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Summercore 2.008 (June 23-27, 2008)
at Castilleja School (CA)

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Graduation Picture

Click on the 33 below to see the graduation picture from 6/27/08


Homework for Tuesday? read chapter 14 titled Blogs, Wikis and RSS ... go to ... add a SHORT paragraph to your EDUBLOG summarizing what you read or learned

Homework for Wednesday? read chapter 11 titled To Copy or Not to Copy ... click here for Lynne's delicious links related to this topic ... add a SHORT paragraph to your EDUBLOG summarizing what you read or learned

Homework for Thursday? read or peruse or browse any ONE chapter except for 11 and 14 and become an expert on that chapter ... add a SHORT paragraph to your EDUBLOG summarizing what you read or learned

Homework for Thursday? choose your favorite page in the Summercore Primer and be prepared to share WHY with the full group on Friday

BLOGS from Edublogs

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DEL.ICIO.US Accounts

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Adam | Alice | Bear | Carolina | Carolyn | Christiane | Dave | Doris | Evelyne | Heather | Helen | Jack | Jon | Lauren | Louise | Margaret | Matt | Robert | Sarah | Xtra | Xtra

KML and KMZ FILES for use with Google Earth

Carolyn re Vacation | Dave re Castilleja | Heather re Taking Liberty | Helen re Summer Trip | Louise re Trip Home | Matt re Apostle Islands | Shana re Summer Trip Moorish Spain by Shana and Carolina

Time Frame and Basics


  1. Create an EDUBLOGS account so that you can have your own blog in the form of ... send us an e-mail telling us what your URL is ... on this BLOG, you will be adding a pargraph for each assignment ... your first assignment was posted at

Notes re Blogs and Wikis from HF

  1. Blogs are better with multi media and are more archival than wikis. Therefore, blogs would be fantastic for the eighth grade trip to DC... We feel it's important to set up the rules for blogs and to clearly state what and what is not appropriate for the students. Wikis on the other hand are a place to go for a summary of classes and would be ideal for physics class, problems of the day in math,and activities in language classes. The challenge with wikis is to avoid repitition, and the questions that surfaced were regarding assessment and how to grade wiki projects and posted comments. Everyone agreed that wikis would especially benefit individual departments or community service projects (Earth Day, etc.) throughout the school. Authentication and passwords for students and faculty was also discussed.
  2. Delicious accounts for departments would be great, and we feel wikis would be good to discuss math concepts as a group. Meanwhile, we could import graphics on blogs and students could comment on their meaning... We want students to regenerate their understanding, so past blogs should not be accessible to current students. Quieter students might favor voicethreads as a way to practice oral learning and pronunciation. Steve and Lynne use scribes in the classrooms, allowing one student to take notes and the teacher to edit their posts. Some students are not visual learners, however, so note-taking methods may vary during the year.
  3. We feel voicethreads could be used to record their findings and thought process to help find their mistakes. Blogs could be used as a portfolio, enabling students to record their progress and keep everything in one place. Similarly, blogs can help in the grading process, particularly for art students who need to submit portfolios of their work. Lynne hopes that each sixth grader will have their own blog, which can evolve as they move through the school. In their senior year, students can submit blogs to colleges, who often look for facebooks and myspace pages.
  4. Those of us in the art department could post various pieces on a blog and have students post comments on each other's work. Then again, it's difficult to imagine a room full of labtops at the moment... We agree that modern and classical language classes could use voice podcasts to practice pronunciation.
  5. For history classes, wikis would allow us to create collaborative review sheets for tests and could serve as a model for future exam review. As said by group three, blogs would alllow art students to comment on different works. Our one concern is the time commitment of blogs and wikis. As Bear said, most of this writing would need to be done outside the classroom, adn fear of public writing and online courtesy are also topics to consider. Wikis and blogs serve as alternative outlets for students, so we hope those will provide quieter students with an opportunity to share their thoughts.

Advice to Casti marathoners from some of the Milwaukee marathoners last week

Click here for a PowerPoint made by Lizz from Milwaukee Montessori School for you about the 33 questions!

Web 2.0 Highlights for Summercore 2.008

Excel Samples

We would love to get several more samples from YOU that we can pass on to others who attend Summercore in the future

Web 2.0 Links for Summercore 2.008

Our Summercore wiki is at ... links and info about each of these Web 2.0 applications above can be found there

Our Summercore blog is at and is updated monthly

EXERCISES FOR JV: 1 ... 2 ... 5 ... 6 ... 8

Click here for more WP challenges that involve TABs and graphics from the CHALLENGE section of

Pink Card Questions (from you to us)

  1. How do I add sites to my delicious account, especially from a computer from which I did not install delicious? (Jack)
  2. ???
  3. ???

First Class Tips

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Summary of Carnival Booths re Thursday work time

Click here for descriptions and info on our WIKI of the 8 groups

Summary of Day 2 Tuesday

Thirty Three Questions on Computer Vocabulary

-- yes, someone always wins the $33 by Wednesday --

  1. One byte = _____ and equals __ bits
  2. One K= ________ and is metaphorically the same as _________
  3. One meg = ______ and is metaphorically the same as _________
  4. One gigabyte = ________ and is metaphorically the same as _________
  5. One terabyte = ______
  6. A floppy disk holds about ___ meg which is the same as ___K or _________ bytes
  7. A typical memory stick holds ________ meg (yes, they come in many sizes)
  8. The word blog first used in 1999 is short for ______
  9. A CD ROM holds about ___ meg which is the same as ___ K (hint: click here to see a pile of 650 floppy disks)
  10. A DVD disk holds _______ between __ and __ gigabytes
  11. RAM stands for R__ A_____ M_____ and refers to __
  12. ROM stands for R___ O___ M______ and refers to __
  13. Larry Bird's initials (LB) in ASCII code are __ and __
  14. Zip Drives, Digital Still Cameras and Memory Sticks tend to use the _____ port
  15. Digital Video Cameras use the _____ port
  16. Baud Rate refers to ______ and is expressed in _____ per second
  17. A File Server is a __________
  18. The Red Sox last won the World Series in __
  19. An MP3 file is ___________ and typically might be ____ megabytes
  20. A new type of Web site that allows users to easily add or edit content is called a _ _ _ I (hint: "quick" in Hawaiian)
  21. When you aggregate dozens of blogs into one, you are using the technology involving _S_ feeds
  22. The Rule of 3 refers to the following 3 reminders when saving: ___ and __ and ___
  23. The fourth tip when saving is ________
  24. The point size of ___ equals 1 inch
  25. Use __ space(s) between sentences
  26. Pushing the ____ button repeatedly is a sign that you have not reached computer maturity
  27. Two PC suffixes or extensions are ___ and ___
  28. Audio files that Web users subscribe to are called ____
  29. HTML stands for H_____ T_____ M_____ L______
  30. A computer virus can be defined as __________________
  31. Two popular graphic file types are ____ and ____
  32. Two popular audio file types are ____ and ____
  33. Larry Bird's uniform number in binary is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Click here to hear some answers to some of the 33 questions recorded by previous Summercore participants

Winners over the Years

Lance Coon 2001 | Kirstin Yost 2001 | Cheryl Mitchell 2002 | 12 people from summercore 2002 | Marge Enberg 2002 in the first Shorecrest Summercore (but from NC not FL) | Alex Flood from Hewitt 2003 where the HM rule from Andy was first proposed and accepted ("wait 1 or 2 more days for a non-tech person to try for the $33 before allowing a tech person to go for it") | Erin Martin 2003 from ECFS | Jessica Bell 2004 first person from TN | Sean Murphy 2004 from Canterbury | Ed Rawson 2005 from Canterbury | John Platt from Portsmouth Abbey 2006 | Kate LaVange from Academy at the Lakes 2006 | Sam Gaudet from Wooster School 2006 | Lizzie from PA 2007 | Tracy from MMS 2007 | Elisa from HM 2007 | Rob from FL 2007 | Masha from Hockaday 2007 | Alex from Milwaukee Montessori School 2008

here for the clean Larry Bird doll protected by Colleen Powers at The Boston Home | click here for the "other" Larry Bird doll with Claudia from The Boston Home ... click here for an LB autograph to me (Steve)

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