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Please report any typos or mistakes (regarding rosters) to us ASAP via e-mail address. Thanks!
-- Steve Bergen and Lynne Schalman


Summercore in Dallas, TX (August 14-18, 2006) at Hockaday School (roster below sorted by first name) ... the application can be found on the top of the main Summercore Web page ... or just click here

  1. Allyson Cockrum ... studies in Taos (New Mexico)
  2. Connie Alexandre ... France's connection to the Middle East
  3. Glenys Quick ... Tom Sawyer, a banned book
  4. Karen Roberts ... reading instruction
  5. Kathy Townsend ... Immigration (with Pat)
  6. Kay Boruff ... poetry (values of)
  7. Kendall Savage ... contemporary grudges (Romeo & Juliet)
  8. Lara Guerra ... growth of organic food industry
  9. Olga O'Reilly ... Beach erosion
  10. Pam Glaros ...
  11. Pat Coggan ... Immigration (with Kathy)
  12. Patti Black ... Global warming
  13. Rene Perry ... plusses and minuses of the calculator
  14. Rod Skaife ... Fitness testing
  15. Sheri Le ... Numbers in Italy ... winner of the $33 contest Tuesday afternoon ... click here

Useful Links

Assignments (send on First Class to "Summer Core" ... two words ... or via external e-mail to summercore@MAIL.HOCKADAY.ORG) ... subject to be A1 or A2 or A3 etc

  1. A1 ... Medial Literay (and write in your blog on First Class)
  2. A2 ... (and write in your blog on First Class) ... or go to and click on MORE (this allows you search blogs)
  3. A3 will involve these 10 areas of Microsoft Word and will culminate in our Summercore exercises

    Becoming more productive with Microsoft Word

    Becoming more productive with First Class

  4. A4 ... each person needs to edit or add to the WIKI document on First Class on the 33 questions
  5. A5 ... each person needs to pick a topic for Media Literacy and find pictures from google or flickr and create an attribution document
  6. A6 ... PowerPoint project with Media LIteracy slant
  7. A7 ... each person creates an Inspiration "cover page" for the Powerpoint file, saving as a JPG or GIF and adds it to the Powerpoint project
  8. Thursday afternoon projects ... please take advantage of ... we will give you the login and password
  9. Click here to access the Web base Typing Pal system we use at Chapin

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