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Carnival Groups

General Themes

Quotes from some of the participants before the workshop began

Summary from Day 1, Monday, June 26

Some Notes re Day 2, Tuesday, June 27

Some Notes re Day 3, Wednesday, June 28

Becoming more productive with Microsoft Word

Posting your password protected PA Web page

  1. Create or enhance the TEXT file called index.htm on your own computer that way we did Monday at 4pm; you can test it by launching it on your computer to see that it does not contain any funky Microsoft Word characters
  2. Using Internet Explorer not FireFox, FTP to the PA Intranet when on campus via
  3. Use the same login and password that you use for e-mail, e.g. SBergen and 12756
  4. Drag the file index.htm that you have created and/or improved from your computer to your private password protected folder

Interactive Technoquickies in the Afternoon

Carnival Groups