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-- Steve Bergen and Lynne Schalman
p.s. the reading assignment involves the 28 pages posted within "Chapter Samples" on the main Web site ... click here for a direct link ... and yes it is totally fine to read the 28 pages on line without wasting paper (even if you are a Yankees fan)

Summercore 2006 (July 31-Aug 4, 2006) at Wooster School

Assignments from the Week

  1. A1 involved ten groups of three creating blgger accounts
  2. A2 was a quick e-mail sent to turnin-summercore and usage of our First Class e-mail system for the week
  3. A3 involved creating an Inspiration diagram ... here are some samples exported as JPEGS ("the rule of 4") 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11
  4. A4 involved finding Webquests ... click here for the compilation
  5. A5 involved splitting into JV and Varsity for PowerPoint (Tues AM and after lunch) ... JV put their projects onto "auto-pilot" and Varsity then presented on the smartboard
  6. A6 involved Microsoft Word skills and exercises (Tues PM)
  7. A7 will involve modifying this document hands on ... A7Sample.doc ... click here to download, but then choose SAVE AS to change the file name to be of the form A7JaneDerek.doc and put it onto your desktop or into the Summercore folder
  8. A8 involved Excel spreadsheets ... JV and Varsity
  9. A9 for about 6 people involved making Web pages using HTML codes ... here are 3 samples ... Diane ... Mike ... Vicki and Joel
  10. Wed morning walk to the library to avoid the head ... pictures ... 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
    Process not product ... use
  11. Carnival Group ... PowerPoint ... Amy Yarbrough ... Ken Folger ... Marsha Reid
  12. Carnival Group ... Inspiration ... MaryKay Meyers ... Susie Read
  13. Carnival Group ... Blogs and Wikis ... Virginia Corbiere ... Monica Van Aken
  14. HTML Group ... Sam Gaudet ... Anne Cass ... Web page at
  15. Carnival Group ... Smartboard ... Catherine Lee ... Vicki McCarthy ... Joel Biederman
  16. Carnival Group ... Photoshop ... Carol McGough ... Diane Trezza
  17. Carnival Group ... iPhoto ... Molly French ... Nancy Binns
  18. Carnival Group ... Webquests ... Jocko Mckean ... Bart Fredo
  19. Carnival Group ... iMovie ... Mike O'Connor ... Ginny Habbas ... Ginny Allen
  20. Carnival Group ... Publishing with Word ... Mary Ann Bendezu ... Yolanda Mitchell
  21. Carnival Group ... Moodle ... Bob Irving ... Adam Van Auken ... Galina Tchourilova
  22. Carnival Group ... Podcasting ... Linda Biederman ... John Zahner
tech lunch today (thurs) at 12:33 for tech coordinators and administrators who want to talk "global issues" ... come join me me at the table with the larry bird doll (steve)

Links from the Week

Becoming more productive with Microsoft Word

Fascinating post on ISED listserv 7/27/06 by Chris Bigenho from Greenhill School (Dallas TX)

Here is a direct link to a podcast sandbox. You will see several simple podcasts that were made with cell phones as well as directions on how you can test this out in the "sandbox". Feel free to give it a try. I got the seed of this idea from a recent conference and have been working on testing several setups and methods. I will be further developing this information and "sandbox" for training purposes with interested faculty and staff at Greenhill. While not ready for primetime, there should be enough here for most people to at least see one way where anyone that can use a phone can post an audio file on a blog (a podcast). Give it a try. Have fun and I hope people find this "sandbox" helpful. Podcast site and instructions found at: Chris Bigenho Director of Educational Technology Greenhill School, Dallas, TX

Roster of 30 Participants

Pink Card Questions (and answers eventually)

  1. I'd love to see how Chapin uses FirstClass in teaching.
    (Virginia, Wooster Summercore 06)
  2. Seeking a smartboard vendor to demonstrate at our computer technology fair ... any contacts (Yolanda)
  3. enrichment programs (software) that students can access indepependently -- interactive -- with a technique to monitor progress? (Mary Kay)
  4. sources of information about computer use, e.g. Mac for Dummies ... anonymous?
  5. Seeking CEU's at end of Summercore? Diane
  6. Can you give us written sources of information about computer use? (MACs for Dummies?)
    No name...
  7. I'd like to learn how to make labels of (1) All one name or (2) different names and how to print them.
    Mary Anne B
  8. H ow does searching on scholarly help someone refine their search.
    Viki McCarthy
  9. Are you going to address/suggest enrichment programs (software) that students can access independently - interactive - with a technique to monitor progress?
    Mary Kay
  10. It would be really cool if the samples on the Summercore jumpdrives included some sample Excel spreadsheets to use for reference later.
    No name...

Thirty Three Questions on Computer Vocabulary

Click here to hear some answers to some of the 33 questions recorded by previous Summercore participants

  1. One byte = _____ and equals __ bits
  2. One K= ________ and is metaphorically the same as _________
  3. One meg = ______ and is metaphorically the same as _________
  4. One gigabyte = ________ and is metaphorically the same as _________
  5. One terabyte = ______
  6. A floppy disk holds about ___ meg which is the same as ___K or _________ bytes
  7. A typical memory stick holds ________ meg (yes, they come in many sizes)
  8. The word blog first used in 1999 is short for ______
  9. A CD ROM holds about ___ meg which is the same as ___ K (hint: click here to see a pile of 650 floppy disks)
  10. A DVD disk holds _______ between __ and __ gigabytes
  11. RAM stands for R__ A_____ M_____ and refers to __
  12. ROM stands for R___ O___ M______ and refers to __
  13. Larry Bird's initials (LB) in ASCII code are __ and __
  14. Zip Drives, Digital Still Cameras and Memory Sticks tend to use the _____ port
  15. Digital Video Cameras use the _____ port
  16. Baud Rate refers to ______ and is expressed in _____ per second
  17. A File Server is a __________
  18. The Red Sox last won the World Series in __
  19. An MP3 file is ___________ and typically might be ____ megabytes
  20. A new type of Web site that allows users to easily add or edit content is called a _ _ _ I (hint: "quick" in Hawaiian)
  21. When you aggregate dozens of blogs into one, you are using the technology involving _S_ feeds
  22. The Rule of 3 refers to the following 3 reminders when saving: ___ and __ and ___
  23. The fourth tip when saving is ________
  24. The point size of ___ equals 1 inch
  25. Use __ space(s) between sentences
  26. Pushing the ____ button repeatedly is a sign that you have not reached computer maturity
  27. Two PC suffixes or extensions are ___ and ___
  28. Audio files that Web users subscribe to are called ____
  29. HTML stands for H_____ T_____ M_____ L______
  30. A computer virus can be defined as __________________
  31. Two popular graphic file types are ____ and ____
  32. Two popular audio file types are ____ and ____
  33. Larry Bird's uniform number in binary is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Winners over the Years

Lance Coon 2001 | Kirstin Yost 2001 | Cheryl Mitchell 2002 | 12 people from summercore 2002 | Marge Enberg 2002 in the first Shorecrest Summercore (but from NC not FL) | Alex Flood from Hewitt 2003 where the HM rule from Andy was first proposed and accepted ("wait 1 or 2 more days for a non-tech person to try for the $33 before allowing a tech person to go for it") | Erin Martin 2003 from ECFS | Jessica Bell 2004 first person from TN | Sean Murphy 2004 from Canterbury | Ed Rawson 2005 from Canterbury | Kate LaVange from Academy at the Lakes Sam Gaudet from Wooster School

Click here for the clean Larry Bird doll protected by Colleen Powers at The Boston Home | click here for the "other" Larry Bird doll with Claudia from The Boston Home
click here for an LB autograph to me (Steve)

Here are the people who have put their names in the hat: Bart, Anne, Burch, John Z., Susie, Virginia, Monica, Sam, Mike, Ken, Catherine, and Galina!

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