graphic file types are ___
  32. One type of audio file is ____
  33. Larry Bird's uniform # in binary is ____

winner of the $33 from summercore#1 ... lance coon
winner of the $33 from summercore#2 ... kirstin yost

Wednesday, July 25, 2001 7:38:01 PM
From: Colleen Powers-vis
Subject: Pictures from Summercore#2
To: Steve Bergen-fac

Here is what we came up with. We will start with the honorable mentions and work towards first place.






Honorable mention#1

Caroline and Jill: I don’t know whether to give this the brown-nose award, but we can’t fault you for trying.
Caroline and Jill






Honorable mention#2

Dulce and Krista this design was one of my favorites -- like when would you be able to see the putting green and water hazard so well in the dark of night? I liked the shading of the clouds as they passed under the moon and the way that the flag stood out.
Dulce and Krista






Honorable mention#3

Last but not least (at least the most whimsical) the one submitted by Joann and Penny. I would have a fit if the vegetables could run around! At least it would add something to the old "the tree must have come out of nowhere" excuse when you bring your car back home with a dent!
Joann and Penny






Third Place

Michael and Ivan: what was so attractive about this entry was its great design—I think it would make a great T-shirt! Forget those T-shirts -- it was just an energy kind of a picture. The asymmetric quality was nice because you can only get so far with the tools that you are offered in hyperstudio, It’s great to get a creation that honors the most high use of design principles.
Michael and Ivan






Second Place

Judy and Elaine At first we didn’t grade this piece at all, but then when it was lying on a table with the rest, its whimsical feeling gave it a higher grade! One observation of note is that the sail on the boat looked like a poltergeist or a member of the KKK on vacation.
Judy and Elaine






First Place

Joe and Tom: we picked this one as first because it showed some depth and use of tools in a very sumptuous way. Your garden looked soft and springy like it would be a nice place to camp. It was almost one I would say had just the right amount of using the same tool.
Joe and Tom

Anyway, Janice and I were able to come up with these judgments that reflected both of our standards. Sorry the video conferencing unit is still broken at this end. We would have preferred to share our comments on the screen instead of e-mail. Enjoy the carnival!

CP and JK
Colleen Powers and Janice Kushner
(e-mail: and