Summercore 2001
Session Three
July 29-August 2
26 Participants

LS test presentation on plagiarism
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  • Tina
  • Quenton
  • powerpoint presentation (first try; out of time@4:33pm) p.s. these will work on any Mac or PC that has real-player (or its equivalent) installed. If the link does not bring up video, you must go to and download and install the real player software there (click on the top horizontal strip where it says REAL PLAYER and then look on the left hand side where it says REAL PLAYER 8 IS OUR FREE VERSION).
  • Round Table Discussion (tuesday pm)

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    Drawing Contest (14 entries; theme is "summer vacations")

    Some of the Carnival Projects (prep on Wednesday PM and actual carnival Thursday 9-11 am)

    if and when you discover some mistakes in my postings, please, please remember:
    (1) "process not product"
    (2) GE for "good enough"
    (3) I posted only those things sent to me "with permission to post" -- steve ;-) (e-mail: for mistakes)

    List of Participants (first name order)

    1. Becky McCann - MA - Phillips Academy - Upper School Spanish Teacher
    2. Candace Reynolds - TN - Christ Methodist Day School - Technology Coordinator
    3. Cathy Short - TN - Christ Methodist Day School - Lower School Computer Teacher
    4. Chrissy Kelly - CT - Greenwich Country Day School - Head Teacher-Nursery
    5. Deepak Randles - MA - Atrium School - Technology Coordinator
    6. Ellen Godfrey - MA - Tower School - PreK-9 Technology Teacher
    7. Gary Klingman - TX - Kinkaid School - Middle School History Teacher
    8. Hope Wittrock - CT - Greenwich Country Day School - Lower School Music Teacher
    9. Jane Soloway - CA - Polytechnic School - Lower School Technology Coordinator
    10. Jerrie Moffett - MA - Dedham Country Day School - Grade 4 Teacher
    11. Kathe Liias - MA - Chestnut Hill School - Librarian
    12. Kathry Townsend - TX - Hockaday School - Lower School Computer Coordinator
    13. Kelly Dintino - TX - Trinity Valley School - Middle School Math Teacher
    14. Lynn Bielin - MA - Blessed Sacrament School - Teacher
    15. Marti Raim - CT - Greenwich Country Day School - Grade 2 Teacher
    16. Mary Ellen Wilensky - TX - Hockaday School - Grade 3 Math and Computer
    17. Quenton Linyear - MD - Potomac School - Lower School Computer Teacher
    18. Rhnee Hicks - TX - Kinkaid School - Pre-K Teacher
    19. Robin Ingram - NY - Horace Mann School - Sixth Grade Science Teacher
    20. Robin Preston - TX - Trinity Valley School - Fifth grade Science/7th grade TX History
    21. Sue Silvey - TX - Kinkaid School - Lower School Instructional Specialist
    22. Susan Jacoby - MA - Atrium School - Library Educator and lit/Writing preK-6
    23. Susan Little - TX - Kinkaid School - First Grade Teacher
    24. Tad Lawrence - MA - Cambridge School of Weston - Science Teacher
    25. Tina Clayton - TX - Trinity Valley School - Fifth grade English & Language Arts
    26. Todd Matthew - NY - Emma Willard School - Upper School English Teacher
    27. Tony Houle - TX - Trinity Valley School - Fifth grade Language Arts & History
    28. Vicki Seelen - MA - Noble and Greenough School - Head of English Department
    1. Hello Steve, This is a pink card. How do you get labels to line up right, not cut off several characters at the end, and look right when you preview the printing in Apple Works. I've been working on this for a while and it's driving me crazy. None of the manuals explain it . Hope W
      Paper is 8.5 inches wide and you must avoid 1/4" to 1/2" off each side. This means your document width is 7.5" generally, perhaps 8" if you use a fancy trick to maximize printing on a laser printing. Let us look at an AppleWorks screen together, Hope. I am familiar with this problem and sometimes, keeping data away form the right edge of the label is the key. Steve
    2. Another pink card question? I want to learn how to hook up every possible thing that can be hooked up to a computer... cameras, movies, scanners, ELECTRIC KEYBOARDS... Hope
      Let us review types of cables (ADB, USB, S-Video vs rca phono) etc ... we purposely put close-ups of many cable types in the book for this reason, Hope ... there is a lot to say on this topic
    3. How do you download a sound that it plays when someone opens your web page? Gary
      Good question, Gary ... Alexandra will see if she can find the command for us and we will then make a prototype on a summercore web page ... I believe there is an EMBED command
      works for all IE versions, but NOT in Netscape...
       works for Netscape and IE
    4. Is there a good software package for creating crossword puzzles? Robin
      We use one here at Nobles, but Lynne may know of a web site that makes crossword puzzles, which might be better. We will update you and this paragraph as well
    5. Does OCR really work? I have not been successful scanning text. Is it true that Alexandra can give me a demo on OCR over the next few days? Quenton
      Like I said in person, Quenton, we will try to arrange a demo for you. Alexandra has done this a number of times using PAPERPORT software which gives us about 90% or 95% accuracy.Steve
    6. How do you connect a TV to the computer? Can I see a big screen monitor that attaches to a laptop as an alternative (less expensive) option? Tad
      In the Science Building, we have a $1200 gateway monitor. Please come on the 4:30 forced break walk and I will show it to you. Here are the details: GATEWAY BIG MONITOR: purchased via Gateway Direct 800-846-2000 or 2008 ... our invoice # at Nobles as 33899407 from 10/7/98 ... our customer # was 17987961 ... our order # was 16091989 ... another phone number was 800-846-4510, ext 75857 ... it was called a Destination Big Screen DMC Monitor ... our client id number was 17987961 ... the ship date for the own we bought at Nobles was 10/7/98 we paid 1299 for monitor plus 83 for shipping ... the monitor was MONKITO36AAUS ... we did not pay the extra $90 setup charge
    7. Once connected to a monitor or projector, can you still have the monitor on the laptop displayed simultaneously? Tad
      On some machines, it is EITHER monitor OR laptop screen, but not both. On most PCs, Tad, you can get both, sometimes via a special function key such as F5. In other words, you push F5 once, you get laptop. You push it again, you get big monitor or projector. You push it a third time, you get both. Think of it as a three way light switch. Please note that it is NOT F5 on all laptops, but a special key that you can usually find under CONTROL PANELS, then DISPLAY.
    8. What are some teaching strategies in teaching computers to kids? I have noticed that you repeat important concepts often (both verbally and by demonstration) Do you have any other ideas for a teacher new to education? Quenton
      Very interesting question. In teaching for about 28 years, I have never actually sat down and tried to reflect (and write) about these strategies. Let me give it a shot and maybe more thoughts later.
      • Start the first 33 seconds of your class with some kind of visual or verbal come on .. something to get everyone engaged and involved, making the transition from where they have been previously
      • Avoid the number one teacher mistake of asking a question, getting an answer from ONE person and assuming everyone is in sync with the answer ..
      • Keep eyes out for those who are looking elsewhere mentally or physically .. figure out via voice or humor or physical gesture how to get them focused
      • When throwing out a question to a group, try to avoid calling on someone right away. Give everyone 33 seconds to think at times. Nothing wrong with a bit of silence and it is not fair to put kids who need a little reflection at a disadvantage.
      • If using a computer, try to get different people in the hot seat controlling the computer, sometimes with a challenge .. or if time is short, at least call on people randomly to give you the next step ... or as you do steps on the screen, narrate what you are doing, perhaps throwing key words on the white board .. after all, you must work at making your content work for all types of learners (verbal, visual, etc)
      • Some teachers get a lot out of mileage in lab environment with "ask three before me"
      • Some teachers like putting a student at the keyboard with a "consultant"next to him or her.The teacher challenges the student to take on a task ("in effect reviewing for the class") with the consultant being the only person who can help the student
      • One tip that works for me is putting the finish time on the white board in big letters so that I can see when the class is over. Those last 5 minutes before class is over can be crucial for important re-inforcement. Without being aware of how much time is left, it is very easy to blow the last 5 minutes.
      • On the main summercore page, Lynne and I have posted a link for "Proven Curriculum Ideas" with an acronym of PCI; you might find this of related interest.

    Thirty Three Questions
    1. One K =
    2. One byte =
    3. One meg =
    4. One gigabyte =
    5. One terabyte=
    6. A "one-hole disk" holds _______
    7. A "two-hole disk" holds ______
    8. A ZIP disk holds ________
    9. A CD rom holds _________
    10. A DVD disk hold _________
    11. RAM refers to __________
    12. ROM refers to __________
    13. There are ___ bits in a byte
    14. The Celtics once won __ championships in a row from 59-66
    15. Baud Rate refers to ______
    16. A File Server is __________
    17. An MP3 file is ___________
    18. PC Exchange allows ______
    19. Mac Opener allows _______
    20. The Rule of 3 refers to _____
    21. The Rule of 4 refers to _____
    22. The point size of ___ equals 1 inch
    23. You should use __ space(s) between sentences
    24. Pushing the ____ button repeatedly is a sign that you have not reached computer puberty
    25. The PC suffix for ClarisWorks is ___
    26. The PC suffix for Powerpoint is ___
    27. The PC suffix for MS Word is ___
    28. If a music player is digital, then a record player or tape cassette is _____
    29. A typical MODEM speed is ____ baud
    30. A computer virus is ____
    31. Two popular graphic file types are ___
    32. One type of audio file is ____
    33. Larry Bird's uniform # in binary is ____

    winner from summercore#1 ... lance coon
    winner from summercore#2 ... kirstin yost

    Results of the Drawing Contest

    Wednesday, August 01, 2001 4:30:35 PM
    From: Janice Kushner-vis
    Subject: Pictures
    To: Steve Bergen-fac

    Janice (e-mail: Colleen (e-mail: and Dianne Connor (e-mail: looked at the pictures today, Aug. 1st and gave the following awards/grades:






    #3 was Pompeii by Robin and Gary. It was appropriate timing because of the recent eruption of Mt. Etna.
    Robin and Gary






    Honorable mention went to Cathy and Candace. Enjoyed the cascading mountains going into the water. It reminded me (Janice) of the coast of California .
    Cathy and Candace






    We had a tie for second place between the teams of Hope/Quenton and Tad/Vicky The picture by Hope and Quenton had a geometric pattern to Janice. I like definitive lines and concrete patterns. And it showed a lot of movement to Colleen.
    Hope and Quenton

    The picture by Tad and Vicky was quite creative in the Seurat way.
    Vicki and Tad






    #1 was Becky and Ellenís. There was a lot of imagination and creativity showing different tools being used.

    Becky and Ellen

    Wednesday, August 01, 2001 4:55:19 PM
    From: Colleen Powers-vis
    Subject: my own take on the last bunch
    To: Steve Bergen-fac

    I thought I would get my own 2 cents in, and they are: If anything, this group was harder to judge, as there were not outstanding differences among them. We were looking for originality and use of tools that are offered by the program (I think that this is hyperstudio): Janice probably sent you a letter with the results of our thoughts now, and though we knew that the theme was "summer vacation" the artwork was all rather summery, and it all mirrored each other. You are a great group there! Colleen (e-mail: