Staying at the Hilton re Summercore

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From Steve Bergen

If you want to stay at the Hilton and get the $93 per night rate, we need the following from you.

Step 1: we need a "letter of understanding" e-mail by April 15th with your intention and number of rooms and number of nights, stating that you understand that this is a non-refundable commitment, even if you choose to not come to Summercore

Currently the signups we are aware of that include room are:

Step 2: once we get passed April 15th and are heading to April 20th, we will need you to either send a check to us or call up the hotel and give them your credit card to reserve the rooms

Why All This Fuss?

This year, the Hilton is locking us into a contract that forces us at Summercore to pay for the 30 room nights (30 x 93 = 2790) if we do not produce the rooms. Therefore, if we cannot get this to work by April 15th, we will have to cancel the $93 fee and people will have to pay whatever they charge. This is problematic and I am still trying to get us to give more flexibility, but so far, no progress! Steve 3/30/08

What's My Other Plan B

If we get past April 15th and this does not work out, I will see if there are other hotels that might be willing to deal and get our business.

Here is what we have signed with them