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Summercore 2007 (Aug 13-17, 2007)
at Hockaday School (Dallas TX)

TIME ... 8-4:33 Monday-Thursday ... 8:00-12:33 on Friday
LOCATION ... Middle School First Floor
4:33-5:33 is available all days for one on one help on ANY topic!

Day One Summary

Day Two Summary

Day Three Summary

Day Four Summary

Roster of 18 Participants

e-mail of form JDOE AT
Web page and Intranet

Carnival Choices include: Inspiration, LS Web Site(s), Powerpoint, Basic Skills with Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Blogs, Wikis, Smartboard, Excel, Google Earth, You Tube, iPod and the iTalk, Searching the Web, Using Google, Webquests, Storyboard 3, Digital Video and Movie Maker

  1. Blog & Wiki for 4th Grade Opera & Smartboard ... Denise Jones ... Tresa Wilson
  2. Google Earth ... Jim Wasserman ... Rachel Brandt
  3. Inspiration ... Patti Black ... Wendy Branson ... Amy Banks *
  4. Moviemaker & You Tube ... Meshea Matthew ... Celeste ... Masha
  5. MS Web Site ... Patricia Inda
  6. Powerpoint & Smartboard ... Margie Lynch ... Victoria Spears Johnson ... Bill Catterson
  7. Powerpoint & Curriculum Links ... Dorothy Dickmann ... Mary Ellen Wilensky *
  8. Storyboard 3 ... Angel Duncan ...... Kayla Kennedy*
  9. * LS Web Site * Kayla, Masha, Mary Ellen, Amy

Pink Card Questions (from you to us)

  1. Restaurants ... google .. Patricia
  2. How to find blogs from others ... Denise
  3. Blackberry help ... Kayla
  4. Posting pictures in lower school with DreamWeaver ... Amy ... Mary Ellen ... Masha ... Margie ... Vicotria
  5. Trouble putting photos on the Web ... Margie
  6. finding more resources to use with the SmartBoard ... Mary Ellen
  7. posting photo galleries on our Web site ... Masha
  8. learning more "key" shortcuts ... Meshea
  9. effective use of laptops with 6th graders and concerns about diminished teacher/student connections ("wasted time because of technical problems") .. Patti
  10. being able to post photos on the Web easily ... Victoria
  11. I want summercore to prepare me to become someone the girls can come to for help with the laptops or the software ... efficiency and proper use of the laptops are both important to me ... Rachel
  12. I need to know Dreamweaver very well so that I can maintain my class Web site ... some of the more difficult, sophisticated details of the SmartBoard would be great ... Amy
    --Click each of the following 5 GRAPHIC SCREEN SNAPSHOTS of actual Hockaday documents: Coming Up | Galleries | Notes | Tips Page 1 | Tips Page 2
    --Click each of the following 4 files to download the actual Hockaday document: Coming Up | Galleries | Notes | Tips
  13. my specific goals include PowerPoint for the 4th grade and a PowerPoint for composer study ... Denise
  14. we understand that if a student works on Word Perfect at home, she should obey the Rule of Four and choose to SAVE AS in a different format before coming to Hockaday, but what if she doesn't and bring the word perfect file to school ... is there a way for her to access the file when at school ... Dorothy and Mary Ellen
  15. How do you add background music to PowerPoint? Bill
  16. Zipping files? Meshea
    --I will sit and show you the free Zipper program by Ken Ward (in contrast WinZip can be downloaded for 30 days but is not free) ... Steve
  17. Microphones for the PC
  18. Help Screens for the various Micosoft Word options that you check ON or check OFF? Wendy

Thirty Three Questions on Computer Vocabulary

-- yes, someone always wins the $33 by Wednesday --

-- no, you do not need to look at these questions until Summercore begins --

Click here to see Masha at the exact moment of winning the $33 for first place
Click here to see Margie at the exact moment of winning the $5 for second place

  1. One byte = _____ and equals __ bits
  2. One K= ________ and is metaphorically the same as _________
  3. One meg = ______ and is metaphorically the same as _________
  4. One gigabyte = ________ and is metaphorically the same as _________
  5. One terabyte = ______
  6. A floppy disk holds about ___ meg which is the same as ___K or _________ bytes
  7. A typical memory stick holds ________ meg (yes, they come in many sizes)
  8. The word blog first used in 1999 is short for ______
  9. A CD ROM holds about ___ meg which is the same as ___ K (hint: click here to see a pile of 650 floppy disks)
  10. A DVD disk holds _______ between __ and __ gigabytes
  11. RAM stands for R__ A_____ M_____ and refers to __
  12. ROM stands for R___ O___ M______ and refers to __
  13. Larry Bird's initials (LB) in ASCII code are __ and __
  14. Zip Drives, Digital Still Cameras and Memory Sticks tend to use the _____ port
  15. Digital Video Cameras use the _____ port
  16. Baud Rate refers to ______ and is expressed in _____ per second
  17. A File Server is a __________
  18. The Red Sox last won the World Series in __
  19. An MP3 file is ___________ and typically might be ____ megabytes
  20. A new type of Web site that allows users to easily add or edit content is called a _ _ _ I (hint: "quick" in Hawaiian)
  21. When you aggregate dozens of blogs into one, you are using the technology involving _S_ feeds
  22. The Rule of 3 refers to the following 3 reminders when saving: ___ and __ and ___
  23. The fourth tip when saving is ________
  24. The point size of ___ equals 1 inch
  25. Use __ space(s) between sentences
  26. Pushing the ____ button repeatedly is a sign that you have not reached computer maturity
  27. Two PC suffixes or extensions are ___ and ___
  28. Audio files that Web users subscribe to are called ____
  29. HTML stands for H_____ T_____ M_____ L______
  30. A computer virus can be defined as __________________
  31. Two popular graphic file types are ____ and ____
  32. Two popular audio file types are ____ and ____
  33. Larry Bird's uniform number in binary is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Click here to hear some answers to some of the 33 questions recorded by previous Summercore participants

Winners over the Years

Lance Coon 2001 | Kirstin Yost 2001 | Cheryl Mitchell 2002 | 12 people from summercore 2002 | Marge Enberg 2002 in the first Shorecrest Summercore (but from NC not FL) | Alex Flood from Hewitt 2003 where the HM rule from Andy was first proposed and accepted ("wait 1 or 2 more days for a non-tech person to try for the $33 before allowing a tech person to go for it") | Erin Martin 2003 from ECFS | Jessica Bell 2004 first person from TN | Sean Murphy 2004 from Canterbury | Ed Rawson 2005 from Canterbury | John Platt from Portsmouth Abbey 2006 | Kate LaVange from Academy at the Lakes 2006 | Sam Gaudet from Wooster School 2006

Click here for the clean Larry Bird doll protected by Colleen Powers at The Boston Home | click here for the "other" Larry Bird doll with Claudia from The Boston Home ... click here for an LB autograph to me (Steve) ...

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Hockaday Summercore Alums, 1985-2006

  1. 1161 Connie Alexandre (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (French Teacher)
  2. 2270 Connie Alexandre (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (Middle School French Teacher)
  3. 1172 Linda Alfaro (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (P.E.Teacher/ Coach)
  4. 2269 Carlos Arandia (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (Spanish Teacher)
  5. 1281 Barbara Arlovsky (SC1995) TX, Hockaday School (English Teacher)
  6. 746 Jill Berg (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (phs ed)
  7. 2405 Patti Black (SC2006) TX Hockaday School (Lower School Science Coordinator)
  8. 411 Jan Blackburn (SC1991#3) TX, Hockaday School (Science and Computer Teacher)
  9. 747 Kay Merkel Boruff (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (English)
  10. 748 Peggy Bradley (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Math/Computer)
  11. 1170 Kevin Brady (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (Ceramics/Photo)
  12. 1177 Sherri Braun (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (Language Arts Teacher)
  13. 1171 Leslie Brennan (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (Biology Instructor)
  14. 1180 Susanne Broussard (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (Reading Specialist)
  15. 1166 Grace Butcher (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (Spanish Teacher)
  16. 2273 Grace Butcher (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (Spanish 101112 Teacher)
  17. 2277 Lisa Camp (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (Foreign Language Dept Chair: French 7 Spanish 7 US French I)
  18. 2267 Bev Cavitt (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (French Teacher)
  19. 749 Ann Charlson (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Math)
  20. 1176 Sharon Childs (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (English Teacher)
  21. 1292 Mickie Chubbuck (SC1995) TX, Hockaday School (Kindergarten Teacher)
  22. 2400 Allyson Cockrum (SC2006) TX Hockaday School (English (Middle School))
  23. 1175 Pat Coggan (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (4th Grade English, Reading, Soc. St. Teacher)
  24. 750 Bridget Cunningham (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Eng/hist)
  25. 2268 Bridget Cunningham (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (8th grade history Teacher)
  26. 1162 Dorothy Dickmann (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (K-Teacher)
  27. 1294 Sandy Doerge (SC1995) TX, Hockaday School (Principal, Upper School)
  28. 751 Gail Drum (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Science, lang art, math)
  29. 752 Norman Dumaine (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Eng)
  30. 2281 Norm Dumaine (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (English Teacher: AP English (12th); English 3 (11th); Humanities 3 (11th))
  31. 2276 Linda Elliott (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (Grade 5 Humanities Teacher)
  32. 494 Diane Ferrell (SC1992#3) TX, Hockaday School (Reading and English Teacher)
  33. 1291 Victoria Gage (SC1995) TX, Hockaday School (Kindergarten Teacher)
  34. 1293 Judy Gass (SC1995) TX, Hockaday School (Head of Lower School)
  35. 2404 Pam Glaros (SC2006) TX Hockaday School (Voice Instructor)
  36. 2272 Diane Glaser (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (English 8 Teacher)
  37. 2403 Lara Guerra (SC2006) TX Hockaday School (Teaching Assistant, PK)
  38. 1287 Bruce Hall (SC1995) TX, Hockaday School (History Teacher)
  39. 361 Colleen Harmon (SC1990) TX, Hockaday School (4th Grade Teacher & Computer Coordinator)
  40. 1157 Amy Hart (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (gr 7-soc studies)
  41. 2278 Lisa Heins (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (Latin 7/8 and History Teacher)
  42. 753 Carolyn Helfman (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Read/Lang Arts)
  43. 754 Pam Hill (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Spanish I-III)
  44. 2282 Pam Hill (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (Spanish I and AP Spanish V: Lit)
  45. 2408 Sheri Hinrichs (SC2006) TX Hockaday School (Grade 4 Math)f
  46. 2275 Kathryn Hodgkinson (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (History Teacher: World History)
  47. 1285 Arlene Hoffman (SC1995) TX, Hockaday School (Learning Specialist)
  48. 1288 Carla Howard (SC1995) TX, Hockaday School (Social Studies/English - grades 5/6)
  49. 2283 Patricia Inda (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (5th and 6th grade Spanish )
  50. 2274 Gwen Johnson (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (History Teacher: US and Government)
  51. 1158 Ann Jordan (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (Director of ESL Programs)
  52. 755 Mary Louise Keever (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (English)
  53. 1284 Toshla Kimball (SC1995) TX, Hockaday School (History Teacher)
  54. 756 Steve Kramer (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (American History)
  55. 2284 Steve Kramer (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (History Dept Chair: AP US history, AP European history)
  56. 1283 Jo Larrimer (SC1995) TX, Hockaday School (Assistant Science)
  57. 757 Sharon Larsen (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Pre-Algebra, Physical Science)
  58. 1159 Beverly Lawson (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (Upper School Chemistry Teacher)
  59. 1282 Dick Lombardi (SC1995) TX, Hockaday School (History Teacher)
  60. 758 Birgitt Lopez (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Spanish)
  61. 759 Helen Lorenz (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (French/Latin)
  62. 1167 Jacquelyn Lowe (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (2nd Grade Teacher)
  63. 2280 Martha Maldonado (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (Spanish teacher 7th and 8th grade.)
  64. 2271 Deborah Moreland (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (English Dept Chair and Upper School English Teacher)
  65. 1179 Susan Morris (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (2nd Grade Teacher)
  66. 760 Olga O’Reilly (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Physical Science/Chemistry)
  67. 2406 René Perry (SC2006) TX Hockaday School (Grade 5 Math )
  68. 761 Anita Pezzimenti (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (History)
  69. 762 Lisa Pickering (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (French/Spanish)
  70. 1173 Lisa Pickering (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (French & Spanish Teacher)
  71. 763 Rebecca Poquette (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Math/Science)
  72. 1160 Cindy Porter (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (Science Teacher)
  73. 1165 Glenys Quick (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (Photography Instructor)
  74. 1178 Sue Ragsdale (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (Upper School Spanish Teacher)
  75. 2286 Sue Ragsdale (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (Spanish Teacher: Spanish I and III, Forms I, II, III, IV)
  76. 764 Joyce Rainwater (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Health and P.E.)
  77. 1168 Janet Reeves (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (Math Teacher)
  78. 765 Nancy Rempe (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Algebra I/Pre-Algebra)
  79. 1286 Brenda Rentfro (SC1995) TX, Hockaday School (Pre-Kindergarden Teacher)
  80. 2401 Karen Roberts (SC2006) TX Hockaday School (Grade 3 Teacher (Language Arts))
  81. 418 Anne Roe (SC1991#3) TX, Hockaday School (Math Teacher/Middle School Computer Coordinator)
  82. 1290 Bob Roe (SC1995) TX, Hockaday School (Science Teacher)
  83. 766 Kristine Rossley (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (English)
  84. 1289 Linda Sams (SC1995) TX, Hockaday School (Grade 5 Teacher)
  85. 2402 Kendall Savage (SC2006) TX Hockaday School (Grade 8 English)
  86. 1174 Pat Saxon (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (Chair, English)
  87. 767 Teresa Schaekenbach (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Alg I & II, PreCalc)
  88. 2407 Rod Skaife (SC2006) TX Hockaday School (Physical Education)
  89. 2285 Steve Spencer (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (High school – U.S. History & Comparative Religion)
  90. 768 Beckey Storey (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Kindergarten)
  91. 1164 Gayle Sullivan (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (Science Teacher)
  92. 2006 Kathy Townsend (SC2001#3) TX, Hockaday School (Lower School Computer Coordinator)
  93. 1181 Von Truong (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (French Teacher)
  94. 769 Ned Tuck (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Latin)
  95. 770 Frannie Viroslav (SC1993) TX, Hockaday School (Spanish)
  96. 1163 Fannie Viroslav (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (Spanish Teacher)
  97. 1169 Janet Wadkins (SC1994) TX, Hockaday School (3rd Grade Teacher)
  98. 2279 Lisa Waugh (SC2005) TX Hockaday School (Teacher of Fifth Grade Humanities)
  99. 2009 Mary Ellen Wilensky (SC2001#3) TX, Hockaday School (Grade 3 Math and Computer)