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Summercore 2007 at Portsmouth Abbey School (RI)

285 Cory's Lane, Portsmouth RI 02871

Lizzie wins the $33 at 9:33 am on 6/20/07 ... Blake and Dan each win $5 for second place on 6/21/07
Click to see the picture or click here to see Lizzie in Vatican or click here to see Lizzie with color change

Click to see our graduation picture

Carnival Prep re Thursday ... your choices for tomorrow ("please be selfish") include: Inspiration, Making a Web Site, HTML Programming, Powerpoint, Basic Skills with Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Blogs, Wikis, Smartboard, Excel, Google Earth, You Tube, iPod and the iTalk, Searching the Web, Using Google, Webquests

Blogs & Wikis (Kendra, Kevin, Eamonn)
Google Earth (Ceci)
Inspiration (Christine, Dan)
Smartboard (Elliot, Dan, Kevin, Lizzie)
Photoshop and Yearbook software (Janice, Jay)
Powerpoint (Jay, Cliff)
Web page/site (Alex, Blake, Bo, Colleen, Derek, Fred, Lizzie, Michael)
Web page/site via HTML programming (Guillermo)

8:30--5:00 Monday-Thursday with a one hour lunch break ... 8:30-1:30 on Friday

Lynne Schalman, Steve Bergen & Greg Kierstead

note that and do not resolve equally from off campus

Highlights, Day By Day

  1. Monday 6/18 ... we worked at the majority of the 33 questions in the first half of the morning and then finished up the last 10 after lunch, with Kendra volunteering to be an "inspiration scribe" ... click here to see her work from class ... in the late morning, we learned about bloglines and RSS feeds ... click here to see the A1 assignment summary now posted on our the Summercore BLOG which we would love you to contribute to ... this is posted on our Summecore blog at

    in the early part of the afternoon, we learned about Inspiration and then worked in groups of two to create some of our own samples

    ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... 6 ... 7
    ... in the late afternoon, we went on a "field trip" and used 4 smartboard rooms led by pioneer wagon leaders Alex, Fred, Kendra and Dan ("thanks") ... HW for Monday night involved Chapter 1 and the 33 questions for everyone except for Blake who chose to browse the Weizenbaum book and Lizzie who checked out the video iPod
  2. Tuesday 6/19 ... we began with a Lesson/Lecture on the Web and then each person wrote a short A3 paragraph on which items he/she knew previously vs which items were new ... this is posted on our Summecore blog at

    Tuesday late morning, we worked on Powerpoint with Varsity upstairs and JV downstairs ... here are several samples of Assignment A4

    Tuesday afternoon, we worked on You Tube and Google Earth and then split up yet again for Excel with Varsity upstairs and JV downstairs ... here are several samples of Assignment A5

    Tuesday at 4pm, we all met together downstairs for more Smartboard Tips followed by hands on using 5 different smartboard rooms

  3. Lesson/Lecture on Edublogs

Pink Card Questions (from you to us)

  1. How do I transfer info from e-mail to files in my documents? (Christine Sahms) ... answer: for e-mail that contains an attachment, you will need to download or save each attached file to your computer ... for e-mail that contains no attachments, you can save each one as a file onto your computer or you can copy and paste a bunch of e-mails into a Microsoft Word document ... it is possible there is a feature to SUMMARIZE A BUNCH of e-mails at once ... we will look at this together (Steve)
  2. next?

Thirty Three Questions on Computer Vocabulary

-- yes, someone always wins the $33 by Wednesday --

  1. One byte = _____ and equals __ bits
  2. One K= ________ and is metaphorically the same as _________
  3. One meg = ______ and is metaphorically the same as _________
  4. One gigabyte = ________ and is metaphorically the same as _________
  5. One terabyte = ______
  6. A floppy disk holds about ___ meg which is the same as ___K or _________ bytes
  7. A typical memory stick holds ________ meg (yes, they come in many sizes)
  8. The word blog first used in 1999 is short for ______
  9. A CD ROM holds about ___ meg which is the same as ___ K (hint: click here to see a pile of 650 floppy disks)
  10. A DVD disk holds _______ between __ and __ gigabytes
  11. RAM stands for R__ A_____ M_____ and refers to __
  12. ROM stands for R___ O___ M______ and refers to __
  13. Larry Bird's initials (LB) in ASCII code are __ and __
  14. Zip Drives, Digital Still Cameras and Memory Sticks tend to use the _____ port
  15. Digital Video Cameras use the _____ port
  16. Baud Rate refers to ______ and is expressed in _____ per second
  17. A File Server is a __________
  18. The Red Sox last won the World Series in __
  19. An MP3 file is ___________ and typically might be ____ megabytes
  20. A new type of Web site that allows users to easily add or edit content is called a _ _ _ I (hint: "quick" in Hawaiian)
  21. When you aggregate dozens of blogs into one, you are using the technology involving _S_ feeds
  22. The Rule of 3 refers to the following 3 reminders when saving: ___ and __ and ___
  23. The fourth tip when saving is ________
  24. The point size of ___ equals 1 inch
  25. Use __ space(s) between sentences
  26. Pushing the ____ button repeatedly is a sign that you have not reached computer maturity
  27. Two PC suffixes or extensions are ___ and ___
  28. Audio files that Web users subscribe to are called ____
  29. HTML stands for H_____ T_____ M_____ L______
  30. A computer virus can be defined as __________________
  31. Two popular graphic file types are ____ and ____
  32. Two popular audio file types are ____ and ____
  33. Larry Bird's uniform number in binary is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Click here to hear some answers to some of the 33 questions recorded by previous Summercore participants

Winners over the Years

Lance Coon 2001 | Kirstin Yost 2001 | Cheryl Mitchell 2002 | 12 people from summercore 2002 | Marge Enberg 2002 in the first Shorecrest Summercore (but from NC not FL) | Alex Flood from Hewitt 2003 where the HM rule from Andy was first proposed and accepted ("wait 1 or 2 more days for a non-tech person to try for the $33 before allowing a tech person to go for it") | Erin Martin 2003 from ECFS | Jessica Bell 2004 first person from TN | Sean Murphy 2004 from Canterbury | Ed Rawson 2005 from Canterbury | John Platt from Portsmouth Abbey 2006 | Kate LaVange from Academy at the Lakes 2006 | Sam Gau