Basic Steps for Excel/Word Mail Merge

written for Carrie 8/2/09 using Office 2003

Step 1: Create your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and Microsoft Word document and then choose DATAMERGE manager under the TOOLS menu


Step 2: Once you have DATAMERGE manager opened and you are in your WP document, you need to choose GET DATA and indicate the name of the EXCEL document. In this example below, you see that it is ExcelSample.xls ... on the left is the WP document where I have dragged the two fields called NAME and TEAM.

Step 3: now you can use the PREVIEW arrow to see your sample letters. When you click where it says {a} you get to see the infrastructure. When you click where it says ABC you see the actual named MERGED from the spreadsheet.

Good luck. Hope this helps! Below are several tutorials found by typing tutorial word excel merge into GOOGLE or YOUTUBE ... Steve ...