Summercore 2005: TX Session, Aug 15-19, 2005 at The Hockaday School, Dallas TX (Hockaday only)

Pictures from Thursday morning

Pictures from Hockaday School, Dallas TX, Thursday 8/18

  1. Carlos and Bev

  2. Lisa and Martha

  3. Grace and Pam

  4. Connie and Bridget

  5. Gwen and Norm

  6. Lisa and Linda

  7. Deborah and Diane

  8. Steve Kramer

  9. Lisa Camp


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18 Participants Summercore Aug 15-19 at Hockaday will run 8am to 5pm on four days (Mon-Thurs) and will then run 8am to 2pm on Friday.

2267 Bev Cavitt French Teacher
2268 Bridget Cunningham 8th grade history Teacher
2269 Carlos Arandia Spanish Teacher
2270 Connie Alexandre Middle School French Teacher
2271 Deborah Moreland English Dept Chair and Upper School English Teacher
2272 Diane Glaser English 8 Teacher
2273 Grace Butcher Spanish 10,11,12 Teacher
2274 Gwen Johnson History Teacher: US and Government
2275 Kathryn Hodgkinson History Teacher: World History
2276 Linda Elliott Grade 5 Humanities Teacher
2277 Lisa Camp Foreign Language Dept Chair: French 7, Spanish 7, US French I
2278 Lisa Heins Latin 7/8 and History Teacher
2279 Lisa Waugh Teacher of Fifth Grade Humanities
2280 Martha Maldonado Spanish teacher 7th and 8th grade.
2281 Norm Dumaine English Teacher: AP English (12th); English 3 (11th); Humanities 3 (11th)
2282 Pam Hill Spanish I and AP Spanish V: Lit
2284 Steve Kramer History Dept Chair: AP US history, AP European history
2285 Steve Spencer High school: U.S. History & Comparative Religion

  1. One place you can make your own free Web page is on the GEOCITIES Web site that is part of ... feel free to use our LOGIN of BERGEN33 and password of 12xxx12xxx to put a Web page on ... usage of FILE UPLOAD can be eccentric ... remember to use FILE MANAGER ... one good FTP client for the MAC is called TRANSMIT from ... our assignment is for each of you to write ONE paragraph about chapter 6 in which you use a variety of these commands ...

  2. Another place you can make your own free Web page is on the TRIPOD Web site that is part of (LYCOS) ... feel free to use our LOGIN of BERGEN33 and password of 12xxx12xxx to put a Web page on

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  8. T Y P O S ** typo #1 **... on page 5 where it show the ring, it says "The 110 represents 4 since there is a 1 in the 4's place and 0's in the 1's place and the 2's place. " this should really be "The 100 represents 4 since there is a 1 in the 4's place and 0's in the 1's place and the 2's place."

    ** typo #2 ** on page 6 it says "33 therefore is 3x16 + 3 or 49" but this should be "33 therefore is 3x16 + 3 or 51."

    ** typo #3 ** on the 33 questions of the handout sheet, question #28 has the A and the D backwards. It says "28.MP3 players are a___ while tape players are d___ " but it should be "28.MP3 players are d___ while tape players are a___."

    ** typo#3 ** on page 5 where it show the ring, it says "The 110 represents 4 since there is a 1 in the 4's place and 0's in the 1's place and the 2's place. " this should really be "The 100 represents 4 since there is a 1 in the 4's place and 0's in the 1's place and the 2's place."

    ** typo#4 **on page 6 it says "33 therefore is 3x16 + 3 or 49" but this should be "33 therefore is 3x16 + 3 or 51."

    ** typo#5 ** on the 33 questions of the handout sheet, question #28 has the A and the D backwards. It says "28.MP3 players are a___ while tape players are d___ " but it should be "28.MP3 players are d___ while tape players are a___."

    ** typo#6 ** chapter 1 ... 4 bit computer has 8 patterns ... this is not correct ...a 4 bit computer has 16 patterns

    ** typo#7 ** page 6 ... check where it says +13 or 45

    ** typo#8 from Lisa at Hockaday **
    page 6 should say 2 x 16 + 13 to get 45 instead of 2x16 + 14

    end of typos ... steve 9/10/05

  1. Norm ... what recommendations would you make for a new desktop computer?

  2. Pam ... not enough tab settings to do the type of document that I need
    ===>We will cover goday in WP session

  3. Bev ... strange behavior with my favorites bar ... does not seem to behave the way Lynne demonstrated ... can we look at the favorites bar on my machine together?
    ===>See one of us during a break.

  4. Pam ... how to put the programs into alphabetical order when you go to START MENU then to PROGRAMS
    ===>Pam is now in charge of this skill. See her!

  5. Diane ... how to put the smartboard and MS Word into the task bar
    ===> answered by Richard on Thursday

  6. Gwen ... how to turn off MS Word's thinking
    ===> we will show you in class today, Friday

  7. Martha ... weighted average on grading program or Excel SS
    ===>Today in Varsity Excel.

  8. Several people ... marking plus
    ===>We will cover today, Friday.

  9. Lisa ... how to get into things, e.g. Photoshop or memory stick (lost track of question)
    ===> Please clarify the question. My handwriting was not clear.

  10. Deborah ....
    ===>How to copy and paste from inspiration or anything into Smartboard?

    We will go over one more time in class.

  11. Norm ....
    ===>How to put battery into the task bar?

    Richard has told us this is related to electric being in or not.

Thirty Three Questions on Computer Vocabulary

Click here to hear some answers to some of the 33 questions recorded by previous Summercore participants

  1. One byte = _____ and equals __ bits
  2. One K= ________ and is metaphorically the same as _________
  3. One meg = ______ and is metaphorically the same as _________
  4. One gigabyte = ________ and is metaphorically the same as _________
  5. One terabyte = ______
  6. A floppy disk holds about ___ meg which is the same as ___K or _________ bytes
  7. A typical memory stick holds ________ meg (yes, they come in many sizes)
  8. A ZIP disk holds ______ meg (yes, they now come in several sizes)
  9. A CD ROM holds about ___ meg which is the same as ___ K (hint: click here to see a pile of 650 floppy disks)
  10. A DVD disk holds _______ between __ and __ gigabytes
  11. RAM stands for R__ A_____ M_____ and refers to __
  12. ROM stands for R___ O___ M______ and refers to __
  13. Larry Bird's initials (LB) in ASCII code are __ and __
  14. Zip Drives, Digital Still Cameras and Memory Sticks tend to use the _____ port
  15. Digital Video Cameras use the _____ port
  16. Baud Rate refers to ______ and is expressed in _____ per second
  17. A File Server is a __________
  18. The Red Sox last won the World Series in __
  19. An MP3 file is ___________ and typically might be ____ megabytes
  20. Two reasons Mac files cannot be read on a PC include ____ and ____
  21. A program such as Conversions Plus by DataViz allows _____________
  22. The Rule of 3 refers to the following 3 reminders when saving: ___ and __ and ___
  23. The fourth tip when saving is ________
  24. The point size of ___ equals 1 inch
  25. Use __ space(s) between sentences
  26. Pushing the ____ button repeatedly is a sign that you have not reached computer maturity
  27. Two PC suffixes or extensions are ___ and ___
  28. MP3 players are d_____ ; tape players are a_____
  29. HTML stands for H_____ T_____ M_____ L______
  30. A computer virus can be defined as __________________
  31. Two popular graphic file types are ____ and ____
  32. Two popular audio file types are ____ and ____
  33. Larry Bird's uniform number in binary is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Winners over the Years

Lance Coon 2001 | Kirstin Yost 2001 | Cheryl Mitchell 2002 | 12 people from summercore 2002 | Marge Enberg 2002 in the first Shorecrest Summercore (but from NC not FL) | Alex Flood from Hewitt 2003 where the HM rule from Andy was first proposed and accepted ("wait 1 or 2 more days for a non-tech person to try for the $33 before allowing a tech person to go for it") | Erin Martin 2003 from ECFS | Jessica Bell 2004 first person from TN | Sean Murphy 2004 from Canterbury | Ed Rawson 2005 from Canterbury | Martha and Lisa 2005 from Hockaday

Click here for the clean Larry Bird doll protected by Colleen Powers at The Boston Home | click here for the "other" Larry Bird doll with Claudia from The Boston Home
click here for an LB autograph to me (Steve)

Pictures from Hockaday School, Dallas TX, Thursday 8/18

pic 1 ... Carlos and Bev

pic 2 ... a href="a5lisamartha.jpg">Lisa and Martha

pic 3... Grace and Pam

pic 4 ... Connie and Bridget

pic 5 ... Gwen and Norm

pic 6 ... Lisa and Linda

pic 7 ... Deborah and Diane

pic 8 ... Steve Kramer

pic 9 ... Lisa Camp

From Dianne

		Thursday, August 18, 2005 2:29:34 PM
From:		"Dianne Connor-vis" 
Subject:	Summercore judging in Dallas
To:		Steve Bergen-fs

Hello Steve and everyone in Dallas,

Vishnu arrived right on time and printed out all of your pictures.  They

and now hanging on the wall beside me.  He labeled them with numbers and I

can see the numbers from here so if you don't mind I will use the numbers

instead of the names.

I immediately liked picture number 3 of the Farmer's market.  I like the
composition of flowers and cactus, etc.

pic 3... Grace and Pam

I like the humor in the pictures of number 6. I agree when it's hot a swimming pool is a great idea. I know this because my home away from here has had a pool shaped similar to that for 27 years now. It's used heavily in the summer -- which is probably shorter than yours. The drink is also a nice idea except I stopped because unfortunately I was a messy drinker. What went down often came up.

pic 6 ... Lisa and Linda

I liked picture number 2 because of the humor in the drawings of big hats and big hair! I think I've heard that about Texas before.

pic 2 ... a href="a5lisamartha.jpg">Lisa and Martha

I can't say I remember any controversy about the airplanes. And if they were headed towards each other like that in picture number 5 I would be very glad not to be the pilots of either of those airplanes!

pic 5 ... Gwen and Norm

As always I commend the efforts of all the teachers doing what I could never do and what I hate to judge as I cannot do it myself Picture number 8 is apparently showing the diversity of things in Texas. In the Longhorn steer in picture number four is on a very small patch of green grass. Hardly enough for the poor thing to eat. With the tiny little white cloud in the sun. It is amusing.

pic 8 ... Steve Kramer

So these are my comments and now I think I'll go outside and enjoy the sun that is only in the seventies today. Thanks to all of you and hope you had good week and enjoyed learning from Steve. The picnic here is Sunday's Steve -- will you be dropping by? Best wishes to all down in Dallis, Texas. Hope this is enough for you to judge -- I'm sure Colleen will have all her comments to add.

From Colleen

		Thursday, August 18, 2005 8:05:50 PM
From:		"Colleen Powers-vis" 
Subject:	Summercore judging
To:		Steve Bergen-fs

3	I like your home on the range -- there is something going on there with
blond haired girl and the the
	("first runner-up") I now know what it would be like to never be the
winner	one day of any thing beyond high school, but you'll have to take
what I can
	give you!

2.	Norm and Gwen -- no, I don't think that we have any battling airlines
so to speak, but whatever starts some rottweilers (I apologize if I spelled 
the name of the dog incorrectly, but I don't own one anyway so I'm 
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		before the ground was broken for the Church -- it just shows that a 
racer-head doesn't earn any respect in anyone's eyes.  I know, because I
was there.

The end it had had 1.	The one with a riot of plant life it what they like
this and their depiction
of a farmers market and it started to depict a sense of length and depth
to  the picture that only color and shadow are not so adept at .  

I can't I can't tear myself away from the drawing because it hints at
elements that I haven't gotten through looking at.  The picture had a good
of the bottom matter to me.